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Creating change means changing minds

Creating change often means being radical, which can be frightening. Specifically in my community (African American community) many have been very resistance towards change, even though allowing things to remain the same would have been detrimental to them. The status quo is comfortable, stable and provides security and once it's challenged there's backlash. Specifically from those who benefit most from the status quo. One example would be the Civil Rights Movement and another would be the Feminist movement. Both challenged the way things are thus, created backlash. These are the issues that come with trying to create change. The challenges I face usually centers around reluctance, because people are afraid of leaving their comfort zones. But that can be changed. Although feminism fight is far from over, in the Western world more specifically, many believe that men and women should be equal. Following the Civil Rights Movement, many people believe that no one should be discriminated against or denied opportunities simply because of the color of their skin.

The solutions I have about creating change for one, start with raising awareness about issues that impact our community. In my first post I disucssed conciousness raising. Which gives women the opportunity to discuss the issues that effect and have spaces to share them. However, to reach out to both men and women, raising awareness about issues (discrimination, sexism, racism, etc.) When people share a common problem they're more likely rally behind it. Another solution would be giving people the feeling they can make a difference.

PusleWire is a useful tool in creating change because it's one of the few resources that provides a voice for those who otherwise, would not have their voices heard. This also creates a community of like minded individuals who come together to discuss solutions to solving problems like sexism, racism, classism, etc. This community can also act as safe space where people can share their stories without condemnation without their stories being dismissed as unimportant.

In order to create change however it requires more than changing laws. While many people now believe women and should be equal, this isn't necessarily reflected in areas like the media, which is still male dominated. This is why breaking down barriers is difficult, you may changed laws but attitudes still remain. Fortunately, these attitudes are changing, slowly but surely.


Stella Paul's picture

Go ahead!

'When people share a common problem they're more likely rally behind it.'.Absolutely! You see an example right here in World Pulse. Go ahead, the world will walk with you!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

RenKiss's picture

Thank you for your comment.

Thank you for your comment. You're right, I love seeing how women are coming together to find solutions to problems that effect us all.

usha kc's picture

Hi Renkiss,, I

Hi Renkiss,,
I appriciate your views about change dear.
loved it. keep going higher!

Adepeju's picture

I agree with you that

I agree with you that creating change is more than creating laws even though creating laws seem to be a good step towards creating change. As you mentioned, people must make conscious effort to create change by first changing their perception. Well done!

Hummingbird's picture

How can change happen?

yes awareness and knowledge are the key. to know your rights, to act and fight for them. What a beautiful word change is, it always gives hope.


A drop of rain can revive the earth, be the drop.


RenKiss's picture

Thank you all for your

Thank you all for your encouraging comments, I really appreciate them. :)

loyce's picture

The fear of the unknown

I hear you loud and clear my sister, the fear of the unknown has kept many people in the so-called "comfort zones' which are always not comfortable for others. Creating change sometimes requires radical steps. There is a saying which goes; If you don't want to change, change will change you.

Follow me on twitter:@livelyloyce

MaDube's picture

I like the part you said that

I like the part you said that the solution lies in giving people the feeling that they can make a difference. I think that is what brought us all here. To think that through what we do we can make a difference in our different communities and that we can help other women realise this too and bring the voices of those who have no access to the means we have into the spotlight.

marieb76's picture

well said

The only thing constant in life is change! By bringing to light the need for change you are helping to ignite those thoughts in others. "Be the change you want to see in the world" ~Gandhi Enjoy your journey!

Bryne Atkinson

RenKiss's picture

Thank you for your kind

Thank you for your kind comments. They're all very insightful.

jap21's picture

Hi Renkiss

I was left with a question sweetheart: what is your personal work, what is your personal apprach to become the change you want to see?



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

jbaljko's picture

Going beyond laws

Hi Renkiss,

I love the idea of getting beyond legislation and the backlash that often seems to follow when laws force change. Finding a way to spark a more consciously-driven engagement and interaction to bring about change certainly resonated with me, and is incredibly necessary today. But I had a similar question to Jackie: how are you dialoging with women in your community and creating space for the conversation to be less frightening, radical, or politically-charged. Curious to hear more about how we can "mainstream" the conversation without isolating others while also lowering resistance to inevitable change.


"The secret of happiness is freedom,
and the secret of freedom, courage."
-Thucydides, ancient Greek historian & author

RenKiss's picture

To answer the questions posed

To answer the questions posed by Jackie and jbaliko:

As far as creating conversations, I do this at the Women's Center at my former university. Essentially as I described, we come together and discuss issues facing our lives. One day we had a discussion about motherhood and single parenthood and growing up a single parent household. Why this was important? Well for one, if you look at statistics (specifically for the United States) single motherhood homes are more likely to live in poverty. Thus, we can keep up with local policies that have an impact on laws that cut off lifelines that are most likely going to be used by single mothers and against them. Or if it's something that helps single mothers, we can vote for them.

How we come together is, by having gatherings and discussing a particular topic. By creating a space, you have to set certain rules so that people can feel comfortable talking. One rule that's important is confidentiality and it's important because it lets them feel safe.

I wanted to elaborate on changing perceptions. Now the issue with that is, it's the hard part. In my opinion, creating laws is the easy part. For example, with the media, many movies and television shows (while some progress has been made) gender stereotypes are still very dominant. So how do you remedy this? Well there are several ways, one is encouraging women to become more active in industry's where there will be more influence. I'm still looking for the answer to your last point jbalijko. :)

If you want to read more about how I'm active in my own community I highly recommend reading my latest entry. :)

Thank you

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