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“……………………the vagaries of the climate are a sign of divine anger, as there are many sinners in our midst and God is trying to punish us; like floods with serious consequences”. This sums up the underlying religious connotation that drives the understanding of the causes of climate change in many communities in Nigeria. Climate change is already a formidable challenge which threatens to wipe out the whole of humanity. Implementing cutting edge interventions to make a difference and create change in this regard are met with peculiar challenges and barriers of perception and crystallized mindset heavily shaped by religious sentiments.
Climate change is perceived as an act of God rather than the consequences of human activities resulting in over concentration of Green House Gases (GHGS) which scientist says is the root cause of climate change. The confusing maze of scientific calculations, theories and research findings associated with climate change is also not helping matters. It has caused more confusion than clarity in communicating climate change to ordinary men and women. This lack of clarity makes climate change to be perceived as less important to existing life threatening issues of poverty, hunger and social inequality which frames the vulnerability of the community to climate changes thus, constituting a major barrier to access basic information, resources and support necessary to change this wrong perception. The task of creating change in a community where majority perceive, and are convinced that climate change has a strong spiritual, emotional, and physical dimension evoking a sense of powerlessness to take action to combat it is quite an intimidating challenge.

Interestingly, within these challenges lie the solutions. Simple but effective awareness creating solutions are also powered by the same religious sentiments which produced the wrong perception and mind set. The feeling of powerlessness invoked by the tendency to attribute the adverse impacts of climate change to God are converted to strength by channelling the Zeal and sense of obligation to act right in obedience to God towards creating a positive disposition to seeking accurate information that can enable informed actions.
Scripture such as “my people perish for lack of knowledge” are used for Christians to stir them to seek climate change information so that they will not perish. Using relevant provisions of the holy books of different religions have proved positive in inspiring attitudinal change conducive for combating climate change and mobilizing adaptation actions.
The possibilities of using pulse wire to overcome these challenges are limitless. Pulse wire will play a key role as one of the important tools and means of creating change. Pulse wire can provide valuable resource support in terms of best practices, advice, links, connections and generally platforms for knowledge sharing which can help to overcome these barriers.
Confronting the challenge of climate change starts with changing mind sets and perceptions. Unleashing religious and moral darts on the mind can help dismantle the wrong perceptions.


plattem's picture

I was really interested to

I was really interested to hear of the issues and especially your solutions to them!

Your writing is very engaging.

Thanks for sharing!

All the best,


Titilope's picture

The Solution

The challenge has also created the platform for the solutions as stated in my article, though this is one of the many solutions that are coming up. We will continue to scale up and adopt solutions that can bring the needed change, Thanks for the comment

JudyR's picture

shifting perspective


Your writing is easy to read and follow. Shifting from the powerless to powerful perspective is definitely what's needed.
Climate change is effecting everything - whether people are wanting to admit it or not.
There is much work to be done.

Judy R

Titilope's picture

I concur

I totally agree with your comment. we need active awareness that can spur people to take action that can bring about change.. Yes! much work still needs to be done. we will continue to strive and do our best. I appreciate this comment .

Rakiba's picture

A very good issue to bring

A very good issue to bring over here..Very good approach.

Keep sharing your views

Best wishes,

Titilope's picture

Nice that you consider it a

Nice that you consider it a good issue and a good approch.

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