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Starting from a woman to reach for the world

Life, community and the world are far more interconnected and interdependent than we believe. At every stage, indeed, individual attitudes and choices have the power to influence the others. This is why, being harmony and justice my visions and dreams for the world, I am well aware that they are to be the leading principles in my own life first.
The picture I can see when thinking of my future is dramatically double faced, though: hope to achieve my dreams of fullness on one hand, the fear I will not succeed on the other. I am scared not to reach the emotional balance I deem every woman should have, for that is where wisdom has its place. How will I convey a positive message if I do not succeed in “turning myself into the message I want to give”?
These questions, doubts and fears often cross my mind. That is when I feel I need to stop and take a breath, saying: the vision I have is what I really want, not just something I am ready to settle for. It is hard during our everyday life not to let things overtake us, and this is why we as women have a responsibility to take care our ourselves if we want to take care of others. And I am ready. My vision for life is the vision I have for myself. I will convey it to people around me, hoping it will help them, hoping it will serve as an inspiration to them.
My life will therefore influence my community and, hopefully, my community will concretely be a “change-making” model for the world to see.
Barriers are huge, still, and I know. Harmony is such a beautiful word, but what does it take for us to achieve it? How can we overcome difference and distance and make it happen?
Communication, negotiation, doing some soul searching, interacting, including the other. To me, these are the key points.
This convincement has grown strong since I decided to join Voices of Our Future and World Pulse. I am feeling a change coming from deep within me, exactly where it was supposed to start from: my very self. I feel it when I talk to people, I feel it when I walk around, I feel it when I hear new stories. It is amazing and astonishing to notice that the change I wanted to bring has finally come to bring a change inside of me!
That is what Voices of Our Future is about: its power is to get us talking to our souls, to listen to that soft voice coming from somewhere in our heart, and then let it flow with unexpected strength.
Being a Voices of Our Future correspondent will booster my self confidence, and the possibility to have a mentor will improve my skills in writing and, above all, listening. Listening to other women’s stories with open heart, recognizing and dignifying them through my words, giving them a voice through mine. Freedom deals with responsibility and I feel I have one; therefore, the freedom I was gifted with will serve others who were reduced to silence against their will. Their unheard stories I will tell. Here I have re-discovered the importance of sharing, to step out of isolation, break the silence and give life a chance. Being a correspondent will show me how far I can get and how many people hope can reach. It sounds challenging: starting from a woman to reach for the world…history proved it possible in many cases, it is now time for us to make our part.
I must admit honestly my project to achieve my vision is not clear still, but as Donella Meadows used to say:
“My experience is, having now many times created a vision and then brought it, in some form, into being, is that I never know, at the beginning, how to get there. But as I articulate the vision and share it with people, the path reveals itself. And it would never reveal itself if I were not putting out the vision of what I really want and finding that other people really want it too”.


Stella Paul's picture

I agree

Dear Friend
I love the way you said it right in the beginning: include it in your life, if you want to see a manifestation of it outside. Thats what I too believe in.
Dont bother about clarity. A diamond gets shiny only with repeated polish.

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Hin Kunthea's picture

That nice writing

for me i feel the same as you, I could not do it, i fear when i talk in public. I do not have any idea to talk. I always keep silent I do not confident with my idea. i feel inferior. i am really slow thinking and very poor with something challenging.

nice to know you,


choirgirl's picture

My dear Hin

Your words really touched me deep.
I would like to know more about you, and I am sure all the ladies out there will be ready to give you support. Can I ask what it is that makes you feel inferior? I do not really think you are inferior to anyone: you being here proves that! If you had no ideas, nothing to talk about, you would not be here.
Correct me if I am wrong, but the impression of you I had as I read your lines was that of an extremely sensitive and delicate creature who just needs to discover the beauty of her inner universe.
I believe it is something we all went (and still are going) through, somehow.
I would really like to know you more so please, write back!

With love


Hin Kunthea's picture


I am not sure, my emotion was up and down. I have two feeling at the same time. I can not stay with good feeling for so long, the frighten and fear interfere and made my emotion down. It because I am deep down with nightmare. when I dream to see something that I feel not good, I just feeling it and lead to mu unlucky or I can not achieve what I plan to do. I want to control myself not to think bad, but it difficult for me. if you have any clue please tell me. I want to be happy lady. Some time I afraid that I may have mental problem.

