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Beatable Challenges

Challenges are a plethora, when the word change is spoken. People generally approach change with a lot of ‘what ifs’, and it is even more difficult when the change is instigated by a young woman. Your motives will be questioned and your intentions will be cast in doubt. The most frustrating thing is that it never gets easier even with time, especially when no one else seems to be of the same opinion.

A major challenge that always sends me many miles back is that of funding, getting people to invest in charity is one very difficult task. It is sometimes easier to convince a person to invest in the stock exchange when the market is in a down trail trend than to convince someone to invest in charity. The reason is simple; the former may promise some tangible returns while the latter not so much. People fail to get the big picture, the one about giving the less fortunate a helping hand, a chance, an opportunity! Instead they will extend sympathies and imagine a mountain will shift.

However I have discovered that the only way out is in fact to hang in there, to keep talking and preaching the plight of others because in the end someone is bound to listen and find the course worth his or her investment. The investment may not be money backed, it can be advice, a bigger network, or even just time and these are all things that I as a front runner can still use to help others in need find the necessary assistance to be able to live a better life.

I have also learned that believing in your course is also very important; do not champion a change you know nothing about or do not believe in. Because sometimes all it takes to rally others is the passion and endurance you demonstrate in your course for change and others find the necessary inspiration in you in order to change.
The resource exchange is one aspect of Pulse Wire that I intend to utilize to the fullest. The best thing so far, is that on Pulse Wire, there are already people who care about change and people who are ready and willing to extend a hand to bring the required change. This platform gives me a lot of impetus to stay on and fight. My fellow country citizens like Rhonda and Lindy are making a difference in the community thanks to Pulse Wire. These women have been able to rally fellow women into bringing change that will be talked about for many years to come and I intend to follow in their footsteps and I believe, in the end, I will see the change that I so desire.


Linda M. Ando's picture

Champion of Change!!!

Habari Gani Agade!

I love your passion, determination and conviction to create positive change. You are a powerful, articulate and CHAMPION advocate whose VOICE and ACTION will be HEARD, FELT and EMPOWERS others to do the same.

I saw an old film on TV the other night and a little boy started a national movement to "Pay it Forward" with acts of Kindness for others which requires us to be brave and step outside of our comfort zones which may prevent us from taking action. A great reminder that what we say and do makes a powerful impact on others.

You are a CHAMPION in HEART, SOUL and ACTION - THANK YOU! I look forward to cheering you on as you create the change you want to see.

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

agade's picture

Champion of Change

Dear Ando,

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words, I look forward to a day when I will have done something and made someone live a better life.


jbaljko's picture

You are already doing that


Don't underestimate yourself... you are already in a space where you are doing something and touching the lives of others. Funding is a major issues. Projects need patience, resources, and ongoing internal and external commitment to make a big impact. But, it's all a process of moving forward one step at a time, which, from the sound of your story, is something you are discovering. Using the Resource Exchange is another great tool as is sharing "best practices" with fellow women. One question - what kind of charity are you working with, or what kind of project are you currently involved in?


"The secret of happiness is freedom,
and the secret of freedom, courage."
-Thucydides, ancient Greek historian & author

agade's picture

You are already doing that

Dear Jenn,

Thanks a lot for the encouragement.

I am currently involved in a lunch feeding program for primary school going children in an area called Kikuyu in Kenya. The Program was started by two women who rely on well wishers and their own pockets to fend for the children and a few of my collegues and myself have joined in to help them financially.

The numbers are now growing and their needs are increasing each day. The Program in located in an area where HIV and AIDS, alcoholism and poverty have tripped them of the able young memebrs of the society leaving behind young children and the aged to fend for themselves.

It is a worth while initiative and I intend to stick with them, get sufficient and reliable funding and help those children reach their dreams.


jackiesw's picture

very inspirational


Thank you for sharing your story. You sound committed to making positive changes in your community; I'm sure you already are and will continue to do so. You're an inspiration to me and I know countless others.

Thank you!


agade's picture


Thank you Jackie, much appreciated!

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