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My Dream, My Mision: Training Program School on Citizenship for Women

I have a vision: The empowerment of women to social change. If half of humanity cannot develop their potential within a framework of respect and equality, full humanity is losing its full potential.

Barriers I find in the environment in which I am are:

1 .- Some women don’t know how to use either a computer, no email or utilities of world 2.0
2 .- Some don’t speak English or their English is very basic
3 .- Although many are active in the movement, not all have training in leadership skills, communication, rights, empowerment, teamwork and other subjects that are part of the formation of an effective citizenship.

I believe that empowerment for social change requires will, commitment and learning. It's great for women to participate but is also necessary for social change, they can become aware of their capabilities, development, sharping and implementing these capabilities for a shared or personal goal. To reach empowerment, we must to lead women to their own empowerment,giving the necessary skills, so they can be “the change you want to see in the world” (Ghandi)

At this point the course in which I participate is a solution here. But it isn’t a permanent initiative. It’s an opportunity now, but later we don’t know.

My dream and my mission is organizing a Training program school on citizenship for women of my district, that incorporate English language and using of information technologies and communication skills development as part of the program.

Analyzing the opportunities in the environment, I think this program could get support from the authorities for official certification, so can be incorporated into the curriculum vitae of the participants. Part of the program would be the participation of the students in World Pulse as they learn how to use 2.0 tools and media.

I think making this project in stages in which World Pulse is a key :

1 .- If I am selected for the VOF 2011 I will expand the knowledge and skills I learn towards the leaders of the movement, who already know English and computers, to organize a think-thank-team (TTT) around the project. At this time the movement is focused on women's meetings local and national and the course, but after October 20th the time will be available to this proposal.

2 .- While VOF is running, create a synergy: World Pulse, TTT and me, for designing the project. I will use information and advice I can get from this online community to feed our work in fact, for example, in assessment about needs and situation of women, how many of them would like to be involved, etc. My vision is when World Pulse program finish we are able to present ready the proyect of training school on citizenship for women.

I have faith in my project and positive results it will have on the women in my community; In making my dream a collective mission, and give it a chance to come true.


Stella Paul's picture

Best wishes!

Dear Friend

Since 2009, beside regular reporting, I have also started training rural women in web 2.0. (I mentioned it briefly in my first assignment for VOF) The language and no access to computers are what the women I know in India and am trying to reach out also have. And you guessed it right - such problems don't get solved in one day. One thing that I adopted in training women to share their stories is to type a sms in their own language, but using roman script. For example, a woman is in trouble. If she has a mobile phone with GPRS, she can send a text in 140 character in the language that she speaks. Since its roman script, the delivery will be smooth (sometimes some characters like brackets etc don't get coded properly,so avoid them)The receiver will get it and can locate her easily. I believe this is one of the tools that can be useful to you too.

There are challenges galore, but I know you have what it takes to overcome them. Best!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

nasreenamina's picture

Dear friend

Thank you for encourage me! what you do is very life changing. Sometimes is not possible to access techonology and sometimes it's there but we dont know how to use it. But, humans have creativity and since the invention of the wheel we have made things better I think. :P. Thank you for your feedback my friend, indeed you are changing your world

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

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MaDube's picture

One step at a time is all it

One step at a time is all it takes to start making change. As you said this is an opportunity to do something more than what you have already been doing so keep at it.



nasreenamina's picture

You are right

change start with a first step.I believe to help the world is necessary to help people living in. Warms Regards

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

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Ana Dutra's picture


Querida Vanessa,

this piece is so nice! And as I read your article, it reminds me of an organization in Brazil that teaches boys and girls of poor commuities the benefits of computer skills for a better future - CDI (Comite para a Democratização da Informática). I believe your dream could be expanded to other communities easily, and maybe here in Brazil, you could connect to this organization. I'd be glad if I could help.

I am happy you have this dream. The world need people like you!


nasreenamina's picture

Thank you very much!!!