I fear when I talk to my manager I can not produce long conversation. I feel I am lack of confident I want to change. I do not want to stay with a such of feeling trouble like that.. I usually think rather that talk. But it was a crazy thinking and make me exhausted. I use to think that how can I be a leader if I can not lead my self

Thank Maria that you want to know about me.


choirgirl's picture

My dearest,

I have read your articles, and I don't really think you have any reasons for not feeling confident. Perhaps it is just a moment, you say you have two sons, maybe you are just a little tired, but I think it is normal!
However, I have seen you've had many meaningful and important working experiences, if you were not good you wouldn't be employed, don't you think?
You asked whether I had a clue...the answer is that I don't know you enough to give you a wise advice, know what I mean? What I feel like telling you is to re-start from yourself. Collect your energies and try to focus on yourself. What are your skills? Is there something you are particularly good at? What are your targets? Your aims? Then, make friends! Try to spend time with people with whom you can share something:experiences, opinions, a simple walk! I think it will improve your skills to talk "in public", for instance.. exchanging opinions with others will both enrich you and, it will prove you DO have something to say!!
Try to be easier, the more you think you can't do something, the more fear will overtake.
Always feel free to write to me, even in pvt :)

Stay blessed


Hin Kunthea's picture

Thanks you Maria,

You're right, I really tire with both of them. sometimes I feel stress. It's seem I am away from friends. Any way they are my hope. They are my energy. Thanks Maria that you keep in touch and tell me I am in the right track. I am not sure what I am good at , it a bit mixing . any way I try to shape my goal and do meditation to control my messy feeling.

I so happy when I see you reply. Noamally I spend time to write rather than talking. , Yes I may find any space to talk shearing idea and ....

Thanks you very much for your time. My husband said I am become Technology women now, seem I am familiar with using laptop and using internet. I am become active with internet since I found worldpules. Now I am working on Week 4 Assignment, I am on collecting idea and write them down. It a bit hard when they ask about personal vision, am a bit sway and not sure and feel not confident, But I just remind my self that" Think big start small"

Nice day Maria,


choirgirl's picture


Perfect then! Don't stop looking forward.

A hug to you and your family!

Stay bleseed


Monica Clarke's picture

One step at a time

Dear Maria

We step out, not knowing where it will lead. It is our motive and intention which drives us. Life picks up on that and lets us walk, often blindly, but all the while allows us to be a magnet to attract whatever is needed for us to fulfill our vision, because our motive is for the good of the universe.

Just keep stepping forward, Maria, keep your motives clean and desire to serve clear, and let life do the rest. You will be amazed how everything you need will arrive at the right time - first the idea, then the plan, then the resources - and then you will say 'Oh, I didn 't know this is what it was all about!' with amazement at the results. Neither the journey, nor the results are ever in our sight when we start out. It's the timing of it all which is frustrating, but we have to wait for the time to be right! Patience.

Thanks for sharing your vision.

Love you, respect you. With longing for sunny Italy, from Monica in the Dordogne.

Monica Clarke, Writer & Storyteller, bringing human rights alive.
I wish you 'Nangamso', that is: May you continue to do the good work which you do so well.
(A blessing from my ancestors, the Khoikhoi, the first people of South Africa).

Adepeju's picture

I identify with all the all

I identify with all the all the fears you have up there. I can't even count the number of times i have felt like giving up but each time, i think of that one person that is waiting for my actions to save her life and believe me, there a more than a thousand out there waiting to be saved by our actions. Thank you for this well written piece choirgirl :-) its like music to my soul...

choirgirl's picture

It feels so good

It feels so good. It feels good to share emotions with you all my Women. You see, that's exactely what I am talking about:this is a safe place, where everyone of us can find a warm embrace, though virtual. A place where we can all can rest assured we will not be judged. A place where we will always find someone saying "i feel the same as you". And, Monica, you are totally right: everything will come at the right time. I feel lucky to have met you.

Thank you all for being so close dear sisters.


YAOtieno's picture

Say it again!

All i wanted to sy has been said above! But I have to say I like what you wrote about pulse - Here I have re-discovered the importance of sharing, to step out of isolation, break the silence and give life a chance. You can say that again.



A candle looses nothing my lighting another

MaDube's picture

Self introspection. I like

Self introspection. I like that Maria, it is one of the best qualities that an individual seeking to speak on behalf of others should always do. Why am I doing this? Then when you know that the good of the people is a force far much greater than your individual benefit, financial gain, ego and whatever else has driven people to want to work for the United Nations and big international organisations that pay a lot, then you can begin to understand who you are what you are all about and where you are going. Thanks for this insightful piece.

Celine's picture

Thank you

Hi Girl,

Thank you for this. Yes, we need to work within ourselves, remove fear, build our self confidence and tell ourselves 'we can do'. "I can do it". I love your writing girl, good work!


amiesissoho's picture

Communicating and

Communicating and negotiating is what we are constantly engaged in to realize our vision and you're right we have to live it first before we can share it with others.

Good luck


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