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Getting over the Obstacles

Time always fly further on and never turns back again. Time wants to see the modification on everything as per its dynamic nature. As everything need change and my community and my country are also not exceptional.
Living with discrimination, living with violence, living with prejudice, living with exploitation such are obligation of girl/women in Nepal. Though women cover half of the total population they still live their life as second citizen. Unfairness between so called upper caste and lower caste also the crucial issues in my community. During my 35 years long journey I went through many occurrence in my life. I now can conclude that religious and social beliefs system has played an obligatory role to determine the society’s characters and individual’s behavior conduct. Change or in other term development further depends upon the values and norms of related society and attitude of people living there.
Yes, we need change but many obstacles are standing there. The deeply rooted patriarchies social value is one of the major barriers. Girls and women are badly suppressed in every aspect. Some other barriers are lack of education, poverty, unequal access to resources, unstable politics, and lack of basic infrastructures. We cannot change the society’s belief and practices immediately through any means. But until if we cannot make any modification on social’s attitude we cannot create change. All other factors are affected by the social deportment.
Education, further more girls education must be essential. Due to the bias nature of family and society girls are bereaved from education. Most of the girls are still spending their time in house hold periphery. As per the saying and that is also the fact; making girls educated means making family educated but making a boy educated means making a person educated. Moreover, after being educated women can be independent because dependency is another cause to be dominated. So girl’s education is one of the prime key.
Awareness program also play the important role. Conducting awareness program, making grass root women empowered through training, non formal education program are another resolution to cross the barriers. Conducting campaign in public places, awareness in schools, raising voice collectively also can play the immense role.
Before making other aware and empowered making own aware and empowered is important. World pulse has made me full of fuel to drive my stopped voice. It has opened me a channel through which I can broadcast my all sting, ecstasy and courage. My skill to share the story also being improved so that I can address my voice along with other grass root women in my community. To make change the world, must start from the self and world pulse definitely has provided that golden opportunity to make myself empowered.
By making the local voice global world pulse has been breaking the barrier!!!



Adepeju's picture

Well written article.

Well written article. Education, awareness and empowerment as you have pointed out are the key instruments in breaking the barriers of supression. Well done Usha!

usha kc's picture

Hi Dear, thank you so much

Hi Dear, thank you so much for praising my writting . thank you.

lots of love

Stella Paul's picture

Courage and determination

Dear Sister Usha

I can understand the difficulties you face day in and day out. Your society is similar to mine. But there is so much courage and determination in your voice, I have no doubt you will emerge as a leader and inspire thousands of others. Love and best wishes,always

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

usha kc's picture

Thank you Stella my dear,, .

Thank you Stella my dear,, . Yes our community are samilar in many ways.

love to you too.

Monica Clarke's picture

Educating our girls

Dear Usha

You have said it all, how important it is to raise awareness about the importance of education for our girls and our womenfolk. Awareness raising is one of the most difficult barriers we face, for the awareness needs to reach the consciousness of the whole society, from bottom to top and across all different classes, religions and kinds.

Is it not fortunate, then that we now have the advantage of a Web which weaves like a spider across, up and down? I looked at how recently Facebook inspired change in the middle east, and I think of our days of trying to educate people of their human righs under Apartheid, when our phones were tapped and we had to operate underground by risking travel at night to have meetings which were also banned. Yet in Libya and Yemen today, Facebook is enabling public meetings and protests! How I wish we had social media in our time.

More and more we are ging to be able to reach our children in schools to help to educate a new generation. Let's together think of ways to get through to our children through social media and the internet.

And, dear Usha, as a person young enough to reach young people, you are doing a very fine job, for you are speaking to today's young people as a contemporary. It is not only your words but your face, your being, your age, and your whole personality which talks the talk. Don't stop talking, writing and broadcasting. You have no idea how many people are watching you and learning from you all the time.

All my blessings to the young girls of Nepal, lucky enough to have Usha amongst them.

With love from Monica in France

Monica Clarke, Writer & Storyteller, bringing human rights alive.
I wish you 'Nangamso', that is: May you continue to do the good work which you do so well.
(A blessing from my ancestors, the Khoikhoi, the first people of South Africa).

usha kc's picture

Monica sister Thank you so

Monica sister Thank you so much for giving time to read my article.
I agree with your view about awareness. Awareness is not such a easy thing to do. But if people once be aware,it remains for ever.

much love

Gertrude Bvindi's picture

Power on

I used to think that women in my country only faced these challenges, but when i read your articles, there is always an element that my own society seems to hide very well, the fact that men dominate over women and social development is very much affected by the religious and social beliefs. Well done.