That's amazing!!! In my recent answer I was talking about how governments in the continent are paying attention to media citizenship throught different initiatives and laws to make easier the right to informr and be informed. In this case, you know, the facilities where I attend to class of my course, has already a computer room!!! I saw computers there but It seems noone is using it. I wonder if the organization in charge of the course I attend, would support a project like this in order to allow eventually women can use the computers to be training. You know, is wonderful to feel "all fit perfectly".

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

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love2write's picture

Best of luck on your

Best of luck on your wonderful journey

Ellen Rosner Feig
Assistant Professor, Composition and Literature
Carl Wilkens Fellow, Genocide Intervention Network/Save Darfur

nasreenamina's picture


Hello ladies, how are you? thank you for posting. Yes, there are practical barriers can be solved with creativity. In my reality, training is essential to give women the possibility to take advantage of all the resources they have for empowerment and development. For example: In argentina the last year the congress aproved a law to democratize the access, right to own, rule and develop media. This law is important cause allow grass roots to have their own media and also give financial support for that. This is the current position for the most of latin american governements about communication rights and citizenship.But, if women has the will but not the skill, they can not profit as good as they can. Training in this case is essential to empower and multiply development.

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

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gingerhooper's picture

Think Tank

Great stuff! I especially like the fact you intend to draw others in with the think tank as this will enable the project to have real shared ownership. I think that the more people we get involved with such things the better as an idea becomes transformed into a working model which can then become reality.

YAOtieno's picture

Your dream my dream

HI Nasreema,

I just read your post and it seems to me we almost have the same dreams/visions for our communities. I think we shall be exchanging a lot of emails and sharing ideas in future



A candle looses nothing my lighting another

Rahel Weldeab's picture

I love your post especially

I love your post especially for a key term that you use, a term and concept that I think is the most prominent when it comes to women empowerment: citizenship. I share the same dream of empowering young women to become active citizens, and so I only wish you the absolute best in your endeavor. KEEP UP THE GREAT WRITING!

Rachael Maddock-Hughes's picture


You have such a clear vision, thank you for sharing with our community. You obviously think that being able to participate in Web 2.0 is necessary for a fully-informed citizen, is that correct? I do have one question around you think not understanding English is a real barrier to change in your community? If so, why?

Great job!


"In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They're with us from the moment we're born, and nothing can dilute their intensity." Rob Brezny

nasreenamina's picture

Thank you Girls

Thank you girls for reading my post and give feed back, is very important for me to know the pulse my idea has in this community. Well I think in these time we live in people must to know how to surf in 2.0 world, from job until citizenship issues is important. About language, I think if we think in a global citizenship, able to act locally but also to connect globally, we must to be able to know all the language available and in this frame english is important. In Argentina is also a tool to access to better jobs. Is not the same if you speak english or if you dont. And this is in all kind of things. In the other hand, women themself feel "less able" if they dont understand english. English is a class in school and sometimes the mothers dont know how to help their children in this. English courses are expensive, so I've thought about my project as an opportunity to coach women around citizenship but also to give some basics skills as composing a CV and a letter, speaking, english, that allow them to feel better prepared to face real life challenge as job searching.

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

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Maddy M.'s picture

Vanessa, thank you for

Vanessa, thank you for sharing your amazing dream with all of us. I think it is a fantastic idea!! I hope you can start it soon!! ..and also thanks for sharing your blog about the course you're taking, that is so kind of you :)

Un abrazo,

joyacomeaux's picture


Hi Vanessa,

I have been reading your posts, and your profile.

Your Faith incorporated with strategic action is very inspiring.

I know you will be successful, and wish you all the best,


desertmuse's picture

If you build it....

....they will come! Your outline for the project is amazing. If you are fortunate to be part of the training program, I'm confident you will acquire all the pieces you will need to fully activate your vision. What a great plan and vision.


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