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Be Peaceful And keep Hope Alive.

Some times in life we get desperate, for love and for affection. There are days when we feel disappointed but do not opt to settle for it. We feel obligated when we fail to have what we want, but hold onto hope anyway. As the things we so much want, are the same things we dream and wish for.
Earlier, when I was in primary school and finishing, I almost lost the chance of joining high school. There were no fees. My parents did their best, but could not raise the required amount. I almost lost that hope. Persistence and hope was my ruler.
In my community, some people are well off, while others are not. Unfortunately, in time of crisis people tend to run away. You lose friends and more so relatives. They couldn't help; of course, maybe everyone should perhaps carry their own cross.
I never gave up. I spoke to some of my cousins who according to me, could at least be of help. However, that was not the case. In fact, they too declined, claiming that, I was a girl and would end wasting their wealth. They as well thought that I would get pregnant along the way…
During that time, my mother got tortured psychologically, and she ended sick. Despite all those challenges and setbacks, I never signed. I took those setbacks as stepping stones towards my destiny.
Life is not easy. We all hear that all the time. Sometimes people think this is true, while others think otherwise. I take the later. Because I believe life is how you take. You take it hard, it gets even harder. You take it simple and manageable then there it will be.
My vision is to come out of my community, confident and bold. Nevertheless, I press onto make people understand that, I have gone through bad situations and came out a victor not a victim. The people of the world need to live in harmony and spread love. I am sure it is not easy to preach hope to the hopeless, love to unlovable, peace to haters, and care to the careless and even forgiveness to the bitter. However, trying would be much achieving.

My homeland country is Kenya. Kenya is in Africa. So many challenges have faced the people of Kenya. Not long ago several people were killed because of explosion of fuel from a pipeline company. We wonder as to why it happened, how the government reacted; still we know for sure spilled milk can never be scooped back. So are the lives of those people. Therefore, you learn a lesson next time not to do the same. The question is who will do this. No one else, it all starts with you and I then the world would be affected. Communities are watching and the entire world as well urges us to change .Do I change the world or change the people living in the world? The people I suppose.

I always perceived Kenya to be a peaceful country. I still do. In 2007, there were elections for presidential candidate. It was bad and got worse at some point. We lost many lives. Women were raped and families displaced. The entire country cried. Again we wait for another election in the year 2012. Responsibility rests on young people, and that includes me.

We are accountable to our own communities. To bring them together and show them the right foot forward. It has become a major concern that, most people in this country hold grudges. They carry hatred and feel bitterness because of those incidences. Those who had lost their loved ones look for ways to revenge. Those who lost homes and got displaced carry the burden of loneliness and hopelessness.

I figure it is my turn to shout. To my community and pass onto the entire world. Through the guidance of pulse wire, I am assured of connection with some of these broken people. My vision is to be a sound to any ear. Even if it does not come to pass, persistence and hope will remain to be my ruler.


usha kc's picture

Hi,, thank you so much for

thank you so much for expressing your vision so clearly. come out and be heard!! my best wishes.

spidercalf's picture

Thank you Usha,

Hi, am glad. Thank you for encouraging me.

Best regards.


Stella Paul's picture

Way to go!

"Life is not easy". Thank god for that! If it had been all easy, I would have never met you!
Things are not perfect. Thank god for that. Because, this gives you (and us all) room to do something and prove our worth, prove our real strength as women.
Keep moving! Best wishes!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

spidercalf's picture

Keep moving!

I love the power in you, your passion, your strength and all your efforts. You too keep moving, it is what brings us together
and one day, we shall celebrate our victory and share out outcomes with happiness.
Best regards!
Thank you very much.


Adepeju's picture

I ansolutely love your

I ansolutely love your determination and commitment to others. I admire the fact that you recognise you have challenges and you are not letting that stop you. Way to go girl!!!

spidercalf's picture

Hi,, Adepeju

Thank you very much.

In life we believe it is our responsibility to improve ourselves before we improve our circumstances.

Therefore, for us to acquire whatever we desire and achieve our objectives, we have to make great personal sacrifices.


SallyB's picture

Your patience and persistence

Your patience and persistence are inspirational. This piece is very good in that it both addresses the issues in your homeland, but at the same time feels so universal when I read it.

spidercalf's picture

Thank you SallyB

Hi, i am happy to hear from you.
It is neither easy to persist nor to be patient. It is the urge inside of you that drives you,
everywhere anywhere anytime.
But until you get to where you want to be, or rather achieve your goals. And that includes my vision to encourage others who feel out of enough energy to keep pushing...


nargiz's picture

Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your story! I so much admire your refusal to be a victim, and your desire to take charge and take responsibility for your life - this is such a positive vision for women. Good luck with the selection process and all the work you are doing.

In Solidarity,

spidercalf's picture

I appreciate.

Hi Nargiz, thank you for taking your time. The pleasure is that, i am privileged to meet with women like you.
And mind you, i learn, share and connect with any women all over the world.
Thanks again.


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