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Anytime I think of my past, tears of joy roll down my cheeks because it shaped my course in life, gave me the ability to work harder and appreciate women.
I was born into a disciplined, hard working and strong Christian family that has a vision for the development of their children and community. As the fifth child, in a family of six children, I’m the first daughter. My parents did not compromise with their faith and integrity. My arrival into the family brought so much joy and fulfillment, especially to my mother, who expressed her gratitude to God by giving me a name: Oluchukwu (God’s work). She would often tell me stories of the community, Jesus’ works and how the demise of her parents truncated her education. She would look steadily into my eyes and say “I want you to be educated so that you can speak, “supri-supri”(English language). She continued: “Although our community does not value girl- child’s education but you will go to school”. I would node my head with pride.
Unfortunately, this intimacy was short lived; she passed on twelve days after my tenth birthday. (The crash of the Titanic) Meanwhile my father died two years earlier. For my part, I taught she had gone to the market as usual to sell. Each day, I looked on the straight road expecting to see her come home with her usual gifts. My best friend, my back bone had gone forever, without saying goodbye to her lovely daughter. For years, I searched for my mother’s face on every woman I saw. Her exit brought her dream for me to a standstill. I passed from one aunt’s house to an orphanage home and to uncle’s house.
Two years later, our eldest brother took me along with my siblings to Lagos. My dexterous hands supported my siblings, especially my little sister whom I obligatorily became a mother to at the age of 12. My mother’s dream resurged in my life as I had the boldness to search for a school for my little sister and myself
I passed through the eye of the needle to get to where I am today. What matters is that I made it with God and determination. Today I hold a master degree in education, diploma in social work for development, certificate courses.
My experience in life has propelled me to care and work for indigent women and unemployed youth poverty/illiteracy alleviation programmes. SKILDEV initiate, design and train them on various skill acquisition for successful Small and Medium enterprise, self reliance and wealth creation.
Today, SKILDEV has impacted skill to women in indifferent communities, physically challenged women are not left out, over 1,800 women and youth have acquired various skills in the centre, worked with Nigeria Television Authority on skill acquisition programmes for wider coverage and presently working with Lagos State Ministry of education for mass literacy campaign. Join SKILDEV today to lift women from poverty for Africa development.



AchiengNas's picture

Your story

I admire the STRENGTH in you! You went through it, you are paving better ways for others not to pass through the eye of the needle like you did. I feel your strength Oluchukwu. You are one of those leading by example.
I appreciate parents who give their children names that hold meanings, Oluchukwu, indeed Oluchukwu I mean indeed God is working through you. Continue with such spirit, together we will make a difference in this world.
Thank you for sharing this!!! a BIG hug to you!!!!



I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.

skildevfoundation's picture

Thanks a lot

Thank you for taking your time to read through my strength and your encouraging comments. I appreciate. May we continue to assist those who looked up to us for help.
The poor lack opportunities

Mrs May Okonkwor (Teach a Woman How to Fish)
Skill Development Foundation For Women and Youths (SKILDEV)

sister empress's picture

We must join forces

Sister Oluchukwu

The world must give thanks for people like you.

In addition to all that you are and all that you are doing, I hope you find the time to become a writer as well. Your style is so engaging that if I were living in Nigeria I would be moved to become a volunteer.

As it is, I relocated from the Caribbean to Ethiopia last year and now I am finding out what is required to establish the Athlyi Rogers Diaspora Center for Pan-African cultural exchange there.

I am sure there is a lot to learn from you and like, Beatrice from Uganda, I too am inspired.

One Love

Fulfilling the law of Ethiopia's Redemption

skildevfoundation's picture

Ye-es A-lle-luia you are welcome

I am so excited to have someone like you to work with us as volunteer. I can’t wait there are a lot to do to put smile on those wonderful faces they are precious to me. I was there before I know how they feel.
I'm available whenever you need me. Just trying to learn how to write

Mrs May Okonkwor (Teach a Woman How to Fish)
Skill Development Foundation For Women and Youths (SKILDEV)

olutosin's picture



So nice to read your articles......I cried as I read the story

I can see why you are so passionate anout POOR WOMEN...MAY GOD SUPPORT YOU ALWAYS.

Missing you, I am practically cut off from people with no phone.

I was at your place today with a friend from Ghana who wanted to meet you at all cost.

Love You.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


skildevfoundation's picture

I appreciate

Thanks Tosin, yes, this has been the force behind my work. Please let us continue to do the work of God

Mrs May Okonkwor (Teach a Woman How to Fish)
Skill Development Foundation For Women and Youths (SKILDEV)

Johanna's picture


it was inspiring to read how your personal adversity led you to accomplishment and a mission to help others so effectively. Your energy, empathy and can- do spirit just leap off the page!

skildevfoundation's picture

I am pleased to your comment

I'm glad you took out time to read just little of me. My experience in this life has been a strong wave propelling my passion.
I invite you and everyone, wherever you are to join us to keep the candle light burning. Women need education both formal and informal. It is a big tool for their empowerment

Mrs May Okonkwor (Teach a Woman How to Fish)
Skill Development Foundation For Women and Youths (SKILDEV)

Azaria's picture

You are my Sista'

Blessing Sista' Oluchukwa,

It was a pleasure reading your story, I identify with you a lot. I am also a woman who lost her mother at a yong age.
All I knew was that one day she was here and the next she was not. There was no warning, no preparation, no good buys.

However, my mother is with me everyday, I stand on her shoulder and I know everything I have accomplish in my life since her death is because of the strength she instilled in me. I always want to make her proud.
I also, hear and feel your strength. I hear the passion for learning your mother instilled in you and I know you are making her proud every day.

Your name is beautiful, I thinking naming is very important It set's the tone for a person's life. I was name Azaria which mean "helped by God." I feel blessed to be giving such a name because I feel the presence of God in my life showing me the job is to listen and fallow.

Thank you sista' for sharing your self with me, I hope to read many more of your writing.


Azaria Ulmer, CHC, CPCC
Wellness & Empowerment Coach

Real Foods Heal
Everything is food...what are you hungry for?

Sacred Woman
Empowering women and girls around the world

RocioG's picture

Here you are!

Love the meaning of your name, is just a blessing to know that, and yet, here you are telling your story, and I think we will hear more about you.
so great to hear your heart

skildevfoundation's picture


Yes, stories are always lighter than the real experience and this is the force behind my work today. By providing sustainable economic empowerment for women, I'm doubling caring for the children too. You will agree with me that women have the best plans for their children. Empower one today.

Mrs May Okonkwor (Teach a Woman How to Fish)
Skill Development Foundation For Women and Youths (SKILDEV)

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