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"No man is an island"

During the last four years my friend, Ceila Santos, and I tried to develop and maintain a website where mothers could share their experiences and look for answers for their everyday struggle. We invested our own money in this project hoping that, soon, private companies would sponsor our project. Bottom line: we were very naïve! Especially in Brazil, to launch projects like this one, one should first have a “pedigree”, it doesn´t matter if you have a great idea or are committed to work for this for nothing, if they don´t know you, what you know means nothing to them.

We were approached by some companies and professionals, who were insterested in learning more about the project and, of course, the specific public we targeted. Rarely these companies will sponsor you, but they know exactly what your value is so, from time to time, they send you sample of their products or services hoping that you are going to write something about them in your blog and, indirectly, sell their products to your readers. Just to summarize, they don´t care about your project, but the public you reach everyday.

Is it possible to change this? Yes, just not sell yourself for a couple of dollars. Believe, even in the worst economic scenario, it is not worthit. You have to value your opinion and readers. They can always buy a banner in my blog, but never my opinion. I write just about what I believe and, thanks to that, I have followers who trust me. It is definetly possible to reach them, but not the way we thought before: with sponsors. We find out that the best way is to go simple, yes, very simple. We don´t need a website, a blog is enough. The most important goal is to reach these mothers and make the network grow day by day with sincere reports, written from mothers to mothers, by sharing our own experiences, fears and doubts as mothers and women. Noboby is perfect.

We definitely can not do this alone. We need partners, people who have the same goals and dreams. People who fight for women rights. We already started establishing good connections with brazilian organizations which fight for brazilian women in many ways, for the right to breastfeed, to discuss openly about abortion, domestic violence, women traffic, racism, discrimination against women in the workforce… the list is long, unfortunately. And all of these happen to women around the globe, not only Brazilians. We belong to a worldwilde community who, together, needs to fight against all kinds of violence and depravation. Pulse Wire along with the UN Women and other international organizations somehow brings us together by allowing us to know and learn more about each others expericences and projects.

After all “no man is an island”, Meditation XVII by the English poet John Donne.


rukamanqui's picture

It's difficult

It's difficult to swim against the current, isn't it? But you're a great inspiration for us to continue doing so. It's so easy to get caught up in what modern industries are all about. It's so easy to get blinded by the bright lights and the fancy things only money can buy. But, when you're alone by yourself, the truth returns so easily: our essence is love, and there are so many important ways we can make a true impact on our society. It's so exciting!! I encourage you to continue being a change agent. Your voice is a wake-up call.

Love and light,


sueli sueishi's picture



thanks for your encouraging words...
for sure , it is hard to swim against the current... most of the time I feel like drowning, but I believe so hard that we can do this together. If I help a single women, for me that´s enough... and this is what keep me going. One woman at a time.


nargiz's picture

Sueli, Thank you for sharing


Thank you for sharing your story. It is so heartening and inspirational to see such great examples of women using freely available resources to such great effect, and for such an important cause. I think you have a wonderful idea, and I would love to see your blog!


stephaniecubbon's picture

Hi Sueli, Thanks for sharing

Hi Sueli,
Thanks for sharing your experiences about this project. It's inspiring to hear your determination to maintain integrity. Keep up the great work!

sueli sueishi's picture

Thanks Stephanie

Thanks for your encouraging words! It makes me feel strong to go after my goals! Sue

mrbeckbeck's picture

Wonderful dedication

Hello Sueli,

It is so refreshing to hear your dedication to speaking your truth and to working to let others speak their truth.

I applaud your work and hope that we will continue to see you soar here on PulseWire!

Thank you, and keep up the great work!

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

sueli sueishi's picture

Hi Scott I hope to contribute

Hi Scott
I hope to contribute more and I will. Thanks a lot for your comment it is always good to hear postive replies. Sue

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