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Say goodbye to monolog

Say goodbye to monolog
When I was a little girl, I already knew that my father want to have a son. What a pity that I only have a sister. I study hard and finish master degree and make my father is proud of myself. My sister did the same thing as me and graduate from a well-known university in south of China.

In university I am very self-abasement because I came from a small village, I even did knew McDonald’s and KFC that is common is the city. I were afraid of speaking publicly very much , at that time I sweat, my leg shake, my voice shock……Just in the university I became to think about women and feminism, I read and other books about women.

During I was finishing my master degree, One day I notice a recruit for actress for drama named “Vagina Monolog”, a drama talking about women, speaking for women. I enter the troupe; all the members and director are female students. I remember it was the year of 2001. We acted in the student center and that was the first time this famous feminism drama was acted in Chinese university. I was performing a girl who was enduring induced abortion. From then on, I got to know that many girls around me are experience abortion, and nobody want speak out. This drama induced a widely discussion in the BBS (campus network) because Chinese seldom talk about this things publicly.

After continuing take part in the drama as an actress, the third year in 2003 I became the director. What we talked from abortion and procreating to lesbians. In 2003, our drama first performed in other university and almost be banned by the governor of the university. Now this drama became the traditional program of my Alma Mater and performs every year. And more and more female students of other universities organize their own “Vagina Monolog”.

What a wonderful memory in university! After I graduated I became a journalist in a small city. Five years past, I married and became a mother. The domesticity makes my feel self-abasement again. I feel I am far away from my dream; actually life makes my dream gone.

Until one day, one classmate sent me a message in twitter about this program, and I try to log in and apply for the “2011 voices of our future”. Every time I log in “World Pulse”, I feel power and passion. Still I have to spend a lot of time in daily work and domesticity, but life is different. I know it is time say goodbye to “Monolog”, it is time to speak loudly in front of the world.

Now, it is midnight in China, my baby son are sleeping quietly, and I am finishing my assignment. What a nice night.


fem4femmes's picture


I am so glad that you and your voice are here! Your important contribution to feminism is far from over and I look forward to seeing how you will grow and act!!

Much joy and happiness to you today!


"I am the flicker, flame, butterfly ablaze who wants to fly in search of mythical rainbows beyond the rain." ~ Ana Castillo

ruthibelle's picture


Director of a drama group is no light or easy task. It's wonderful that you have taken on that responsibility and are making such a huge, positive difference.

Big smiles for the power and passion you feel on WorldPulse. You're right. There is a great, positive energy here.


Angela Kintu's picture

A wonderful story


I enjoyed ready your story and it is very touching. You made your story personal and yet it is also the story of many women around the world. We lose our voices and our passion for life and bury our talents when we become wives and mothers. But you have shown we can still be relevant and shine and encourage and reach out to other women.

Thank you for sharing,


Pushpa Achanta's picture

Powerful piece

Dear friend,

Awaiting more such poignant and personal stories.


Susan Studebaker's picture

Week 2 Assignment

A nice essay. I liked the sharing of story. Are there any specific "causes" on which you want to focus your writings? What change do you want to make in the world? for women? I look forward to more of you writing! Susan.


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