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Making A Way Through the Barriers and Challenges

Frodo: I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.
Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. " (The Lord of the rings: Fellowship of the ring 2011)

Moaning and groaning about what we have and what we don’t would not necessarily bring any solution. All we need here is our courage in facing situations and myriads of challenges that await us.
For me it’s always the dilemma and low self-esteem that overpower my willingness in taking steps. However with the companionship of courage and determination when I do step forward I face attackers who put their grotesque faces to mock me. It is not again easy to find right place and people as guides. Once you find them the fear that arises is whether they would support you or would turn back just because you are a student. Above all the thing that frustrates me the most is the unsupportive attitude of people you fight for. Therefore, yes just like myriads I too experience steps of difficulties. Nevertheless I believe these should not be barrier as men today willingly embrace death only to speak their rights, conquered the highest peak, and explored the deep ocean just to quench their thirst of curiosity. Therefore it is not for us to step back but face challenges ahead.
One of my first approaches to overcome challenges is getting enlightened by education that involves learning and critical thinking. These would help build free thinkers who represent the broaden minds. With broaden minds people would be more open to ideas which would ultimately lead to the empowerment of people and the society.
One of my other approaches is networking that includes networking through writing, media, journalism, art, communication, and internet. Networking introduces us to myriads of people. These people being the huge support encourage us on various aspects, share their views and opinions, and help us overcome our fear and challenges. So far one of the biggest opportunities I got is my internship with the oasis team. There I got to know new people, learn new issues and empower women on maternal and child health issues. Again my university gave me the chance to participate as a teacher at a local school for underprivileged students. And finally being a member of world pulse I am able to connect with the vast community of freethinkers and powerful minds.
Online communities such as pulsewire, flickr, facbook or tweeter are providing their support to millions by connecting them throughout the world. Being the part of these communities help me explore different people and organizations. Being in another part of the world I too can vote against the breast ironing custom on Cameroon. Today WFP emails me the news of hungry people on the horn of Africa and then give me the opportunity to show my gratitude to the teacher who is struggling relentlessly to empower her students.


AmyC's picture

Sohana, Your article starts


Your article starts off so well! It's true, moaning and groaning won't get us anywhere, but we find ourselves the most difficult barrier to reaching our goals and challenging our situations.

I would like to have read more about your community and the 'people you fight for'. Maybe an interesting point to expand on would have been your work as a teacher or in Oasis and to offer a concrete example of a solution within this work.


shirefolk's picture

Hi Amy, It's wonderful to

Hi Amy, It's wonderful to have such constructive feedback. Thanks for your opinions and views. I would be glad anddefinitely try to post an article about my experience as a volunteer teacher at utsha and on Oasis. Thank you again. Metu


harinees's picture


Thank you for your article. As Amy mentioned, I also think your article has a great beginning. I would have loved to read more about the challenges faced by your local community as well as some concrete actions you have taken as part of Oasis. Keep on writing - you show a lot of potential!

shirefolk's picture

Hello hariness, thank you for

Hello hariness, thank you for your appreciation and feedback. It really helped. I would be glad to share my experience on oasis and utsha and i would soon post a journal on that. Thank you again.


Rebecca Lerner's picture

Good work!

Dear Shirefolk,

I, too, enjoyed your opening to this journal entry. I applaud your creativity and originality in your writing. You are courageous to talk honestly about the inner challenges you feel as a woman working for change in a culture that is not supportive. It sounds like you have several issues you are interested in putting your efforts towards; it would be good to know what in particular you might like to do about them and how specifically you could use your skills to help. I wonder how your feeling unsupported and not yet confident might play into your ability to accomplish your goals, and how specifically you might be able to overcome that. I hope that the World Pulse community continues to inspire you and help you feel that you are part of something big, strong and powerful.

All the best,


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Twitter: @urbanforager

shirefolk's picture

Hi Rebecca, i am glad that

Hi Rebecca, i am glad that you understand my problems so well. I definitely look forward to post journals on the issues i face or the issues i think need to be addressed. I am very hopeful of having your support and cooperation. Thank you for your wonderful comments. Thank you very much!


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