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My vision: Equity to all

She wakes up in very sharp morning. She then clean the house, goes to tap to fetch the water, cooks food for family, serve them first and takes herself if something remain in pot. She makes her husband and children’s things prepared for school and office. She goes to graze the cattle, cuts grasses, and collects firewood. She then makes her family member happy with delicious snacks. She again gets engaged for preparing supper, then serves, cleans and makes bed ready. After all her time passes doing all household stuffs and she gets time for taking rest at late night. Another morning comes to her carrying again same routine.
Caring and making other people happy is a divine quality which woman possess. But my issue is not for providing time to these stuffs. My point is what she gets from family, community and state in place of doing these things!!??

Birth of a girl is not welcomed happily. Most of the time, she accepts death inside womb. If she born should tolerate lots of inequitable behave in family, in community and in country. She should be bereaved from education, open-air activities, to be outspoken, to enjoy with her laughter. After marriage, her life goes under controlled of her husband and in-law’s family member. She should beg for permission for each step such as for her carrier and making education continue. Moreover, she is not able to make her own body within her own control. Her reproductive rights get lost. She cannot decide when and how many children to give birth?? What and who apply the family planning methods??

**Sexual harassment in public vehicle and working area is common phenomenon and it may affect girl’s/ women’s mental health.

**To get country’s citizenship is every citizen’s fundamental rights. It’s far cry for single woman’s case. Citizenship in the name of mother is written in law but lack in practice.

**A woman just recovering from delivery pain has to be obliged to make her man satisfied.

**she wears jewelry but she cannot sell these without other’s permission when she wants but if her drunker husband wants she is compelled to give him.

** When a man and a woman works in same manner, same place, same hour but the wages they get is not same, woman is always paid lesser.

**She spends her almost all the time in household works but she gets nothing except torture, subordination, biasness, mistreat, underestimation. Her domestic work does not get economic value as man gets from his outdoor work. I don’t mean to exchange the role between man and woman. My focus is on giving equal respect, equal power, equal right, equal access and equal value to domesticated role so that she proudly can say that she is house wife. And my vision of life is to elate voice globally against these inequities so that women in this world can live their lives with equal joy!!

VOF and my vision:
If a person spit that gets dry, but if hundreds spit it becomes river. In a same way I also want to make my voice loud by sharing among thousands of eyes and hearts. They give me lots of strength, lots of inspiration and lots of courage through their comments. Reading others voices will make me further bold and it will make me feel that I am not alone to have same story. I do not forget to say that VOF program will sharpen my writing skill so that I can raise my issues clearly. VOF will make a solid bond of voices and as a result it will be heard worldwide.

Furthermore, it provides the golden platform to embrace others by viewing each other’s experiences and it makes a strong global network. And that network will definitely fill me with wisdom of feminine which I always want to have.



Stella Paul's picture

You are right again

Dear Sister

Once again, you speak the truth and point out exactly what is need of the hour. I am 100% with you in sharing, encouraging and giving you strength as you fight for an equal world.

Love and hugs!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

usha kc's picture

Hey dearee sis,, yoy always

Hey dearee sis,, yoy always touch my heart and give me a real inspiration. Thank you so much . I am quite confused on this writting dear. I think I could not make it in right flow!!

usha kc's picture

Dear all, It would be my

Dear all,
It would be my pleasure to have your comments and sugestions to make my article clear . thank you for providing time.

with lots of love

YAOtieno's picture

I see it

HI Kusha,

I have witnessed all you mention in your story in Nepal. I think your general message is clear. What part of the article do you think needs to be made better? Lets start from there...



A candle looses nothing my lighting another

usha kc's picture

Hey,, YAO,, thank you so much

Hey,, YAO,, thank you so much for comments dear.

humm I am confused either my points ( with sign) are in right place or not? is it ok to give sign before these lines?

by the way gud night sis!!

YAOtieno's picture

Namaste Bahini

Happy Dashain,

Hope you had a good day and have started enjoying Dashain...

I ask where you think needs correction because for me everything is clear. Please do not doubt yourself. The message is clear.

And thank you for having the courage to ask for feedback for your article. Many times we think are perfect but the truth is we can all learn from each other. You too are welcome to correct my articles anytime...

