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Challenges are inevitable!!!

Challenges are inevitable. If we must succeed, we must map-out strategies to overcome those challenges. I have encountered several challenges and barriers in my course of trying to make change happen, often times, I would identify a course I’m passionate with but lack of finance and resources would want to choke it up and I will be bent on making that change happen. One of the major strategies I identified that helped me overcome most of my challenges was the strength I found in COLLABORATIONS & PARTNERSHIPS.

When I left the university, I had to do my one year National Youth Service, during that period, I identified this particular Army community that lacked access to safe water and sanitation, children were affected with Diarrhea and other water-borne diseases. Women and children trek about 3km away in search for safe water, during my research, a retired Soldier’s wife story struck me, She said “Corper (A name given to youth in National Service) motor kill two of my pikin dem when dem go fetch water, as dem won cross na so motor hit dem before dem carry dem reach hospital dem die” (she cries) meaning she lost two of her children to a moving vehicle when they went to fetch water, they died before reaching the hospital.

Considering the need of this community, the challenge was how to make them have direct access to safe water and have a behavioral change to environmental sustainability whereby saving the lives of women and children that suffer on daily bases. I shared the idea with some of my fellow youth in National Service; they tried discouraging me, “NEVER TRY TO SHARE YOUR DREAM WITH PEOPLE WHO WILL BRING IT DOWN TO 6FT”.

I am happy today that for good six years that community is drinking from that borehole I donated six years ago. I succeeded to donate the water because I refused to give up against all odds, financial constrain didn’t stop me either. I would leave my house everyday with letters of support for materials and resources to various individuals/organizations, my key message then was "Support my course and take the glory as long as this community’s need is met", When they saw I wasn’t giving up and I wasn’t interested in just money but resources, people collaborated with me and gave me all the support I needed in other to donate functional borehole water. I still monitor it because it’s my pet project and is still serving women and children in that community.

Coming to the World Pulse community will help me a great deal overcome challenges and barriers in my change projects as there’s great strength in the amount of RESOURCES, NETWORKING, PARTNERSHIPS & COLLABORATIONS we are exposed with in this powerful community, though I have started using Facebook, TakingITglobal, and other online communities to create impact, I see myself succeeding in PulseWire and using World Pulse to reach millions of unreached women.

Watch one of my visits to the borehole site;


Juliette Maughan's picture


My sister, that you for the story of how you stuck to your guns around a good cause that you can see pay off all now. It is so easy to get discouraged, particularly when others do not see what you do.

treasureland's picture

We must keep our head UP

Thank you JulietteM for your comment, It is so easy to get discouraged, but we must always keep our head Up and achieve all we want to achieve.

Thanks my sister.

Ifesinachi Sam-Emuwa

Adepeju's picture

Keep up the good work

Keep up the good work treasureland! Ì know how getting finances for your project can be around here but we won't give up. If we consider the challenges and sit on them, we will never take that important step forward for the sake of our community. Well done again!

treasureland's picture

Thank you Ade

Adepeju I appreciate your comment, getting finances may be difficult but seeking resources and materials are much easier, I tell people to seek resources rather than finances and also partner with others, that was what helped me and is still helping me in my change projects. World Pulse have given all of us a platform to have access to resources, Please lets leverage on it.

Thank you.

Ifesinachi Sam-Emuwa

Stella Paul's picture

You can't fail

I am so happy to read this story. Its like hearing an old story all over again, only this time there is some 'feel good'factor and that is your association with it. With so much patience to hear and understand and dedication to go to all corners to succeed, you can never fail. Luck and love!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

treasureland's picture

Dear stella Paul

Thank you Stella, We will all succeed in all our endeavors to make change happen. Lets keep up our good works despite the challenges.

Ifesinachi Sam-Emuwa

Thuwaraha's picture

Go ahead

Dear Treasureland
This is an inspiring sentence with lots of thoughts


treasureland's picture

That's true

Ya Thuwaraha, The success or failure of ones vision depends on the people you share it with. Never try to share your vision with dream killers. CHEERS

Ifesinachi Sam-Emuwa

Thuwaraha's picture


I wont do that :) I'm practicing my self to always think in a positive way :)


treasureland's picture

That's my sister

Dear, I love your spirit. Keep it up Thuwaraha.

Ifesinachi Sam-Emuwa


Power in numbers

Dear Treasureland, Your story is inspiring in that you responded to a great need and through persistence were successful. You did not let lack of money stop you. It is clear from your writing that you have found strength in "partnerships and collaborations" and you seek to continue that by "using World Pulse to reach millions of unreached women". Your perserverence will serve you well!



treasureland's picture


Your words are heart filling, I appreciate your comment. There is great strength in Partnerships, collaborations and resource mobilizations especially on this platform, lets leverage on it to reach more women. CHEERS

Ifesinachi Sam-Emuwa

Potter's picture

Yes! You Are a Treasure!

Thank you for this very moving article. It is both a very personal and inspiring piece. Your empathy for the woman who lost her children while they were fetching water, led you to learning the lessons necessary to building a successful project. Empathy plus insight: both are powerful keys to success. I can imagine that you would be a very effective leader and trainer of others seeking to implement successful and practical but forward thinking projects and programs. You write, "I refused to give up against all odds." Yes! Keep refusing! Hooray for your tenacity!

treasureland's picture

Dear Potter

I'm so fascinated with your comment. If we must achieve what we desire to achieve, our dreams, our visions, our opportunities, our projects THEN, we must be prepared to face and conquer CHALLENGES. Lets keep refusing to give up. CHEERS

Ifesinachi Sam-Emuwa

aimeeknight's picture

You are indeed a Treasure! I

You are indeed a Treasure! I enjoyed reading your post, my favorite line was this "“NEVER TRY TO SHARE YOUR DREAM WITH PEOPLE WHO WILL BRING IT DOWN TO 6FT”. How very true! You have inspired me, to take another look at the challenges I face and reconsider my map. Thank you and keep writing!

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

treasureland's picture

THank you aimeeknight

Thanks for your comment, really NEVER TRY TO SHARE YOUR DREAM WITH PEOPLE WHO WILL BRING IT DOWN TO 6FT” . Some individuals are really vision killers, when you even try to share your challenges with them they kill your dream the more. If we must achieve our desired goal, we must learn to share our ideas with positive thinking people.

lina_hr's picture

Voice of Our Future

Hello Treasureland,

Well done! I like your spirit of achievement however the limited financial support. Your story is a good example of how resources and networking should be benefited from towards achieving your objectives.

Also, the way you use YouTube is creative to give us a clear and realistic picture of your activities. I have a suggestion, if it is possible to include English transcript, so your videos will be understood more widely.

Voice of Our Future Volunteer,

treasureland's picture

Thank you Lina

Thank you Lina, I appreciate your suggestion and it is noted. Subsequently, I will see how I can transcript in English.

Ifesinachi Sam-Emuwa

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