Gertrude Bvindi

usha kc's picture

Hello Gertrude,, thank you

Hello Gertrude,, thank you friend for making comment. Me too used to feel same but when I read story from many friends form accross the globe then I realized that this is not only local issue but it's global.

transformation's picture

Hey I agree on you refering

Hey I agree on you refering to the education of the individual;
by saying individual i do mean individual as intrinsic organism and agent with faculties that a family might include one or more of those ,
each individual is one organism with faculties his growing and his faculties differ from one another ...and each individual from an other ..
from here i say set of minds should not be settled in totalitarian fashion producing units .. which is a critical factor addressing commune vs individual and misogyny as man vs woman ...

Nosotros los más pequeños, debemos convertirnos en un nudo de resistencia en contra de la mentira y guardar la verdad, mantenerla y difundirla. (subcomandante Insurgente Marcos)

usha kc's picture

Thank dear Maria for reading

Thank you dear Maria for reading and putting your view .I appreciate it.

transformation's picture

Thank you too

Thank you too

Nosotros los más pequeños, debemos convertirnos en un nudo de resistencia en contra de la mentira y guardar la verdad, mantenerla y difundirla. (subcomandante Insurgente Marcos)

Nusrat Ara's picture

Dear Usha, You hit the nail

Dear Usha,

You hit the nail on the head that to see change in things we have to begin with ourselves. Keep trying and of course sharing with us.



usha kc's picture

Dear Nusrat,, you made me so

Dear Nusrat,, you made me so happy,, it's so long sis how are you?? hope every thing gooing good.


Nezed's picture

Do i still need to comment?

Do i still need to comment? You have raised the bar higher with your nicely written article... Great job Usha!

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!

usha kc's picture

Nezed,, you are so sweet

Nezed,, you are so sweet dear,, i liked your comment.
a big hug

Carlotta's picture

I'm just realising that your

I'm just realising that your article sounds a lot like mine which reinforces the fact that we might have national borders but the issues that affect us are all the same. It's good to hear from you because now that we know we have similar challenges we can put our heads together to see how we can beat these challenges.

usha kc's picture

Ysss, fren,, we are going

Ysss, fren,, we are going through the same challenges,, so we should collectively raise our voice .
thanx dear for making comments.

Ariee's picture

loved it

I really don't need to say anything.. everyone else have told what i wanted to say..

loved reading this one :)

keep your zeal burning :)

Astha Joshi

usha kc's picture

Thank you so much baini for

Thank you so much baini for comments. loved it dear.

MaDube's picture

I understand your fight Usha.

I understand your fight Usha. Thanks for you article. I saw how you were surprised by the literacy rates in my country as explained in my article and I realised that yes we have 90.2% literacy with 94.2% male literacy and 87% female literacy but you will realise that even as you assess this literacy, women who have reached the higher level education which gives room to good jobs and opportunitites these days are much fewer than men. So we still have a lot to fight for as women in my country to achieve parity with men in our education sector.

usha kc's picture

yess, sister I wonder to

yess, sister I wonder to know about the literecy rate of your country,, but the higher education rate!!!! it's not satisfied!!!

sooo wemost make your voice loud to make it be heard.

thank you for comments.

zacyrus's picture

thank you for your article.

thank you for your article. It's very rich in idea. I love it
Be courageous

usha kc's picture

Hello Riana,, thank you dear

Hello Riana,, thank you dear for giving comment.

Yenly Thach's picture

Education is the KEY!

I agree with you Usha that educating today girl and generation ahead is the key for change and brighter future. This is not only one country problem but a global issue. As World Pulse provides a platform for us women to come together to exchange ideas, discover common interest, and cause, there are hope for women today and in the near future...Continue to share and strive for hope and your dream. Is only matter of time with strong voice and determination, there will be change... Best wishes,

Yenly Thach

usha kc's picture

Thank you so much Yenly for

Thank you so much Yenly for reading my post and makin comment.

YAOtieno's picture


Hi Usha,

Let me say that as a foreigner living in Nepal. I have seen first hand the challenges facing women in Nepal including domestic violence. I cringe every time when i hear the cries from my neighbor and i know her husband is hitting her ...the sobs go on for an hour after the beating. At times I want to intervene, but as a foreigner i dont know what to do....maybe you can advice me.

Still Nepali women are the strongest and most enterprising women i have met. I see them working in construction sites alongside the men and running all sorts of businesses. I have spoken to some who are running businesses with some support from INGO's and I am impressed at their determination.

I am happy that this is a platform to raise awareness on the challenges they face. Solutions must be found

Keep writing

A candle looses nothing my lighting another

usha kc's picture

Hi YAO,, yess domestic

Hi YAO,,
yess domestic violence is one of the serious challenge for women in Nepal. As you want to intervene when you see the woman being vicitm by her husband,, What I can suggest you is you can give protection to woman if she asked you for her protection. Doing interfere at sudden time may make the man more aggressive and may give more burden to his woman.If you live closely then you can talk her/him when they became cool.

otherwise ,, I suggest you to meet the woman at anytime alone and get the details about hte cause of fighting and if you found the problem is serious and woman is seeking for legal action then you can make her to meet concerned organisation,persons or police station.

well sis, have nice stay dear, by the way may i know the area where you stay in Kathmandu.

amiesissoho's picture

Social norms!


