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Building Peace through Internet and Communication

I still remember the time when voices in Kashmir were gagged in the consistent three summers of unrest during 2008, 2009 and 2010 in Kashmir. Local News Channels were banned and even SMS were barred. Every medium of communication was choked.
Restrictions like curfews would have helped government to stop the youth to some on the streets and vent their anger in the shape of non-violent protests but it certainly could not stop them from expressing their anger by using various internet pages like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and YouTube.
What added to this commotion was when government agencies kept a vigil on the contents of Facebook and even many youth were booked under the Public Safety Act for instigating violence through their posts.
The streets were burning with angry protests over the civilian killings. The voices of the dissent were suppressed. There was no alternative other than web to get our voices heard.
After I joined World Pulse, I had been able to report some important aspect of Kashmir conflict in my Journal. I posted “Life in undeclared curfew” story and it was appreciated by both the readers of pulse as well as others who came to know of pulse through this write-up, calling it Heart-wrenching and inhuman situation to live in Kashmir.
My another piece on “My Curfew Diary” which I also posted on my Journal in which I tried to write about my experiences and how the undeclared clampdown took a heavy toll on different shades of life in Kashmir. The success of this piece was when people from different countries started to compare these situations with other conflict areas in order to draw some invisible lines in order to know the magnitude of the unrest in Kashmir. A friend from Nigeria wrote after reading my article wrote to me that his friend in Shimlah also wrote of her experience like mine and had told that her neighbours were begging her for small milk just to add to her baby’s milk in some due to some strike.
I believe that it could have never possible to connect to my fellow women in different parts of the world and tell them about the horrific tales of conflict in Kashmir. Pulse made it all possible without any cost and in just fraction of second, thereby cutting all barriers and borders.
The response I got from unknown people all over the world was overwhelming as they were ready to help us and also women from other conflict zones. I felt relieved and peaceful with the feeling that Yes we Kashmiris are not all alone battling for life. But there are people who have more gory conflict tales than ours. Pulse provided me a chance to debate and discusses the conflict to the outer world in the purview of the media gag and other restrictions. For me it is more than Empowerment. A medium for all those who had been able to contact their friends and relatives due to the conflict.


olutosin's picture


May you continue to be strong.

Worldpulse is a great connector. Thanks to this kind of media and the Worldpulse team

Keep up the good work girl....we appreciate you.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


Aliya Bashir's picture

Dear olustosin, You are so

Dear olustosin,
You are so write....World pulse is a powerful connector to break all the shackles and come on the forefront to provide women at large a common ground to share out problems and look for sustainable solutions.........
Thank you for the appreciation.


Paulina Lawsin's picture

Please educate me. Is Kashmir

Please educate me. Is Kashmir in the border of Pakistan and India? Is their a Kashmir Pak and Kashmir Ind? Do you live there?

Thanks for letting us know of the situation there. Please stay safe. Keep on writing.


Aliya Bashir's picture

Hey Lawsin

Would love to educate you about my place in all possible ways....The kashmir of whom I am talking about is Indian Controlled Kashmir (ICK). Yes there is another Pakistan administered too....And yes i live in ICK.
Do let me know what interests you more about my place.....
Thank you fro the concern.
Stay Blessed.


Angela Kintu's picture

Freedom from restrictions!


thank you for sharing your story. I was touched when you talked about reading from the person in Nigeria - it just goes to show that humanity is together against suffering and oppression, no matter where we are. I also appreciate that you can see a positive in your situation. Sometimes other people are suffering way more than we are and reading their stories helps us to count out blessings and realise how good God has been to us in our circumstances.

Inshallah we shall read more from you and your voices will break free of oppression and restrictions,

Thank you for sharing,


Aliya Bashir's picture

Thank you Kintu

Dear Kintu,
Your words are true encouragement. And I completely agree with your observation. And Guess what? I think your thoughts are the true reflection of the basic aim of World pulse- to raise our voice against all kinds of oppression and suppression against humanity. Also, to share our thoughts in order to have a feel that there might be some others too who are suffering more than us..In this way, we can de-stress ourselves and come out of pessimism and talk about the best possible solutions at pulsewire forum....


Jessica Carmen's picture

Connecting for change


Thank you for sharing your story. It is good to hear that the internet has helped you connect with others from around the world and instigate change. May the suffering be less because of your strong Voice.

Warm thoughts,


Aliya Bashir's picture

Dear Jess

Yes you are internet web 2.0 has helped me a lot to bring some change within myself and somehow to my people too, or to those for whom my writings matter. Overall, it had acted as a powerful tool of change.........
Thankyou for the blessings...Stay safe.


MaDube's picture

You are not alone. I have

You are not alone. I have never lived in war-zone although there was violent pre and post election conflict in my country. I can imagine your situation is worse because you have no idea when it is all going to end but I am glad you are doing something to shed light on the events unfolding in your country. All the best Aliya.

Aliya Bashir's picture

Hey Dube

Thanx for the appreciation for all sorts..........Well we are trying to live with utmost optimism and that is the key which keeps us going besides the mostly densely populated militarized place in the world...Need all encouragements and blessings from all you guys out there for a better and safer world.
Take care


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