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From nowhere to now here...

Tell your personal story. It left me blank for three days as what should I write or where should I start from. I was confused as what am I supposed to share. Whenever I read about people and their past lives I find most of them either complaining for their by gone childhood days or the resources that they lacked to lead a comfortable life. But in my case it’s a different story.

I am a happy go lucky girl. This might be too flashy but No I am indeed, ‘happy go lucky’ types. Being born as a girl child in a country where discrimination based on gender is so at its peak I was fortunate to be born to my parents. I got enrollment in to St. Mary’s high school which is internationally renowned for its excellence in girls’ education and tops the chart of the best schools in Nepal. Twelve years of schooling in girl’s school provided me an ample opportunities of freedom, to understand myself, to know my interest, my weaknesses and strength and relate those with other girls. Whenever we were taken for educational tours other places, my conscience always stood alert about what I was gifted with, and what others like me did not have access to. During my teenage, I was more inclined towards social work field but had no clue where and how to work start. Then came my days of bachelor’s level (I’ll graduate this year. YEAH!!!). The course bachelors in development studies offer the opportunity of field visit outside the valley for a week every semester. During every field study I found myself becoming more conscious towards the resources that I was provided with as compared to those in the field. I would be enjoying the scenic beauty of that place while people from the same place identify their topography as a hindrance for their livelihood. I would be conducting household survey when a bunch of women were forced to walk miles every day just to fetch two buckets of water and so on. So in short I could see the differences in the perception of people towards development and other issues. I needed some platform to express the things that was going inside me so I started writing/blogging.

Moreover, I work in a youth organization where my colleague Ms Anjana Luitel was also writing for Wordpulse. Her writings and way of expressing things really encouraged me to write. So one fine night when we were in Jumla (a very remote valley of mid western Nepal), for research, I wrote the content for my first ever blog. So, I must thank her for this. I could personally feel her steps towards perfection in writing and expressing after being involved in wordpulse. I learnt from her in number of ways about current social issues and what could be done. She informed me about wordpulse. Today am here, happy and lucky to be a part of it. Below is the link for my first ever blog.Enjoy.


katyrdz's picture

Hey Krita. I'm also one

Hey Krita. I'm also one "happy go lucky" type of girl, but like you I feel we have an even larger responsibility with our fellow sisters who are not as lucky as us. We have had the opportunities now it's time to pass them on to some other girls and women. I look forward to reading your stories!

krita's picture

thanks katyrdz for your

thanks katyrdz for your feedback...yes that is what I have tried to explain here. I was in the process of realization of this fact. Now having known the opportunity that I have been blessed with and coming in network with wonderful people like you and others have without doubt provoked me to do more from my side. thank you once again. :)


gittlemana's picture

great post

Thanks for sharing - I also feel overwhelmed whenever I have to write about myself. Where to start? I appreciate your honesty and how directly you conveyed your experiences.

krita's picture

Gittlemana, see we all are in

Gittlemana, see we all are in same boat I guess..thanks for reading and posting your opinion here. I feel obliged. Hope to hear more from you. Thank you once again. :)


judithavory's picture

Way to go

Hi Krita,

I feel where you're coming from, not being sure where to start having been lucky in life with your parents and education. I'm in a similar position, but I think it's important for a diversity of voices to be involved here at World Pulse and in activism generally. I find that while I'm working in certain circles, for example among racially privileged white Americans who are oppressed for being queer, I end up having an opportunity to raise awareness of other problems, like racism. So sometimes it's good to be surrounded by people who do have the resources to make change in the current system, because awareness of problems is sadly low.


krita's picture

Judithavory you have helped

Judithavory you have helped me to make my opinion even more clear...certainly the network among us all and with those who have access to resources as well as can create an impact is an asset to overcome any social challenge as we all agree that development can not happen in vacuum. Thanks a lot. :)


sahar's picture

Hey Krita . This is such a

Hey Krita . This is such a great example of women influence on each other. Now I hope that next year's batch of VOF Correspondent will include women who were inspired by you. I would call it influence chain.

Waiting for your next piece .


Sahar Nuraddin

follow me @snuraddin
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
- Helen Keller

krita's picture

Thank you Sahar, I will work

Thank you Sahar, I will work my level best to keep up your hope on me. It is human nature to believe in our eyes. The things that we see and feel in person will make the greatest impact ever and motivate us to act in certain way as it is more convincing. I will be more than happy to keep up this influence chain. Hope to hear more from you. :)


Staci38's picture

I am glad you shared your

I am glad you shared your story; it is important for others to realize that even though you were blessed with a good life, it doesn't make your voice any less powerful. It is wonderful that you have a chance to work with women in your own area and improve their lives.

krita's picture

Hey Staci38, thanks for

Hey Staci38, thanks for posting your view. Often I have heard people say, 'Oh s/he never had to feel the crisis so they can not feel and commit themselves'. But this mentality has to change as I believe, what effort we put to make a difference is more important than under what circumstances we grew. Thank you once again. :)


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