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Honoring Global Women of the Ages via the co-creation of a Divine Feminine AVE! Award & Women Empowerment Movement!

Madonna and Child

Why I want to become a Global Consultant!

My own personal goal is to live my life as a vehicle for spirit to work through for social and spiritual empowerment of Women. I believe that there is a movement happening which is guiding the Earth Changes, and we as Women are being asked and empowered by this Divine Energy to stand in our power to uncover the Ancient Wisdom of the truth of who we are, and why we are here on Earth at this powerful time of Change.

As a messenger and supporter of this movement, I dedicate all of my time, knowledge and talents towards the goal of creating a global event and movement that empowers Women on How To Gather Together to make a difference in the World by co-creating World Peace.

This process for me has been in the forefront for the past 15 years., I am excited, because now around the globe, new and existing Women's groups are gathering momentum as many women are ready and willing to come together for a higher vision. The AVE! Movement vision is an outreach to gather these women around the world in "Circles of Love."

Circles have been used by women throughout the ages, and now the power of the circle is being harnessed for a global movement of peace. The goals of this AVE! Movement are many; the manifestation is specific. Women will organize and gather in all countries around the planet in 2012, and an International AVE! Award celebration event will culminate in an overnight prayer vigil televised from the King's Chamber of the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt on Mother's Day, May 2013.

Connecting these Circles of Love is key, and therefore, prior to this overnight vigil, there shall be a globally televised stadium event featuring and acknowledging "Women of the Ages," (much like the Oscars or Emmys) awarding women whom have made a difference in the world through Women Empowerment initiatives, featuring the actions of such "Circles of Love."

At the same time as this global event is happening televised from Egypt (to support peace in the Middle East), Women's Circles of Love "overnight prayer vigils" shall be interactively going on throughout the globe, and teleconferenced via TV and Internet. Using technology tools and social networking, such as, Women's groups, nonprofits, and sponsors, Women based programs shall be the primary participants, supporters and promoters of this effort. (This is in perfect alignment with Oprah's current Million Women Initiative, of which we are a member).

Celebrities, Outstanding Women in the Arts and Sciences, as well as, Political and Spiritual Activists such as Amma, Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Taylor, and Madonna (just to name a few); and other such current day powerful women who are already in the spotlight making a difference, shall be acknowledged and awarded the AVE! (honoring the divine feminine) Award.

Using the criteria co-created during this mentorship program, there shall be a global contest created to research and submit Women of the Ages that have made a difference, and have the world-wide community vote on who would be candidates for the AVE! Award. The primary impetus for this AVE! Award program is to recognize and encourage Women to have a voice for world peace that can be heard in their own communities and in the world.

The goal of this AVE! Award process is to combine this International platform of AVE! Movement and for the celebration and collaborative resulting promotion of this Divine Feminine Movement. Women gathering in community Circles of Love for prayer, song, meditation, activism, health, empowerment, and sharing information of all things make a positive difference in their lives, and the lives of other women in their community.

The world shall see, understand and know "How To" be a part of this AVE! Movement via TV, the Internet, and at "face-to-face" global fundraising events, as we gather women to stand for a collective Highest Vision of World Peace by Mother's Day, May 2013.

This AVE! Movement is possible of becoming a global reality, by my becoming a global Correspondent!



Stella Paul's picture


Thanks for sharing this! Found really interesting and wishing you much luck! May this be a roaring success!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

joyacomeaux's picture


Hi Again Stella,

I wanted to congratulate you on your tour!

That is so exciting.

I am sure you will have a great experience, and make a difference in many women's lives.

All the best,

joyacomeaux's picture

Thank so much!

Thanks so much Stella!

I love India, and in fact, I have been to your city many times.

Lets work together!

I am not sure how to be friends.

I went to your site, and like what you are doing, but I did not see a button to push to become friends.

If you are more seasoned and understand the process, I would appreciate an invite.

All the best,

Hi Again Stella,

Now I see why I did not find the button to push... we are already friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Monica Clarke's picture

Mother's Day, May 2013

Wow! I would so much like to be there for the overnight prayer vigil at the King's Chamber of the Pyramid of Giza! Please make sure that we all get remdinded of this through PulseWire.

Meantime , Joya - what a lovely, joyful name - keep your energies moving and do know, from me, that I am proud to be connected to you on this grand old Earth Mother of ours.

I loved your article, and your vision.

With lots of loving from Monica in France

Monica Clarke, Writer & Storyteller, bringing human rights alive.
I wish you 'Nangamso', that is: May you continue to do the good work which you do so well.
(A blessing from my ancestors, the Khoikhoi, the first people of South Africa).

joyacomeaux's picture

Thank so much!

Hi Monica,

Thank you so much for your message.

I have sent you a friend request, so we can stay in touch.

I look forward to learning more about what you are up to, also.


Adepeju's picture

Well done Joya! So strong a

Well done Joya! So strong a vision, so much passion!!!

joyacomeaux's picture

Thank so much!


I see from your profile that you are also very passionate!

I have sent you a friends request so we can build community and stay in touch!

All the best,

pinkypradhan's picture

Hi Joya... Love the passion

Hi Joya...

Love the passion that overflows in your journal and all the best with the event. I wish you could have something similar in India.



joyacomeaux's picture


Hi Pinky,

We absolutely can do this in India!

I will come up with a format and we can discuss it.


All the best,

joyacomeaux's picture

Your Profile....

HI Again Pinky,

So, I read your profile... very impressive!

I see that you are currently in the US, and that your are from Delhi.