I agree with you that social norms buried in patriarchy are huge challenges and we need to be aware of them. Nice piece!


usha kc's picture

HI Amie,, thank you so much

HI Amie,, thank you so much dear for making comment on my article.


Sarvina's picture

Hi Usha didi, How wonderful

Hi Usha didi,

How wonderful to have a chance to read your inspiring article how to overcome the obstacles - of course I do agree with you that education is a tool to bring change. It is the most wonderful thing to make an impact to our community, family and ownself.

Well-done! Your article is wonderful, feel so moved after reading it.




Sarvina from Cambodia
VOF 2011 Correspondent

usha kc's picture

huuuuu you came !! it's so

huuuuu you came !! it's so nice to have your comment baini!!! thank you so much for giving your valuable and busy time to read my article dear.
so much love

zoneziwoh's picture

This is equal to a Research Essay

Dear Usha, my goodness! As I was reading through your story, I got the feelings I was reading a concept paper. You are wonderful. your work is well thoughtful, excellently written and deeply analysed. iT is already a policy recommendation paper to the state official (s). I love your story very much. I cant even find better words to express my feeling. I assure you it is beautiful.
Thanks for such a brilliant insight. And I am glad, the problem is identified and slowly we will get a concrete solution that will bring about the change we all desire

another issue, you raised which i must confess is ver critical is the fact that change begins from within and spread out. We need to begin from the self, and then can we comfortably create change from out.
once again, thank you.

Take care

Stay Blessed



Facebook:Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh

Twitter | Instagram: @ZoFem

usha kc's picture

Sister you always make me so

Sister you always make me so chheerful with your such a praising words dear,, thank you so much dear,, I always become inspired through your words!

thank ,and thank u sis. love you ,,

fem4femmes's picture


Usha, the wisdom in your words resound! You are so powerful, and your ability to share your wisdom and power is abundant! Thank you, once again, for your voice! I can feel the change that your power is creating for the women and girls of Nepal and our world!

Such honor to you today!!


"I am the flicker, flame, butterfly ablaze who wants to fly in search of mythical rainbows beyond the rain." ~ Ana Castillo

usha kc's picture

Thank you so much dear

Thank you so much dear Marissa for giving time to read and to make comment on my article.
thank you dear.

ddegarm's picture

Getting over the obstacles.

Usha, you describe very well the challenges you face as a woman in Nepal. The story is similar to those of other nations - it makes me understand how much we all need to stand together as women to empower and make change. Your story provides inspiration and gives voice and encouragement to those without a voice. You bring to life so many concepts - your descriptions and examples are very helpful. I hope you will keep writing and sharing so everyone can learn more about the plight of women in your country. We must all do more to provide more access to education since we know how education can change the status of women worldwide.



“Women have a special capacity to lead us to a more peaceful world with compassion, affection and kindness. And there is no more important time for that than this moment.” - Dalai Lama

usha kc's picture

Dear Ddgarm, I am so pleased

Dear Ddgarm, I am so pleased to have your comment her. thank you so much.

Azaria's picture

Great article Usha, very well

Great article Usha, very well written. You said it clearly, education, education, education for our girls.

You're posting reminded me of the book Half The Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn, check it out if you haven't already read it.


Azaria Ulmer, CHC, CPCC
Wellness & Empowerment Coach

Real Foods Heal
Everything is food...what are you hungry for?

Sacred Woman
Empowering women and girls around the world

usha kc's picture

Dear Azaria,, thank you so

Dear Azaria,, thank you so much for giving your valuable time to read my post and giving comments. thankx again for referring book, as I heard the book name but have not read yet.
warm hug!

Meena Afghan's picture

Dear Usha,

Dear Usha,
Very nice writing.. the problems which you addressed present in every under develoing and developing countries. I agree with you that to educate a girl is to educate a whole family, but if we want to realy empower girls and women than we should not only focus on educating girls or women because we are living in patriachal system where the dominancy is with men no matter how much women would be educated but the dominancy of men influence her in any way so besides educating women, educating men as also important as educating women.

Good wishes,

Peace Seeker,

usha kc's picture

Dear meena thank you so much

Dear meena thank you so much for comments. yesss,,I do agree with you sis, edcuation matter for both manand woman. I don't mean that educate only girls! boys have already been getting chance to be educate . Along with the boys girls shuold be educated.

thank you again giving your time on my post.
good time

tuulafai's picture


Hi Usha,

Yes education for girls is essential . . . and opportunities to have careers that use this education to the fullest!


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