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Amazing Things Happen When a Woman Holds the Microphone

Community media are valuable to people, and that appreciation is expressed in popular art

Community media today are an important tool to empower citizens and promote political participation.I understand politics as an activity related to the power of each person to transform the reality that surrounds him is not an activity reserved only for political parties or government.

Community radio is the most popular media to promote participation. Unlike the mainstream media is a space where anyone can express their opinion. Anyone can be a reporter. It is a media that allows citizens to become aware of their communication rights and their right to inform and learn about topics that interest them, not always present in the mass media. Community radio, like new media and the world 2.0, are tools that make easier the appropriation of democratic spaces for participation with "own people rules".

In the struggle for women's rights, community radio is a powerful tool. We can:

1 .- To know what is happening in the neighborhood with gender issues
2 .- Inviting women to freely comment on the subject and contribute their expertise. This also helps us to know the status of issues such as violence, discrimination, leadership, etc. of women living in the neighborhood. It also helps us know what issues are important in the actual situation of women. This is an important feedback
3 .- To build communication and support networks with other community media and other women's organizations. This would not be possible without the media that help democratize the right to information such as radio and community newspapers and also the world 2.0

For example: I currently am part of a course that prepares grass roots leaders to become a social advisor with a gender perspective. That is, to work with civic organizations of all types and help make them progress and find solutions to their problems and also to promote the participation of women in organizations as well as introduce a gender perspective. Well, I was informed about this course through the facebook group of the community radio. And some students came to class because they heard the community radio. This course is organized for a grass roots organization and with such important issue, is free of charge, but did not appear in any stream media. Sure, does not benefit any politician, but to ordinary people. This shows the power for articulation a community radio can lead.

It's amazing the power and strength that is built around an activity or a struggle when combined with community media 2.0 world. Now, work is also focused on spreading the call for:

1 .-Sept. 28 in the afternoon there will be a march to the government palace to ask for an effective intervention into the disappearance of Erica Soriano, a pregnant woman in our area (south of Buenos Aires) who disappeared almost a year ago but until now no one could clarify what happened. We suspect she was victim of gender violence and feminicide.Every 3 days in Argentina a woman suffer violence and dead. Here is the link in facebook. Even if you are abroad or far away, your support is important to make visible this event :

2.-On October 1th is the day for a Saturday of work on gender issues: violence, sexuality, media, leadership, etc.. Committee work. The beauty of this is that we have used the facebook and radio to call to get involve and all participants are grass roots activists, social leaders, communicators community and ordinary people. Of course, the story never appeared in mass media. This just confirm we are important only when victim or murdered, never when changing our world.

3.-Organization among our women activist and associations to attend the XXVI National Meeting of Women to be held on 8 , 9 and 10 October in Bariloche, Argentina.

The combined use of community media and information technology is key to realizing the idea of ​​"global village" that Marshall McLuhan talked about. Effectively, through community radio and new media 2.0, we can turn our neighborhood into a global space for interaction. This is what happened in early september between community radio project "enredadasmujeres" and the community radio in the women's prison in picassent, Valencia, Spain ( In spanish) You can hear the podcast here, the name is "ser mujer en picassent" :

Communication to me is not only a strategic tool but a professional motivation and a way to live life. From my first job as an annoucer in my hometown, I have discovered the many possibilities of radio for the interaction of people. For work, I have lived in various countries in Latin America: I checked in all the real power of community radio to promote teamwork, collective solution to the problems and the empowerment of women. Now, since I live in Argentina, I have the conviction to continue forward making from my personal motivation a global benefit for the society I live in.

Poster of the saturday meeting october 1st 2011
Community and 2.0 media can make visible popular arts expression. In this image, a portrait of Mrs President
Poster for the meeting in Bariloche



Ibtissam22's picture

Communication is an Art

In the recent years we have this new trend calling "Communication" everyone is talking about it. There are many institutions that have created a whole departement for communication . But Do they communicate? that's the question! There are people who are using this word just because it is "Fashion" I do agree with you when you say that amazing things happen when women take the microphones:) That's true.


nasreenamina's picture

My dear

You are right, most people think comunication is just inform. and that's not enough. communication is connect with the other. people usually lose that.

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

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