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The power of an Epiphany and a Shield

I am very fortunate to born in a family where I have not felt discriminated as a woman which frankly made me grow up indifferent about the issues women face in this society. However one of the stories in my life has woken me up from the hibernating state I was wooing.
It was the beginning of my university years. Here I should state that I am very lucky to be a part of a university that aims to empower women as leaders. So yes those were the days when I really started becoming strong as a woman. The event occurred in a train journey where me and one of my friends were heading to Dhaka city. The compartment that day was very busy and jam-packed. It all started with a middle aged man who was standing in front of us suddenly leaned towards my friend just so he can touch her. I told him politely to stand properly as my friend was feeling uncomfortable. But without listening he started yelling at me. At that point I got angry and started confronting. I thought everyone in the compartment has observed the situation and would be supportive. However instead they started blaming me and then I got all shattered and could not look up again as I was feeling really insulted. I found my friend very uncomfortable which made me feel guilty and stupid. That day I realized how women are blatantly blamed and abused by this society. The event really diminished my self-esteem and I was quite determined not to confront any man again in my entire life as I feared that they only know to insult you rather than trying to understand. Few months after this event in 2009 I first got introduced to world pulse. I do not know whether it emerged as a miracle or not but having introduced to world pulse community I took back my words of not fighting against injustice. The event has given me the epiphany about women’s right and world pulse helped me regain my strength and encouraged me to stand upright as an intrepid soldier in the war of establishing rights for women.
This community has given me the opportunity to interact with thousands of creative minds and freethinkers of the world. We not only are learning about women from different countries but also perceiving their cultures, backgrounds, their ideas and sayings. I see world pulse as one of my friends and shields who I believe give me the strength to speak up against injustices and discrimination. Today I would not fear to raise my voice against those people who once lead me to disgrace because I know I have a huge allied troop to support me. I only wish all the women around the world would soon realize that they are not alone and they should not be timid by the dumb and meaningless barking of those who do not know how to respect women.


Paulina Lawsin's picture

I can imagine how embarassing

I can imagine how embarassing and fearful it was to be blamed and surrounded with men who doesnt know how to respect women. And it takes women like you to recognize that what was happening was wrong and it has to stop.

We cannot do it alone. It requires the support of other women to bring on the waves of change. You'll find them in World Pulse.

Nice to meet you.


shirefolk's picture

Hi Pauline thanks for your

Hi Pauline thanks for your wonderful words. I really appreciate your opinions on my views. Its really an honour to have the companionship of world pulse and thus the support of such wonderful people like you. Thank you again for your feedback.


Dextra's picture

your journey

Shirefolk, I like the way you clearly take us on your journey of innocence, to awakening, to shock, to melancholy, to passion. You articulate so well the role that WorldPulse has played/in playing in your life. Very good essay, I enjoyed it!

shirefolk's picture

Hi dextra, i am really glad

Hi dextra, i am really glad you liked my essay. Your words are really encouraging. Thank you for your feedback.


Heather Shepp's picture

What courage!

Shirefolk- thank you for sharing!

Your piece proved to be so powerful for me; your personal experiences provided me with such insight into the incredible journey you are on for change, thank you!

shirefolk's picture

Hi heather, wow! its really

Hi heather, wow! its really great to hear such wonderful feedback from you. I am really glad i could take you to my journey and inspired you. Thank you very much for sharing such wonderful words. thank you!


Rebecca Lerner's picture



Good for you for standing up for your friend to that creep on the train! You did the right thing, and you should be proud of yourself for having the courage to put him in his place. I am so sorry the other passengers reinforced his disgusting, disrespectful behavior. Do not let them get to you.


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Twitter: @urbanforager

shirefolk's picture

Oh wow !! thank you very much

Oh wow !! thank you very much for appreciating and supporting my courage. You know, after that much of insult and humiliation from all those people i really feel proud and happy when you people support me. I am glad i shared my story with you. Now i know i was not at all wrong and i should not feel ashamed of what i did that day. Thank you once again.


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