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Hundreds of childbirths with disabilities and teenagers struck with cancer

Dear Sir/ Madam

We are the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq OWFI, I'm Sorry to posted here this article bu I hope you to help us with a huge disaster & human tragedy because of an American base ammunition training contaminates and devastates Haweeja in Iraq we had discover that when an OWFI delegation visited repeatedly the district of Haweeja, west of Kirkuk city in Iraq, to find that the villages have practically turned into contaminated backyards of radioactive waste of the live ammunition operations field of the US base, this is caused a hundreds of childbirths with disabilities and teenagers struck with cancer according to our observations and the initial reports of the medical clinic in the region, noting that the region suffers from a lack of public services, especially medical centers and the lack of specialized health of those diseases.
The view of the living standards of these poor people in this area so this prevent them from going for treatment outside the region because of prohibitive costs.
Can you imagine the birth of a disabled child in each case the birth or death almost every week a child ? also their pain, suffering and disease which these children are suffering.
Within a Haweeja population of 109,000 people, a new disabled generation of infants and children were born with abnormal and under-developed brains, most of whom suffer polio, paralysis and sometimes blindness. The cases registered in the local clinic are 412, while the real numbers add up to more than the 600. Similarly, cancer spreads in all ages, with big numbers among teenagers who currently await their death without any treatment offered by the Iraqi government or the US military which is responsible for the contaminations resulting from their daily live ammunition radiation and emission. The US government continues to grant all the liberty for its military arsenal to practice shelling and explosions in the training field of Haweeja which is only one mile from the homes of families, with no barriers to stop children, sheppards and sheep to walk across in the ammunition training fields.

Most of the disability and cancer cases are in the villages closest to the US base training field, and in the direction of the wind, i.e. south of the field, such as Al Kubeyba, Al Hamdouniya, Al Aatshana and Hor Al Sufun. For example, Al Kubeyba village has a population of 1400 people - out of whom 21 cases were diagnosed with cancer. 3 have recently died while 18 are awaiting their destiny desperately with no hope of being provided treatment or medication by the authorities who should be held accountable.

we are not a medical specialists but we are human whom can't just stand & watch those kids suffering & dying that way.
OWFI hopes to get help from international organizations to help reduce the sufferings of the people of Haweeja. We urge you to stand with us and help whatever you can do, and we are thankful and grateful for your cooperation with us.
any suggestion will be welcome.

Note : A one-child can be holds two offers of diseases or even more

please you are totally free to contact me via my email:

this is my challenge to now .. how to help these kids?



Cali gal Michelle's picture

Evan- Thank you for sharing


Thank you for sharing this information with us. I can only imagine the horror of seeing such preventable tragedy with nothing being done to address the issue.

Obviously, the root of the problem needs to be absolutely stopped. Until then, the children need help! As a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, I have seen many many children throughout the years who could not communicate for one reason or another. I know that others must exist around the world, but no one ever talks about it! I continue to see how I fit into World Pulse, and perhaps this is one way. I can help provide training and some materials to parents or adults so that, in turn, they can teach these children to communicate. I use small pictures in these situations, and they work so well it's almost a miracle.

I am currently battling a chronic illness, so I'm not sure to what extent I can help. But I will keep you on my mind, and continue to come up with a solution for helping these kids communicate. Are they even cognizant enough, or 'with it' enough to know what they want (such a water, food, a person, etc). Are they able to recognize a picture of something familiar?

Please keep me posted. You can always send me a private message to my inbox, too.


Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


evan.darraji's picture

Thanks to you

Dear Cali gal... many thanks to you.. anything can be good & helpful for them.. you can't imagine the how miserable life they live.. all people in this area not even because the US base training ..because of the negligence of the government ignored them and their miserable years ago
no one checked them up, not even the media, unfortunately .. So, any help no matter what will be as a gift from heaven for them

Cali gal Michelle's picture

My heart..

My heart goes out to you, and tears down my face- My heart just aches! Let's focus on one thing we can do, OK? If we focus on the whole thing, it's too much. Just pick ONE THING you want to do and start there. Also, what is your GOAL with these kids? Ok, once you have gotten your focus for a goal and one thing to do, begin searching who can help you with that one thing- put it out there. If it has to do with child development, speech, language, or child feeding let me know.

Peace to you, dear sister-


Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


WendyBoneAbroad's picture

Alert the US Media

Dear Evan,

I have not been able to stop thinking about your situation since I read about it yesterday. My heart and prayers are with you and the children. I think we should bring this to the attention of US citizens and the US government and put pressure on them to make reparations and provide humanitarian aid for the damage done.

I have already shared your page on Facebook and will do so on Twitter, and I wonder if all my sisters here on World Pulse can do the same. If we link as much as possible to this page and coordinate our efforts to spread this story, we can make it go "viral." I am also thinking of all the alternative and mainstream news organizations I can contact on your behalf, Evan. I am also thinking of writing an open letter to the Obama government. Perhaps we can start a petition and sign it and send it to Mr. Obama.

What do you think, sisters? Do you think these are good ideas? Do you have any other suggestions about how we can help Evan and her organization?

May peace be with you and the children.

evan.darraji's picture

good idea..thank you

Dear Wendy
I can not thank you and sisters here on your position noble reverse the position by both our government and some Iraqi politicians with the accomplices of this crime.
By the way, there are a lot of U.S. military Bases fields and remnants of war and the U.S. radioactive weapons scattered here and there in Iraq to this day!!

But this issue of Hawija is our task to now, because of the people holding us, depend on us to help them, they are considering us the hope that may come to them after years of suffering.

That publishing of the story and the spotlight on it, is one of the ways to collect aid and News of the world to draw attention to this crime that Committed against us years ago

I hope what we did will return as a positive result.
Note: I'm also a writer and journalist and published several articles in my language Mother (Arabic) of the campaign we launched in this regard.

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