But, you have so much experience in nonprofits, NGO's, etc.

Do you still have connections in Delhi?

Do you go there?

Is that where you would set up something in India?

I have sent you a friend request, so we can keep in touch and start the process.


pinkypradhan's picture

Hey Joya, I am in Us with my

Hey Joya,

I am in Us with my husband for a year or so.He is agrad student at University of Pennsylvania..Penn Law College.My professional base is India and I have worked in other Soyth asian countries.In 2009-2010, i was in US for a year undergoing training in non profit management and understanding the issue of reproductivd and sexual health and rights.I have recently formed the NGo along with few friends hoping to work on projects that will directly work for children and woman.

Will tell you more and thank you for adding me into your community.There is so much to learn from you.



joyacomeaux's picture

Sounds great!

Hi Pinky,

Sounds good.

Is Delhi your base in India?


pinkypradhan's picture

Yeah joya it is...but I am

Yeah joya it is...but I am originally from Assam which is located in the northeastern region of India.In Philly I am on boatd with couple of ngos who fund projects in through them I am able to continue my passion and work in different parts of India.


MaDube's picture

I like that. Global movement

I like that. Global movement of women to gather in 'circles of love. It sounds really exciting. All the best then.

joyacomeaux's picture

I love your mission, as well!

I sent you a friend link, and read your postings.
I love the WITNESS and video productions that you are involved in for women.
Looking forward to working together to co-create something worthwhile for women around the world.
Lets use this WorldPulse to develop a way to tie this all together!

MaDube's picture

And I accepted

I just accepted the friend request. I look forward to more discussions with you.

Akech's picture

Joy, I wish you all the best

Joy, I wish you all the best in all and i am positive that you will make it big!!!!

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

kati.mayfield's picture


Dear Joya,

I am inspired by your dedication to the belief that PEACE is what we are destined for. These days, when most of what we here spoken about is divisiveness and entropy, it's refreshing to hear about your unwavering commitment to unity. And, of course, to hear that we WOMEN have a central role to play! AVE!

You are such a visionary, there is so much going on in these 700 words; please keep writing so that we can further understand your message.

in friendship,


*resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything*

gaurav.nakhare's picture

Dear Joya, Congratulations! I

Dear Joya,

Congratulations! I was very happy to read about your ideas and initiatives as part of the AVE! movement, and I hope to see you reach those goals. At the same time, I would have loved to read a bit more about how WorldPulse and the VOC program can help you further *your* vision.

Keep up the great work!

Gaurav Nakhare
WP Listener

joyacomeaux's picture

Thank you for your feedback!

I appreciate your question, and I will send an update with that info.

All the best,

cassie_levy's picture

Very inspiring. I hope that

Very inspiring. I hope that your vision continues to build upon what you've already accomplished. I would like to see more information on the role that World Pulse will play in carrying out your vision. Great work!

I would like to answer the question that I received from one of our World Pulse Members.

She said that she would have liked my last journal to explain more about how World Pulse could help in the AVE! Movement. For those of you who may not know what this movement is, it is gathering women in Circles of Love Around the World culminating in an overnight prayer vigil televised from the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt on Mother's Day, May 2013.

As this may seem like a large undertaking, which it is, it is not possible without the help of online communities, such as World Pulse. As World Pulse if focused on Gathering Women around the world, it is very easy to see how a project could be established via PulseWire that empowers women to gather in their own communities to share their experiences of gathering in Circle.

The ancient tradition of Women Gathering in Circle goes back to ancient times. As I read the journals of the Women gathered here, they are all appear to be interested in helping and supporting the Women in their local communities.

Of course each situation and community has different needs, and it would be perfect to have the organizers of each Circle corresponding just outcomes and solutions that affect their group to the rest of the global groups via

Gathering in Circles globally is easy, communicating the needs, wants, desires, wins, ideas, and ways that women can interact to achieve a global outcome is more challenging. The vision that I see is World Peace. I feel that it will start when Women are given the freedom to express themselves in a way that gives them a voice that can be heard. I feel that is the exact thing that can give women that voice.

Then I feel that the interaction with others in the world that can help to make a difference in others lives via mentorships, funding, and other such related outcomes and solutions, will benefit the Women in the Circles. Like anything else on the web, the voices must be found, and the listeners must trust that their interactions can really make a difference.

With over a year to go until the "televised event," we have time to test the process over a 90-day period to co-create the viable promotion for this AVE! Movement, which at that time should be presented to major Empowerment Women, such as Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, and spiritual leaders such as Amma, and other powerful Women in government such as the First Lady, Michelle Obama. All governments should be asked to participate with their Women Leaders.

Through the efforts of gathering for a large ceremonial event in Egypt, featuring all of the successes that we have had over the year and awarding AVE! Awards to those that have really made a difference and how, it can be a global way to fortify that we can have peace. Governments can come together, Mothers can come together, Women can come together and all can stand together for World Peace.

In the process we look for solutions to Peace in the Middle East, and every other facet of the issues we hear and read about on World Pulse, that take money, solidarity and hardcore solutions that are global issues as well as planetary.

This Divine Feminine AVE! Movement is meant to empower women to have a voice and to use it for social change via an overnight prayer vigil that can also bring in the power of belief in a higher source that we all surrender to in whatever fashion that relates to each one of us.

All are Welcome, and Together We Shall Rise above all of the challenges of the world we live in, as long as we believe that it is possible and use this network to its fullest potential!

That is my hope for utilizing World Pulse to promote the vision for World Peace by Mother's Day, May 2013!

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