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Help! how do i overcome my challenges.

The unhealthy cultural practices such as the widowhood practices (where the widow would be asked to drink the water used to bath the copses of her husband if she wants to prove innocent of the death of her husband) rape , Religious inheritance problem where the male child can inherit the fathers property 100% and the girl child 50% while the other 50% would be shared among the families ,genital mutilation, forced married, incest, women and girls trafficking and sex for mark in our higher institutions among other social vices are the problems faced by Nigerian women and girls.

However, the greatest challenge I face as a reporter is that the victims (women and girls) believed that the discrimination against them is socially accepted and they must strictly obeyed them to avoid being stigmatized or sanctioned.

Another challenge is that, you cannot report some issues alone; it has to be syndicated to avoid being assassinated especially issues that concerns women political representation.

Many a times when you do such stories your publisher or editor will kill the story because of their selfish or personal interest.

I also have technical constraint because of the limited knowledge I have on the new media and social network.
Inadequate infrastructure such as: laptop, internet facilities, digital camera, camcorder, midget, iPod, BlackBerry among others that can enhance my reporting.

Funding, if I have a sponsor I will be able to train other female journalists on how to report issues related to women and girls in order to reduce to the beeriest minimal if not totally eradicate the discrimination against women and girls in Nigeria.
In Nigeria, Journalists are not well paid and in some cases they own you salaries running to years, to get your laptop connected to the internet is a problem, for instance I have two modern that cost me N11, 000.00 per month and yet I can’t get maximum internet service. This is frustrating.
In my effort to proffer solution to the above mentioned challenges, I decided to create a blog and a website where I can express myself without fear that my story would be doctored or killed.
And also to improve on my area of specialization of reporting issues that concerns women and girls; I go for local trainings and join Pulse wire to acquire more skills on the New Media and Social Networking, and to meet to meet with people of link minds.
With Pulse wire I stand the chance of acquiring more knowledge and skills in reporting women and girls related issues and also have access to global audience.
I will also make supportive friends that can contribute their own quota to solving the problem of women and girls in my country.
I will also enjoyed the support and encouragement Pulsewire gives to women and girls.


usha kc's picture

Hello fren, i was touched by

Hello fren, i was touched by your story. we have some similer challeges so I can feel you dear.

thank you for sharing and giving the voice.

adurodija's picture

Hi Usha So we are many in

Hi Usha So we are many in this.

Stella Paul's picture

So much in common

My friend, you and I have so much in common! (I too am fighting all those odds, surrounded by all the problems and struggling to earn enough to just pay my rent even after so many years of work) I wish you all the luck and all my best wishes are with you!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

adurodija's picture

Same o

Thank you Stella and I also wish you the very best.

amiesissoho's picture


We are all in very similar situations but don't give up. Keep managing with what is possible until you have what you want.


adurodija's picture

Yes Similar

That is it my sister, we will not rest on our oars until we get what we want.

aimeeknight's picture

I'm glad that you have found

I'm glad that you have found World Pulse, a place where you can freely express your voice. You face overwhelming challenges but your courage to overcome them is inspiring. You have my support!

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

adurodija's picture

Am glad I found

Hi Aimee Knight, At long last, am glad i found World Pulse where i can express myself with out the fear of unknown.

SallyB's picture

I'm impressed by your insight

I'm impressed by your insight into the fact that one of your greatest challenges is that many of the women in your country are convinced that they deserve to be treated as they do. Your essay is both troubling and touching, and I am glad that there are woman like you in your country standing up for others!

adurodija's picture


Hi SallyB, Actually , i was trouble with the turn of event in my country as per the discrimination against women and girls with they also believe is tradition.I hope to overcome these challenges with the support of WorldPulse and supportive friend like you.

foxyhedgehog's picture


I'm so glad you found the WorldPulse community as well, and also impressed that you thought to start a blog so that your voice could stand uncensored. You face so many problems, but you seem to have strength of character and I know you'll continue to get these important stories out into the world. in gratitude, Katie

adurodija's picture


Thanks Katie, yes, i can write without being censored and with WorldPulse heaven is my starting point.

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