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Relentless, victory is ours

Have you ever attended an interview, passed and then faced resistance to be employed? That was my experience in 2007, just after I graduated from college. Some panelists, felt despite doing well in the interview, I would not perform to expectation. After all I was a woman who wanted to join a male dominated industry; Journalism.

There was a delay in engaging me for duties. Some of my bosses, all of them men, were determined to prove that I can not perform. I was also determined to prove them wrong. I thought if this inside community couldn’t see my capabilities, the world will acknowledge them.

Most my story ideas were shot down and investigative projects were assigned to those considered powerful reporters.
I decided to use my little resources and embark on investigations to prove that I can. That same year, I won an investigative journalism award, beating some male journalists at the institution. In the same year I also won a Human Rights award. Since then I have yearly won awards, the biggest being a CNN award in 2010. Am not bragging here, but just trying to prove a point. I did overcome my barrier by working hard and letting the world be the judge.

Now the same bosses respect me and the ideas I give. You see, sometimes you have to appeal to the larger community to bring about change in the smaller community.

This is why I believe PulseWire and other web 2.0 tools would greatly benefit women in my country. If our country is failing to appreciate the potential in them, why not use the online community to prove that potential and drive a point home.

Through web 2.0, we can learn and find solutions to our local problems. Slowly, men in Malawi will see the potential that women have in changing society.

When I was encountering challenges, I found strength from my colleagues even from afar. My friends who are in the same profession in Canada, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and Zambia just to mention a few would write to me through facebook and encourage and offer solutions. I remember one writing ‘Teresa, you are an international material.” That same year I won an international award. I drew strength from people who were not even close to me. That is the power of web 2.0.

I was last year promoted to the post of an editor. Very few women in Malawi Media hold these influential positions. Although I am still subjected to insubordination, I know full change will come. If I was able to effect change as a reporter, you can imagine the change that I can bring about now.

Even more so now that I am connected to the PulseWire community, I know I can tap more knowledge, share Malawi problems and source solutions to those problems. Yes, through online communities, we can find global solutions to our local problems.


usha kc's picture

Dear Teresa,, very beautiful

Dear Teresa,, very beautiful piece!! thank you for sharing . I am porud of you dear,, keep going higher!!!

Monica Clarke's picture

Thanks for reminding me

Thanks for reminding me that 'sometimes you have to appeal to the larger community to bring about change in the smaller community'. I tend to forget this when I try to do things which do not get going. Thanks for reminding me to go back to base: my community, for vision and strength.

Love from Monica in France

Monica Clarke, Writer & Storyteller, bringing human rights alive.
I wish you 'Nangamso', that is: May you continue to do the good work which you do so well.
(A blessing from my ancestors, the Khoikhoi, the first people of South Africa).

Teresa Temweka's picture


Thanks Usha and Monica. Your comments are encouraging. Together we can.


Stella Paul's picture

So familiar!

Dear Teresa

Every word you wrote is familiar. In fact I may not be the only one to say this, there are bunches of women journalists,working in developing nations who have experienced the same. So, you are not alone, you have yet another community with you; women who lived and shared your pain.
I congratulate you on all the honors. You deserve them!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Teresa Temweka's picture

Glad am not alone

Hi Stella,

A problem shared is a problem solved indeed. This i realized when i was writing my colleagues from different countries. Most of them had encountered the same challenges and overcome them. They therefore shares ideas on how i could do the same. Mere realization that i was not alone also helped me to fight on.

I am glad this is familiar to you too. Thanks.


rukamanqui's picture

So true!

Thank you, my dear, for inspiring me to continue my journey no matter what the challenges. I shall also find the strength in this online community!!


Teresa Temweka's picture

Fight on

Hie Natalie,

Always remember that no one can prevent you from achieving your goal. If you are determined, they will just delay you but you will eventually succeed, so fight on.


Teresa , feel you, not all men are happy to see a woman leading them. But what you should not is that, the talent, the skills that you have can never be taken away from you because they are your blessings from God. Keep on shining my dear, i envy you dear. Keep the fire burning.

Teresa Temweka's picture

Thanks dear

Thanks so much my dear, you always encourage me. You are a blessing.


Rachael Maddock-Hughes's picture


I love your statement "You see, sometimes you have to appeal to the larger community to bring about change in the smaller community." It is so true and very meaningful in the context of Web 2.0. Do you know of women working in other sectors who have had a similar experience?

Kind regards,


"In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They're with us from the moment we're born, and nothing can dilute their intensity." Rob Brezny

Teresa Temweka's picture

Hi Rachel

Thanks for taking time to read my article. There are a lot of women who have been similar situations. Many women even in other sectors are being underrated in their workplace. I think with their permission i would be able to share their stories.


mvmagellan's picture

Congratulations for all of

Congratulations for all of your hard work and accomplishments, Teresa. I hope that you will inspire and support other young women in Malawi to reach for their dreams!


Teresa Temweka's picture


Many thanks indeed. I sometimes hold career talks and hope the young women will indeed get inspired.


Maria_T's picture

Very inspirational! Best of

Very inspirational! Best of luck to you, and to all the young women who meet you and learn from you.

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