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On a Quest....

On a Quest ...
It has been 3 years since I came to Canada. Though, I enjoy living in Canada, I still carry with me 18 years of unforgettable memories about Ghana. The place I first called home, formed my first friendships and experienced my first struggles. I miss the cock-crow, the annoyingly incessant chirping of the morning birds, whilst sweeping my grandmother’s large compound, littered with leaves from two gigantic mango trees. Like any other girl, living behind this world I had come to know and learn about was fearful. Moving to a different country, a place with a vast array of opportunities was however one of the many times I had experienced change and it was bittersweet. Indeed this move would mark a journey of new growth in my life. I needed to arm myself with discipline, courage and openness.

In University, I became familiar with words like racism, gender, equality, female empowerment, and the additional blessings of a working internet at home filled me with joy and sparked an interest about these concepts. Here, my identity as a racial minority became evident and open. I became aware of my “less significant” role as a woman. As idealistic as it may seem, I began to also nurture my vision of a world where everyone was treated equally regardless of sex, race and gender. The education I am receiving in Canada commissions me to position myself as an ambassador who will serve others . I consider my decision to join Voices of the Future a courageous one and as part of my journey to find answers and find perfect opportunities to gain experience working with other women who share a commitment to integrating scholarly inquiry, critical problem-solving methods and practical strategies for intervention in real life situations affecting the well-being of women locally and globally.

Vivid memories of women and children experiencing poverty, abuse and hunger not only in Ghana but everywhere frame my mind, they pass, yet their power engulfs the silhouette of my body to stillness. My mind cannot fathom and my tongue rolls without pause between sequential Ws. Who? When? Why? What? Nevertheless, my story does not end with just a feeling but a heart bleed and a very curious attitude to find a solution to the problems that plague women in this world. So I am confident that whether it was volunteering at my church for the girls’ fellowship, or attending “Take Back the Night” rally to end violence against women or attending the 2011 Women’s Worlds Conference, I have gotten closer to my destination. Having both of these worlds humble me to believe in the possibilities of change, the need to look beyond myself as a person and “to give when I get and teach when I learn” as summed up inspiringly by Maya Angelou


MaDube's picture

Oh no. The one thing I have

Oh no. The one thing I have discovered is that being a woman is the one identity that almost always brings us challenges but I can identify with you on how the combination of femicide and racism does take the toll on your strength and fighting spirit because I have been experiencing the same here in Egypt. But I am glad you did not forget who you are, a strong determined black woman. Keep fighting sister-in-law.

M. Dee's picture

thank you so much MaDube for

thank you so much MaDube for your affirming words. I am very appreciative since I realise I am not alone in this struggle.
In solidarity

Your courage and determination are admirable. Stay strong and focused and journey on to your destination.

M. Dee's picture

Thanks Kimmy D. Sending you

Thanks Kimmy D. Sending you best wishes as well.
In friendship

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Fantastic story, M. Dee! Thank you so much for sharing. I love how you weave small details of the setting into your larger narrative of your life story. You are so important in our world-- keep writing!

M. Dee's picture

Hello Dmack08. Its a pleasure

Hello Dmack08. Its a pleasure being a part of this forum and meeting wonderful people like you. The encouragement and kind words of sisters like you is what keeps me going.
Best wishes

AyeshaM's picture

giving words to our experiences

Warm greetings M. Dee!

I love the way you interweave vivid images from your life in Ghana with the words you have found to describe your experiences in Canada. Naming our experience can be very powerful. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.



"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."

- Mevlana Jalal-ad-Din Rumi

M. Dee's picture

Thanks Ayesha for your

Thanks Ayesha for your comment. Its always been a struggle trying to negotiate those differences between those two countries and how they have shaped me as a person. Definately! naming can be such a powerful way of speaking about our experiences and I am grateful that you share a similar view. Its always a pleasure.

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Dearest Maame,
Your vision is one which we, women, all share! One day we'll see it come true because of strong, empowered, and dedicated people like you.

I encourage you to continue asking questions, continue challenging the status quo. It is those who dare to do so that end up changing the world!

Until that one day...


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