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Yours in change...

Writing for change, joining the world pulse community, being a part of this great movement and body of like minds has been one act im glad i did this year. Now i can cross off making a change no matter how small off my to do list for the year and look forward to contributing much more to better the lives of women around the world and in turn, myself!

However, one of the challenges i have encountered generally when trying to make a change, start up something in the way of progress of which i am equally somewhat guilty of, is the fundamental problem of trust. Being able to trust the other's best intentions and readily accept the acts or services being rendered.

Trust they say is earned and with the time i have spent being a member of worldpulse and participating, i would say trust from my end has been gradually building up. I say trust because when you decide to make a change, lend a helping hand, reach out and do something significant, if the other party you are willing to go out on a limb for doesn't trust you and doesnt open up to your help, all your efforts would just be like a wiff of smoke!

Personally, I am one who treads softly. I weigh things a lot before I make a move. Whilst it may be commendable when making some decisions, it may be detrimental if such decision had to be made quickly to save a life or a situation. As I am working on myself to be readily open to ideas and people's best intention, I find that sometimes I also meet with the same scepticism when trying out a new venture. Little wonder the popular adage: 'what goes around, comes around'. So as I work on myself to open up more and be more receptive of opportunities for change that abounds on this platform, I urge other women just like me who are having a hard time, to really let go of every scepticism and take the chance.

Open up as you have nothing to loose rather a whole lot to gain. Even though the change might not be as dramatic as an earthquake to set things right in your community or a total paradigm shift in the happenings in your neighbourhood, it could be as subtle as a change of heart for you. An opening up to recieve what you most badly need, a helping hand.

Yours in change,


Stephanie Roth Gurung's picture

Inspiring assignment

Hi Kemmy,

Thank you for your words on trust and opening up - this is an important challenge to change that I don't think is discussed enough! I would love to hear about how online communities like World Pulse can contribute to this challenge of trusting one another.



aimeeknight's picture

Hello Kemmy,Welcome to World

Hello Kemmy,
Welcome to World Pulse. I'm happy that you are learning to trust the Pulse Wire community. I've developed friendships here that will last a lifetime. With the support of your friends here, with each post you write, your voice will become stronger. I only have one technical suggestion and that is to capitalize your "I", so that it doesn't distract from the thoughts you're trying to express. Great work Kemmy, keep writing!

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

DinaYazdani's picture

Thank you!

Hello Kemmy,

I'm glad to see that you are developing trust through World Pulse! Your words are inspiring on how important trust is, and is indeed the first step to achieving anything. I wonder how you think that we can start promoting trust among the women at World Pulse?

Thanks much,

Twitter- MojoThinkTank

Kemmy_O's picture

Thanks Stephanie...I also

Thanks Stephanie...I also think trust is very important and how best to encourage that than for you and I to first start by trusting each other and being trustworthy members of this forum.

Kemmy_O's picture

Thanks Aimeeknight...Thanks

Thanks Aimeeknight...Thanks so much for bringing this to my notice..I guess in my hurry to pen my thoughts, i violate the rule of Thank you very much..I repent!

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