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Quitting 'The Game'

Okay, now you’ve pushed the wrong button. You want to know what’s the biggest challenge we face in creating change in DRC? I can tell you straight: it’s finding someone in a position of influence and/or power who really gives a damn. Lip service abounds, with flowery words and promises that are as genuine as a $3 bill. The truth is, they are comfortable with things the way they are; with women subservient and without recourse, beholding to men for any scrap of benevolence. Am I being too harsh? NOT A CHANCE! We could write a book on it, but it’s time to turn the page.

Interestingly it’s election time here, with the ballots to be cast two months from now. I’ve been asked by many to run for 1 of 500 National Deputy positions. And while I supported the party meetings and was more than willing to give my input as to who I thought would give us the best representation and had the best chance to win a seat, I said NO for myself. It’s not MY time yet. There are some things I need to help get in place first.

The reason? I’m not interested in making a little noise – I’m looking to CHANGE THE PARADIGM! I’m no longer interested in playing politics, in pushing against the status-quo. In fact, I’m quitting The Game. It’s time to get serious. From here on out there’s a new set of rules. We’re going to create a new culture, a new environment, A NEW WORLD! And being a part of it will demand a change of mind. Actually, as this new world develops, the other will simply be left behind.

We’re organizing ourselves, creating associations; Women’s Associations. And these Associations are being created along tribal lines. But then we’re joining forces one with the other in order to establish a solidarity and to create a unified Voice. We’re uniting hundreds of thousands of women (so far) into a Voice that speaks within as well as without. It is spreading like wildfire and sensitizing the whole regarding dignity, rights, and self and gender empowerment. We’re opening up dialog and beginning to discuss OUR agenda.

And we need the leadership of World Pulse, and the camaraderie and support of the World Pulse community. We need to leverage World Pulse’s experience to guide us in crafting unified and unifying messages for dissemination to our memberships. And we will mature so much faster if we’re able to share and associate our re-evolution with the revolutions taking place around the world. Not only that, but as you know, there’s powerful inspiration in learning that you are an integral part of a worldwide community.

Yes, there’s much to be done; way too much to get bogged down playing their game. We’ve got a NEW WORLD to create. We’re no longer trying to change them; we’ll just change the world around them. It’s our time, it’s our Destiny; and so we’re just going to DO IT!


Maggs's picture

The gloves are off and

The gloves are off and failure is not an option! We will create a new world! You are in good company right here.


Neema's picture

The gloves are off

That sort of fight isn't our style anyway. We're much better at just doing it in a RIGHT way and for the RIGHT reasons and letting our behavior, our contributions, and our accomplishments do the talking. As well, we're better at doing what we do TOGETHER. That's why it won't take long Maggs. While they're busy posturing among themselves and cutting deals and cutting this one in and that one out, we'll be busy organizing ourselves and coming together and establishing a position of power from our united frame of mind and disposition for positive, constructive, inclusive changes. Sure, I'm looking forward to the Day we are shaking hands together as collaborative, supportive partners, but it does indeed look like that will be a Day of OUR making in this part of the world, at least in the beginning. WHAT A PRIVILEGE!

Yes, as you say Maggs, we are in GOOD company here.

Thank you sister,


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Hi Neema! I really love this line: "We’re no longer trying to change them; we’ll just change the world around them." What a fierce and optimistic rallying cry. I love your bold challenge to get with the program or get left behind. I can see why so many people have encouraged you to run for office!

Neema's picture


Thank you my sister. Maybe we are bold. I know we are resolute; we are intentional. There's a lot of momentum building as the leadership of the Associations come together. It’s a very positive, collaborative atmosphere. We haven’t found our Voice yet as we’re still assembling the choir. But I can say we are thrilled in what we’re discovering about ourselves, and perhaps elated in the immediate bond formed around our mutual interests. It’s very energizing as we feel the power of our unity building.

Just imagine when this body is united to the World Pulse network leadership and community!

Rahel Weldeab's picture

You are just so powerful!

You are just so powerful! Your voice jumps out of this page deep into my heart! YES!!! IT'S TIME TO CHANGE THE PARADIGM!!! All the power to you sister! With you in complete solidarity!!

Neema's picture

You are just so powerful!

Thank you my sister. I read your profile and know that your pledge of solidarity comes from a mutual place of unyielding life-commitment toward our common purpose. We walk TOGETHER.

aimeeknight's picture

Hello Neema, Wow, you have a

Hello Neema,
Wow, you have a powerful and bold voice! I enjoyed reading your post, thank you for inspiring me!

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

Neema's picture

Hello Neema

Thank you so much Aimee. I like your Quote below your name, as I only have one normal size shoe - the other much smaller - but both shoes a very distinguishable being ugly, specially made for my twisted feet. And yet the quote is true to life - it is our 'walk' that defines us. And maybe Cinderella's glass slipper would fit my smaller foot just fine. At any rate, when we look back at the big Ball, may we be satisfied with the dance we danced.


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I love your voice....

...and love your vision. I know I'll be hearing more from you, on the other side of the world, and I look forward to it. Godspeed. (Or should that be "Goddesspeed?") (Smile.) Johanna

Neema's picture

I love your voice...

Thank you so much Johanna for taking the time to encourage us on this side. Your status in life inspires us. How we long for an opportunity to be independent, self sufficient, recognized, applauded, admired, and inspiring. You are our role models.

May one of your accomplishments be what we accomplish in following your lead.


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