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Personal Story

It is not a long story to be told about my journey to Voices of Our Future. Initially I got to know Pulse Wire on Weibo ( Chinese Twitter) since a friend of my online community published information telling that the latest training opportunities provided by Voices of Future are now open to women journalists, then I cast my attention onto Pulse Wire with the strong motivation to win this appreciate training opportunity.

Besides, along with my growing attachment to Pulse Wire, I came to realize that the vision and commission of this online community conform to my expectations of what the new media should do. I should admit in the first place that I am influenced by feminism to a great degree and I do believe that women, who are long degenerated to “the other”, should be liberated and assigned the equal place as men have. While on a global level, women till now have barely achieved sufficient equality and respect that they should deserve. In addition, the uprising of women movement still remains to be the alternative force so that their voices are often downplayed and ignored in the mainstream. Moreover, when referring to feminist movement, the most frequently mentioned is the western feminist movement. This limited range cannot represent women at large. Therefore, it is of necessity to take a global view and consider “women” in relation to female groups from all social, cultural, historical and ethical backgrounds. Hence, the innovation of Pulse Wire to integrate women’s voices on the worldwide basis into one deafening sound is illuminating and revolutionary to solve these underline problems. It is these mentioned reasons that inspire me to apply for Voices of Futures because it can offer me a training opportunity to improve my skills and more importantly, it fits into my anticipation in the way that it contributes to empowering and connecting women on a global scale .

What inspire me most mentioned above are the motivations justify myself to be involved in this program. I first stand as a woman and what I care most is to emancipate women and give them equal opportunities in this patriarchal society. It is great likely for every woman to see and suffer the discrimination and injustice in this male-dominated world. This situation needs transformation and change and the first step as far as I am concerned for women to gain liberation and equal rights is to have their voices heard. If no one speaks for women, women should speak for themselves. The application of online community in Pulse Wire thus makes contribution to providing platform for women to speak, to communicate, to interact, to cooperate, and to transform the patriarchal society. Moreover, standing as a Chinese girl, I specifically intend to utilize Pulse Wire to raise concerns over Chinese women issues, which have not got enough attention but needs exploration in order to liberate women in China and to be made use of as references for women across the world for their fully empowerment as a whole.


Stella Paul's picture

Glad to meet you

Dear Wendy

I am so happy to meet you - a voice from China shouting for women's rights! Though we are are neighbors, we have been separated by political conflicts for such a long time. The truth is, as women, we have so much in common! Let us connect and work to make each other's voice heard.

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Wendy Xie's picture

I'm so glad to meet you here

I'm so glad to meet you here and struggle together for the interests of women across the world. No matter what political structure or aim a country hold, women are unavoiadably facing dilemmas and vicious stereotyping in this patriarchal world. To overcome this, I think we women should unite together, uphelding common interests whlie remaining differences.

usha kc's picture

Hi Wendy,, it's our pleasure

Hi Wendy,, it's our pleasure to have you here. Thank you so much for your stroy about the journey to world pulse.

cheers,, lets hold hand together for change!

Wendy Xie's picture

cheers mate. With dream in

cheers mate. With dream in heart, we can lighten a bright future for women.

Nusrat Ara's picture

Welcome to the group Wendy. I

Welcome to the group Wendy. I am glad that you want to raise the issues of the women in your community. There is so much to be told. Keep writing.



Wendy Xie's picture

Nusrat. Thanks for your

Nusrat. Thanks for your caring about women in China. Hope women work together could build a bright future for females in this world. Now oppression and suppression is so overwhelming that defenitely calls for transformation and change. Keep in touch.



SallyB's picture

Clear voice

Hello Wendy. I'm so happy you're participating in this program. Your essay is well written, although I would have liked to have heard more about your personal story.

Wendy Xie's picture

Hi Sally. Nice to meet you

Hi Sally. Nice to meet you here. Thx for your comment and I would like to contribute my voices to this inspiring program. very pleased to have you.O(∩_∩)O~

nadinerose's picture

Beautiful Identity

Hi Wendy!

I love how you used your identity to connect not only to voice for women, but for empowerment in a country that sometimes overlooks some of those issues! You have something unique to contribute and a willingess to learn that I find amazing! Thank you for being here.

Wendy Xie's picture

Hi sister, Thx for your

Hi sister,

Thx for your attention! I always want to contribute my voices for women empowerment and I hope that we can work together for the liberation of women. Thx for your support!O(∩_∩)O~

Much Love from Wendy

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