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Media gag in Kenya.


This year has been a tough one for Kenyans.We started it with the post-election violence,and experienced food crisis with the rest of the world,and inflation being at its peak.

Today should be a happy day in Kenya,as we celebrate our 45th anniversary since independence.But it has not turned out to be so.It is a cloudy day,since we depend on the media,not only for news but also for intervention when situations are hard.Several media personnel and activists have been arrested for trying to urge the president not to sign a bill;one that will have the media gagged.

A message printed out on T-shirts:No Tax For MP's,No Tax For Us,was the "cause" of today's arrests.The Parliamentarians must have been irked by the exposure that the media gives to their deals:like refusing to pay taxes.

Parliament must have passed this bill due to the pressure in the past one month to have their salaries taxed.The legislators earn a good Kenya Shillings 888,250,which sums up to about US$11 800 per month,when most of their employers,Kenyans,have barely sufficient to put a simple meal on the table everyday.These also come with other benefits such as security,luxury cars,and more allowances for sitting in Parliament,all at the expense of the tax payers,and the benefit of tax exemption.

So how will the ordinary Kenyan know most of these things that will not be allowed to be aired? And how can our letters have no more privacy? A clause of the bill allows the Internal Security Minister "to take temporary possession of any telecommunication apparatus or any radio communication station or apparatus within Kenya".

Were it not for the media,we would be living in a dark world filled with rumors.I don't know how we would exist if this final signature allows our freedom of expression to be taken away.Are we taking the backwards direction? Why would somebody allow me to (or not to) talk? Let all of us pay taxes.Members of the August House need not worry,for at the end of the day a big sum will find its way back to their pockets.This is dictatorship.

Leah Auma Okeyo (Expressing my personal concerns as a Kenyan for Kenyans).


Corine Milano's picture

Leah, thank you for sharing

Leah, thank you for sharing this news with us on PulseWire. I read about this this morning in the Huffington Post ( and then came to PulseWire to see your post discussing the issue in more depth. Hearing it from you makes this issue more real—the thought that there is a possibility of this passing is a terrifying one, and a reason why forums like PulseWire are important: to allow voice and free speech to prosper despite corrupt laws that declare otherwise.

JMKELLAM's picture

Hear your voice


Thank you for reaching out and letting us know what is going on. I'm glad you have PulseWire as an outlet. We hear you. Keep speaking out and putting pressure on the parliment.

In support,


JMKELLAM's picture

Hear your voice


Thank you for reaching out and letting us know what is going on. I'm glad you have PulseWire as an outlet. We hear you. Keep speaking out and putting pressure on the parliment.

In support,


jadefrank's picture


Hi Leah,

It is so interesting and saddening to hear about what is going on in Kenya now. It's disgusting to think what people in power are capable of doing to their people in order to line their own pockets. I hope that things will get better for the Kenyan people and that they continue to speak out against these injustices and corruption. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and thoughts on the situation. Please keep us updated.

Warm regards,

Felistah's picture

Hi Leah Thanks a lot for

Hi Leah
Thanks a lot for sharing with the rest of the world.I cant believe it was happening here in Kenya.
The most encouraging thing is that Kenyans have waken up,not sleeping any more,they know their rights.
Thanks once more.

consolata's picture

Keep up the spirit

Hi Leah,
I have been reading about your encouraging messages. You really encourage me. Hope to meet you one of this fine days. Remember we were to meet on 7 th December when you had come to Nairobi? Kindly let me know when you will be visiting again. Hope to meet you soon.
Keep up the good job.

Corine Milano's picture

Leah, is there any update on

Leah, is there any update on this since your post?

Auma's picture

A little Update!

Thank you Cori,Jenna,Jade,Felistah and Consolata,and all of you PulseWire sisters and brothers out there.

Felistah and Consolata are right in the middle of this mud puddle with me,and of course the whole world out there! Felistah,keep your promise as we agreed in Cape Town,to be in touch back here at home.I also need my purple scarf (i am still a woman)! ha ha ha.Consolata,i am sure we will be meeting quite soon! I can't wait to meet you!

There is divided opinion from the parliamentarians,and pressure from Kenyans.As Felistah says,we are not sleeping any more.Some of our honorable MPs say the intention is good,and some say it's not right.Kenya has 210 Members of Parliament.But 30 make a quorum!

Well,the final signatory is still mum,as Human Rights Activists and Kenyans continue to raise their concerns,as Media owners petition the president on the proposed law.

These last few months have not been easy for our honorable members.Their schemes have always been exposed,highlighted all over.Muzzling the media seems to be the only way out for the poor (rich) souls.Kenyans are keeping them on toes,and maintain that they pay their fair share of the tax.

Seven journalists were taken court,and charged with taking part in an unlawful demonstration.They denied the charge and were released on a cash bail.Their case will be heard on the 19th of January.

No more sleeping for us,and evading tax payment for they that try to!

With best wishes for a non tax-free Parliament,

Leah Auma Okeyo.

consolata's picture

learninging more

Leah you are really great narrator. You have really sumarized it all. Wao! Cant wait to meet you too. I believe we have so much in common regarding the women issues. I am having a naging voice deep down saying we rise up and talk on behalf of the voiceless. If we dont who will? My sister, lets work tirelesly and God will certainly intervene.
Remember when you happen to come to Narobi kindly say hi.

Auma's picture

Voice for the voiceless.

Thank you Consolata for sharing your views.It is true there are many women out there who have no space to share their voices.If we can't get them to the safe spaces,let us intervene on their behalf.It gives me joy to see a woman's goal fulfilled through sharing voices.I respect that nagging voice in you.

We will sit down and share voices face to face when i do come in Nairobi,probably in January.I am sure we will reach out to other women too.You are welcome to Migori, any time.


Ken Osiko's picture


If you can not make foos from your bed the you can not continue sleeping.

Ken Osiko

Flish's picture


Auma, Been reading all of this. I wonder if you have heard of IPM, international partners in mission? They have a mission in Kenya and I am thinking they could be a useful resource for you. The contact there would be Joe Cistone. you will find them online.
best to you,

Hello Beloved community members.
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Ken Osiko

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