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My passion to empower other women began ever since my friend told me about how her father disappeared when she was born, simply because her mother had three other girls before her, and how the father’s relations maltreated them, because they are girls.

Their condition of living was so bad that they had to move back to the village to leave with their mother’s parents; their only saving grace was that the mother was a seamstress. She used the meager money she made from sewing and the little support her relations could give her for the family upkeep.

Then these questions came to my mind like “what if she was not doing anything or have any skill, how would she and the four children survived? What if she was an orphan and no close relations to assist her?

One key thing I learnt from her story was that a woman must be empowered for her to be a blessing and not a burden to herself, family and society. I felt so bad and said to myself that when I grow up I must be empowered to support myself, family and other women.

Little did I know that I was equally going to have all girls, even though my husband is trying to be indifferent, I know that people around would definitely want to talk him (God forbid ) into trying his luck elsewhere by taking another woman and who knows, he might heed to their advise and could abandon me and the children. So what happens to us?

My work as a development worker for an NGO in some rural areas of the northern part of Nigeria again sparked up my passion for women and girls empowerment. This experience opened my eyes to some developmental issues especially those affecting women.

Being an AWID member I have access to information on women issues and organizations globally where I read about the Pulsewire and became a member. PulseWire for Is a window of opportunity to advocate for vulnerable women and girls, because its vision matches with my personal vision “to see a society where women can be empowered”.

Pulsewire is a platform where I could voice out for the voiceless, campaign against all forms of discrimination against girls and women. It is also an avenue for shared learning, as well as connecting women. I can also tap from the experiences of others, so that I could in turn better the lot of the women in my community as I am already making consultations relevant stakeholders on how to build a computer centre community for girls in my community.

With my journal on the Pulsewire community, I could blow the whistle on some issues, connect and build partnership as I strongly agree with its value which says “Through connections, we Transform our world”. As we discuss and rub minds on some issues which we can collectively change in partnership with other like-minded women.


G.E. Cooper's picture

touching subject

Good story. Close to my heart also! Mentalitities can be so engrained in a cultural or social upbringing that they are hard to overcome, but not impossible! I have faith future generations that will see through this limited mentality of preferring one sex over the other. We cannot coexist without eachother. People like yourself are helping to break down those barriers of limited beliefs that ultimately hold us all back from achieving greatness in humanity!
Keep up the great work!

salamatu's picture

It can be possible

Yes with time these cultural beliefs would come to stop, after all there was a time
when parents buried their girls alive just because they believe that girls bring
curses on them. But today that has stopped!

Greengirl's picture

Hello Compatriot

I was born in the Northern part of Nigeria and have lived most part of my life there, working for social change, especially as it concerns and affects the lives of women. I identify with the socio-cultural bigotry expressed in your story. We must keep up the struggle to eliminate gender stereotypes by equipping ourselves well enough to equip other women. Keep up the spirit.


salamatu's picture

Gender Discrimination

Thanks Nike for your comments, gender discrimination is a global issue which is sometimes
championed by women, until women voice out against it in strong terms then we can breath a
fresh air. We shall surely get there!


bmcqueen's picture

Welcome Weaving

Your story is an interesting weaving of first, the terrible plight of your friend and what could be your plight, and second, the lessons that females should be more appreciated and more capable of self-sufficiency if the need arises. I applaud your friend’s seamstress skills and your work as a development worker, and thank God that your husband is more enlightened than many men. Continue to tap into and type stories for Pulsewire.

salamatu's picture

The Platform

My Dear, PulseWire is the platform for me to voice out. I will
continue to type in my stories for PulseWire. Thanks for the support.


lina_hr's picture

Voice of Our Future

Hello Salamatu,

Well done. I like your sense of community and care for empowering women.

I most like your initiative in establishing a computer center in your area to educate women which can be a powerful tool in engaging women online and training them how to be active in expressing their issues online, network with other women and share experiences for a better solutions.

Wish you great success, and I look forward to hear more about your experiences.

Voice of Our Future Volunteer,

salamatu's picture

Thank you

Thank you Lina for your words of encouragement, sure i joined
PulseWire to network with other women and share experiences.


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