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The Future comes every day, one step at a time

The Future comes every day, one step at a time
If I stick my finger in fire they will burn. How do I know this? The answer is simple science. Hypothesis and rigorous testing will prove this. I wish that changes in our lives could be subjected to such rigid calculations, such that, we could be certain step A would yield results B. Unfortunately, our lives are so complex and multifaceted that it is almost impossible. Creating change in my community simply means living in a world where women will not live in fear because of their gender or culture, or lose their job because of their race or suffer abuse because of their sexuality or religion.

I consider myself as my biggest challenge because emotions of inadequacy, fear and immobilisation have been my hindrances. Sometimes, my heart is so burdened with emotions from all the unpleasant news from TV, I am often quick to think, the problem is bigger than me and there is not much I can do to help. Yet, I realize that I am only powerful when I act to counter that negativity and I question the power relations behind what the media feeds me with. Perhaps, if I were exposed to images of women making effective efforts to come out of poverty or how rape victims are using their experience to strengthen other women, I could dwell on that strength, faith and courage. Despite this, I still have a choice whether to fight for what I believe in or sit hands akimbo and wait for the world to unfold. Finding WorldPulse allows me to believe that this goal of creating positive images is possible.

Michael Jackson’s song “Man in the Mirror”, reminds me most times that, if I want to see a change in this world then I need to start with myself, change my ways and stop pretending not to see that there are less fortunate people than myself who have needs. To me, overcoming my own personal challenges means thinking of myself as my community. It means becoming more sensitive, aware, open, and caring more about others. Most importantly thinking about creating change means that I learn from others to create possibilities and successes.

Doing it with others brings me to the point where PulseWire is extremely important. I believe that in life there will always be greater and lesser people than myself. By this, I mean we all have different talents, passions and dreams. Some may be grander than others yet they all lead to making the world a better place for women. With this in mind, I am certain that the most effective way of making an impact in my community is by taking advantage of every opportunity to educate myself and transfer this knowledge to other people. Learning from others also refers to creating linkages, exchanging resources and partnering with others to achieve specific goals that will further the dignity of all women.


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Gandhi's oft-quoted words are : Be the change you want to see. And 'Man in the Mirror' echoes the same. See, just one sentence and one song. Shakes us and wakes us up to do more, to change ourselves to change others. Power of words! I too feel inadequate at times. But the experiences in life have taught me to see the positive things around me and to move ahead.


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This is so true. Often we are

This is so true. Often we are tempted to down ourselves when in reality we are blessed in different ways. I am a big fan of Ghandi and its amazing as you say how words and songs can trigger such momentum in our minds and push us towards a journey of resilience. I am wishing you inspiration and lots of support. Be aware that you are not alone and that we are all in this together.
In solidarity

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What an inspiring way to end

What an inspiring way to end my day. You are facing an issue so many of us are held back by, and you've already set out to move beyond it. Your article is beautifully written, too. Let us hear more from you - we need it.


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Thank you Andrea. I

Thank you Andrea. I appreciate you comment.

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