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No Universal Healthcare; No more Kenya

I don’t now which genius came up with this quote. But the more I research and travel around Kenya covering stories. The more I realize, “Ignorance is bliss”. When you are unaware of the mess around you, the less you feel obliged to do more than just wake in the morning, eat, watch reality TV, work, eat, and watch more reality TV.

There are several issues dear to me. But one that hit home recently was the rather pathetic healthcare system that exists in Kenya. The hugest challenge is dealing with a populace that is completely apathetic to issues unless it hits them directly at home.

This could range from the death of a family member out of negligence, or a hospital’s refusal to attend to a relative because they didn’t have 2,000 shilling ($20) consultation fee to be assessed by a doctor. And secondly I have never actually known how to rally support and drive facts to the heart of the populace to a point of action.

I know how to write the story that will provide accountability. My concern is how to actually keep it in the face of the general public to exert pressure to the ruling elite who have vested interest in private health insurance firms as opposed to Universal Healthcare.

I am really fascinated by how much I can do through Pulsewire. Right now I am scheming through the group directory to see any groups that have dealt with the issue I am pursuing. And push for Universal Healthcare and demand the revision of private health insurance policies. And demand accountability from Kenya’s National Health Insurance Scheme. The Kenyan model is a tussle between the mammoth American HMO system and a weak version of UK’s NHS system.

I am also scheming through the resource exchange list to see what and who is out there who can provide insight and direction on how to go about this. And once I have all that information I intend to post Action Alerts.

But before I burn the midnight oil doing all of this I really want to ensure that what I do online will be able to translate on the ground in Kenya. I am completely fed up of the situation in the country. And I really want the quality and accessibility of universal healthcare to be available to every single one of our 40 million strong population.


Joanna Krotz's picture

Passion + Action

What's impressive is how you are yoking the specific with the overview; the Kenyan need with the global PulseWire community; the wish for change with the practicality to make sure that the action and solutions will be applicable.

Susan Studebaker's picture

Week 3 writing assignment

My heart is with you! You sound very passionate about this issue! I am impressed by the way you are using PulseWire to reach out to others and to find resources. It appears that you have real leadership potential. One word about your last paragraph: you will probably never be able to ensure that what you do online will become what you want to see.. it may take quite a while to achieve your vision. You just need to get your information, know what you believe in, and reach out to others in Kenya through your writing. You keep doing it and then things will begin to change... slowly... over time.... until you see your goal achieved. I believe you can do it! You give me faith in the young people of the world!


Rodengo's picture

Timely insight

Joanna thank you so much for your comment.

Susan thank you so much for the reminder that I need to slow it down and realize that it is a gradual process. I tend to get carried away when I am passionate about something. And at times I am so focused on getting it done now and my impatience just causes more frustration. I have gone through the groups and I am interacting with other women to help find a sustaining solution on health issues among many other issues close to my heart. Thanks again ladies!

Lombe's picture

Mutual Challenge

Dear Rodengo,

Habari yako?

Our mutual challenge is to actively lead and participate in the change we want to see and knowing where we want to and where are now is very useful for thinking through how we want to move.

Apathy is at times mere apathy, but at times it masks hopelessness, one of the key things about change is inspiring and enabling others to act and or speak for themselves.

Connecting to people on the ground through online action helps to facilitate impact as you would have started the action on the ground right from the start. So this may be two way, getting people online to engage with issues on the ground, or facilitating access to online space for people on the ground that they may know and act about their situation.

I look forward to hearing more about your efforts and how it goes.

Best regards,

Lombe Mwambwa
"I think a woman has two choices: either she's a feminist or a masochist." Gloria Steinem

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