I see we both read late into the night....:-)



A candle looses nothing my lighting another

usha kc's picture

Hi YAO,, thank you so much

Hi YAO,, thank you so much fro response agian dear. humm,,Dashain already startted for that I have to leave Kathmandu and I go to my home vilage Dolakha for 5,6 days where not internet available. I came back on 8th OCT.
The comment you made me is so encouraging thank agian for it.

I will make a call today ,,
Happy dashain to you too:):)

Monica Clarke's picture

It is perfect

Dearest Usha

Reading your article made my inside go still, because the wisdom flowing from your soothing pen touched down into places inside me, where I needed to feel your words today. I like your style of writing. The honesty and insight you give comes through very strongly. Please do not doubt this.

My husband sings a lovely song to me, which says 'You might know all the words, and you might know the tune, but you still can't sing the song!' This is how many people communicate, but not you. You know the song and that is THE most important part of communicating, because you can bring it all together, whereas other people might use words very adequately and might be able to identify the tune technically, but they are unable to hear the complete beauty of the song. You hear it and you say it very clearly, you do!

I also thought, when I read your first paragraph, about what the Buddha said when asked what it is like to be enlightened? He replied, 'Before enlightenment, fetch water, carry wood. After enlightenment, fetch water, carry wood.' Our sisters who are doing this day in and day out, our sisters who do not have the opportunities to break out of their cultural roles as subdued mothers and wives, to me many of them are enlightened beyond my wildest imaginings. The privilege we have is that when we enter into education with them (not to them) we learn from them, and this is the beauty of engagement. We learn together from each other.

Keep your fresh vision in mind, dear Usha. And stay close to the women you are sending energy to - like to me, to whom you send the beauty of your wisdom to the other side of the world. May your vision for the sisterhood of the world come true. I love you.

With deep respect from Monica in France (which is sunny today).

Monica Clarke, Writer & Storyteller, bringing human rights alive.
I wish you 'Nangamso', that is: May you continue to do the good work which you do so well.
(A blessing from my ancestors, the Khoikhoi, the first people of South Africa).

usha kc's picture

Dear Sis Monica,, I have

Dear Sis Monica,, I have been touched by your inspiring words. Thank you so much dear for providing your valuable time to read my article, thank you so much for giving encouraging commnets from your heart.
You are inspiring lady dear,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I love you too.

zoneziwoh's picture


true!! when one person speaks it gets dry but when thousand and hundred spit, it watered into an ocean. I love that quote. It is exactly why we need to work in groups, create network of common interest and become one another's keeper.
Your article is very rich. I love the provoking question you asked about the self. and that reminds me of one of the reading articles, PW asked us to read - in it, the author clearly talked about women needing silence, restful period of slowing down for innermost joy and satisfaction. and that is exactly what women lack. most women work every day to please their kids, community and the society in general but how many time do they think about themselves? how does this society repay them for all the work done?

Thank you dear sister. this is very insightful.

Stay Blessed



Facebook:Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh

Twitter | Instagram: @ZoFem

usha kc's picture

dear Ziwoh!! thank you sweet

dear Ziwoh!!
thank you sweet sis,, thank you so much for reading and commenting. it always makes my zeal enlighten.

so much love.

Adepeju's picture

Oh my! This article got me!!!

Oh my! This article got me!!! From the picture of a man and a woman on the scale to the series of real examples given....honestly, Usha, you did a wonderful job of writing this with so simple words that brings out the basic issues most women face daily throughout their entire life. Thank you for standing up, thank you for this piece. I'm sharing it right now :-)

usha kc's picture

Thank you dear Peju,,,,,,,,,

Thank you dear Peju,,,,,,,,, for liking my article and makin g good comment.
I don't know the complex word used in iterature :):):) sooooo
anyway sis you comment means me alot for ever.

much love

Carlotta's picture

Oh Usha, I loved your

Oh Usha, I loved your article!! I like your example of spitting together to create a river. I do not want to visualise that becasue i'll lose my appetite but it's such a great analogy. I was laughing at your article because as in week 3, i found similarities in our articles again - you will find them when you read mine. It's just that i haven't read all the other articles yet but our experiences are just the same. i look forward to creating a big river with you as we spit together with the other sisters.

usha kc's picture

Hi dear Carl,,, thank you

Hi dear Carl,,, thank you dear for comment. We are going through same experience so our focus is same !!!
I will read your dear .

bunch of love dear.

