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The scope of what needs to be changed, reformed, and improved in the world can be so mountainous as to become overwhelming.

At least that is how I sometimes feel when I let the weight of the world sit on my shoulders and allow myself to sink into the vastness of the work ahead.

And yet, as in every project I know that every great journey begins with just one step, every great work of art begins with a few brushstrokes, and that such is the nature of every creation we attempt as humans…begin small and let it flower into a masterpiece.

I believe wholeheartedly that the most important change that must take place in our time is in the balance of power between men and women.

Our world will be entirely different when the decisions are half of ours to make, when the businesses and governments are represented equally by men and women, when women are respected and valued as much as men are, and when we together as equal but different partners share in the effort to create a more sane and healthy world.

The main challenge to this idea is that the majority of men are not yet ready for this.

We have been living in a "man's" world for thousands of years, and to change the status quo is no trifling matter.

The other side of this challenge is that we as women are not yet prepared.

We have not been educated as men have been, we have been ostracized, have been shoved down made to believe that we are second class citizens in this world.


I believe the solution is to go to the source of the problem. The root of this imbalance is in the relationship between men and women. That has to change first in order to for the larger picture to shift.

We must learn how to associate, connect, respect and love each other in a new way. A whole new groundwork has to be laid down before a new structure of balanced power can exist.

Our men need to be educated in the arena of emotions, values and the 'worth' of woman in the same way that we as women need to be educated in universities, business and taking back our power.


My small contribution towards answering this challenge has been in creating where I strive to educate, through the blog and workshops, to form new relationship templates in order for a new kind of alliance to exist between the sexes.

The possibilities of using Pulsewire towards continuing this effort in education is massive and limitless.

A forum in which to present these ideas and rally women to educate ourselves and the men in our lives in a new way of relating to each other is crucial to fostering the transformation that we seek in the world.

And I believe Pulsewire can help.



MaDube's picture

Dear Claudia

As one of our sisters here on Pulse wire, the discrimination against women is one form of discrimination that just does not make sense especially considering that women make up more than 55% of the world's total population. I do not know what men were trying to achieve when they began this ridiculous scheme to suppress, oppress and silence the majority. Did they think we would never realise that we were oppressed? But whatever their reasons for it well we are here, you and I DEMANDING the balance of power. Keep the fight going, we are all here to support you.

claudiaperalta's picture

You are so right, MaDube!

The discrimination against women so totally does NOT make sense that it is one of the supreme injustices of all time! That encompasses all races, colors, status and ages. Not only do we make up more than 55% of the population but we do 2/3 of the world's labor and get paid 1% of the world's resources...and we are the only ones that can reproduce and keep humanity alive... the statistics can be astounding! And yet we can live in fear of our lives, suffering not only injustice but rapes, beatings and abuse.
It is NOW TIME for balance, harmony and a new world...let's all of us like you say, support each other and create a better today and tomorrow.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your heart, sister!

gittlemana's picture

great post

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your emphasis on education, love, and respect. I think that ending gender discrimination is a battle, but it's a battle with not only people in power but the people we love - our partners, our families. I think great things will come about from a paradigm that focuses on healthy restructuring of our relationships. Thank you.

claudiaperalta's picture

Love, Education, and Respect...

You said it precisely right, I think in this new (R)Evolution towards a new world has to be forged with entirely new tools...forget war, forget violence and greed...we need to use the best tools we have within ourselves, and let LOVE, the essence of all that is good guide us in this new direction.

And WE as women need to educate ourselves and our men, our children, the next generations in all that is just, compassionate and balanced if we are to shift to a paradigm that is healthier.

Thank YOU for stopping by and sharing from the heart...:)

Jessica_Dargiel's picture

Thank you

Thank you for sharing the post to your own blog. You have so many wonderful ideas to share. I look forward to reading more!

claudiaperalta's picture

Hi Jessica...*

Thanks for reaching out and the comment and interest in the blog, I'm happy that you find it interesting and I hope that you enjoy some of the articles!

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