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Change MUST Come!

Mr. Zardari, do you read the newspapers? Do you who live your life behind bullet-proof glass, never sit in a room without electricity, don't know the sound of a mosquito and the possible death it carries, do you know what the millions of Pakistanis are even facing in just getting through a day? does the child on the street eating from the leftovers in the trash mean anything to you? Who indeed do you work for? Floods, Dengue Fever outbreak, power outages, hunger, inflation, lack of clean water does ANY of it get through to you? Or are you so preoccupied with organizing trips to exotic locations that you just missed it all?

I would sincerely request then that you wake up Mr. Public Official and see what is happening in my homeland. The second catastrophe wrought from floods has displaced the people of Sindh and threatens to double, triple the suffering of your, my, OUR people sir! With all the foreign aid we have applied for and received please ease their plight. Please hear the crying of children on the streets of my beloved homeland. Care for them as they are our future Mr. President and powers that be! Would you knowingly cripple,maim, sicken and destroy that future sir? How long will you deny our people their basic rights? Clean water to drink? Security from curable disease and fanatics with bombs? Education? Food?

The people if Pakistan are proud and strong. For some inexplicable reason they are silent. What they wait for only God and His Angels can know. But you have a responsibility to them. And you are NOT fulfilling that duty. These issues are solvable. Mass inoculation for the dengue outbreak is available. Spraying safe pesticides to decimate the exploding mosquito population have been invented and are used the world over. Flood relief can be organized in manner that brings real relief. Ask us, the people. At least address the issue! We can help if you stand up for us with the ful might of our elected officials at your back! We have answers, we the youth of this warm, generous country! Look to us for what you need to solve these problems.

Hear us, Mr. President before the revolution in demand of our rights, our very lives comes banging on your door! For if it does it will be too late for you and your cronies. Egypt, Libya, Syria are/were in the same boat. Their people are fighting with their lives to bring about something better for their children. I for one raise my voice today. I for one will not back down. One day, sir the politics of terror that has crushed my beloved countrymen beneath its fist will be raised and obliterated. And I feel in my bones that day is coming soon. My voice will rise and call forth other voices. Other hearts will answer mine and we wil be free of the likes of you. It would be better if you worked with us, showed us the respect we deserve today and start cleaning up your act.

Change, change, change! Make Pakistan the embodiment of the dream our forefathers envisioned 64 years ago. Meet us halfway and watch us change our world.


Beejay's picture

Change it is

Hi. I so much appreciate this piece and feel your pain. It is so sad to see our leaders paying lipservice to development of citizens.

We can only lend our voices and not relent. You and I have to keep on and pray that the desired change come. We have to think and work smartly.

Good job and cheers

Beejay Fabamise, Nigeria

Irum Haroon's picture


Thank you for your words of encouragement. It will be a long fight and reaching out and connecting with allies such as you wil make it much easier and fulfilling I think. My heart feels strengthened knowing I am
not alone. I hope we can help each other on our journeys!
Take care,

Stella Paul's picture


Dear Irum

I admire the style that you chose to point out the big holes in govt policy and the problems persisting in the society. As you can probably guess, we have the same problems here in India: misplaced priorities and utter negligence by our political leaders.

Its important to speak out, because,for long, we kept quiet. May your voice travels far and creates many, many echoes.

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Irum Haroon's picture

So right!

You are right Stella! It is keeping quite which let's the 'other' win. I believe good people are in the majority but our silence destroys whatever good we can achieve. I am really tired of talking about the corrupt but when it comes to doing something pray that the next election will be different! I hope here I can find my way clear to weave a way through to do just that!


Tripti's picture

powerful letter

this must be the most powerful letter i have ever read. I am so drawn by your courage and the immense concern over your country. I totally can understand and have the same kind of feelings for my country as well. I think what you have stated is universal. Our leaders can be so idiotic and oblivious and their action some how seem so personal to each and everyone of us after all we are the people whom he must report to. I see the truth in every word that is there in your article. God bless you
Thank you for sharing it.

Irum Haroon's picture

Idiotic is right!

Thanks for your kind words! I hope to shake them up at the very least!
Tale care,

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