Ify Onyegbule's picture


Usha dearie,

Going through your write stomach was churning...simply because a woman is treated in this manner just because she is a woman. What in the world is going on? im hoping our voices make an impact here on pulsewire and on the world in general. Goodluck!

usha kc's picture

Dear Ify,, it's my great

Dear Ify,, it's my great pleasure to have you comments on my article . it gives me a lot of encouragement to give more voice.
so much love

joyacomeaux's picture

Safety in numbers....

I also believe that women around the world standing together and supporting each other in their efforts for equality and change is what will shift the planet.

usha kc's picture

Thank you dear Joya for

Thank you dear Joya for making comments.

have good time:)

amiesissoho's picture

courage and motivation

Yes Pulsewire has really motivated many of us. sharing our stories and having comments are encouraging here. We shall continue to strife for equity and equality for women.


usha kc's picture

Hi Amie,, thanx a lot dear

Hi Amie,, thanx a lot dear for comment.

MaDube's picture

True Usha, the life of the

True Usha, the life of the average woman is not easy from the time they are conceived until they die. You have done well to dedicate yourself to improving this. All the best.

usha kc's picture

Thank you dear sis. I do my

Thank you dear sis. I do my best for change.


Ruun Abdi's picture

This is a very powerful post.

This is a very powerful post. Women face all these issues you raised either all of it or some. As women we ought to work hard, carry awareness raising and stand still to reach our destination.

As you said WP provides golden platform for its members to embrace and view each others' experiences and makes a strong global network.

I loved your photo!

In affection and solidarity,

usha kc's picture

Hi Ruun,, so happy to catch

Hi Ruun,, so happy to catch your words dear. how are you???? hope everything going good.

thanx a lot for reading and making comments and yehh liking my pics too:)

Okeny-Lucia's picture

Hey Usha

Glad to get in touch with you.I see women are seen as objects ,products of modern day slavery.
But this our time to support and help empowerment of women through pulse wire.Goodnight

Lucia Buyanza
Reproductive Health

usha kc's picture

Lucia, thank you so much sis

Lucia, thank you so much sis for commenting.

gud night

Onyinye's picture

Dear Usha

I really enjoyed your article. It is perfect and speaks true of the plight of many women around the world. Wish one day that "many" would become" a few" and then "no more".

Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.


usha kc's picture

Thank you Ony,, thank you so

Thank you Ony,, thank you so much for comments!

Maggs's picture

Can I spit into that river

Can I spit into that river no make that I ma spitting with you into that river - what an interesting metaphor.

Miles apart and worlds away but the similarities draw us closer. We are the same after all so why not fight together.


usha kc's picture

Maggs thank you so much for

Maggs thank you so much for comments dear. yes we together can make change!! and lets starts to raise the voice together.

warm hug

gittlemana's picture

very powerful

I truly appreciate your voice and I'm glad to hear about all the energy you are bringing to your important cause.

usha kc's picture

Thank you so much dear Gettle

Thank you so much dear Gettle for your kind words.

Mila's picture

Comments on Week 4

Hi Usha,

Thank so much for your writing. You really do have a great vision of equity for men and women alike. To make your writing even more powerful/effective I would suggest using a personal story and make it more positive. While what you wrote is true and needs to be shared, if it is too depressing it will turn readers away. Also, in this type of writing I would not use bullet points, but more descriptions.

Good luck and thank you,

usha kc's picture

Dear Mila,, thank you so much

Dear Mila,, thank you so much for your valuable feedback on mywrittings. Your suggession wiil surely make my writting skill powerful.
Thanx again for giving your time to read.


Debra Engle's picture

Excellent entry

Your writing is clear, focused and specific. You have a powerful voice—the voice of a leader. This entry drew me in immediately because you took me into the daily life of a woman in your community, and you showed me her struggles and challenges. You are already "making your voice loud," and the world will benefit from it.

usha kc's picture

dear Debra, having your

dear Debra, having your comments meant me a lot. Thank you so much for encouraging commnets.

lots of love

tuulafai's picture

Thank you

Hi Usha,

Thank you for speaking the truth about the inequalities so many of us face.

Keep up the good work!


usha kc's picture

Didi thank you so much for

Didi thank you so much for inspiring comment.
lots of love.

One of Many's picture

the beginning

Dear Usha:

I am following your path...strewn with jewels, it is! I am blessed.

I made mushroom soup for the first time with guests I didn't know well. Time to sleep...three hours last night, but I wanted to check in again.

More tomorrow.

Sending my appreciation of you,


Speaking my Peace

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