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Creating awareness about the impacts of climate change and supporting communities to adapt was becoming frustrating and daunting when capacity to interact with the social media, a means through which I can connect and reach out to many was very limited. I wanted to start online news magazine that will disseminate information on development issues and in particular women and climate change but I had no journalist training or background and my knowledge of the social media was limited.
I was preparing to look for a school where I can sharpen my knowledge and skills on how to use social media in my work when I received an email from one of our partner organization- Baobab for Women’s Human Rights- about the voices of our future 2011 application . It was a dream come through, God over answered my prayers because not only did I get an appropriate opportunity for training, the training was perfect and tailor made to fit into my personal vision.
It is a training that will teach me how to use social media and spiced up with women’s flavor. This is the right kind of training that I need as a women’s right activist. I had longed to create a space for urban women who appear to have been neglected on the issues of climate change. Emerging researches on gender aspect of climate change had placed emphasis on rural women and their livelihoods with less focus on urban women especially the poor urban women whose conditions are exacerbated by climate change as a result of infrastructure deficits which shape their lives in urban slums. It is as a result of this that the project “Voices of Urban Women on Climate Change was conceived” That is why in my profile on the pulse wire, my sub journal was titled “Voices of urban women on climate change”.
For me, the project “Voices of Urban Women on Climate Change came alive immediately I received the email to apply for the voices of our future. All my procrastination on the project ended instantly. The project is conceived as a radio program that will be broadcasted simultaneously on the web. All I need now is to secure a place in the voices of our future to concretize this project. That is why I am putting my best to ensure that I get this important space that will transform my work and my career for the best.
My journey to the voices of our future on pulse wire is full of expectations. I expect to get one of the 30 spaces available and I tell you, the rest will be history of achievements and progress in my work. It is a worthwhile journey, I have great expectations and I look forward to secure my space after this first stage.


Stella Paul's picture

Good luck

I really wish you good luck. Expectations and hope are what keep us going.I hope your expectations are fulfilled too! Best wishes!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Titilope's picture

Thank you for the good

Thank you for the good wishes, I think i need more than good luck to be able to make it. I need God's great favour. To all of us on the voices of our future, i wish us the very best in this process.

Beejay's picture

Good job

Well done sister. Keep up the good work

Beejay Fabamise, Nigeria

Titilope's picture

Beejay, am indeed inspired.

Beejay, am indeed inspired. As we progress on VOF i wish you the best.

Greengirl's picture

Great Vision

As an environmental activist working in Nigeria, I identify with your interests on the issue of Climate Change Impact on Women. However, I would say that the emphasis placed on rural women above their urban counterparts is due to the variations in their vulnerability levels. Rural women are no doubt more disadvantaged and most vulnerable to climate change impacts. I could go on and on, but I appreciate that you still have a just cause that is worth pursuing. I wish you the very best in your exploits.


Titilope's picture


Dear Nike ,
You are quite right but i am not too sure at times who is more vulnerable because vulnerability is determined by location, time and societal context. But what is most important as activists is to bring these issues to the frontburner so that support can be given to those who have not caused climate changes but are yet affected the most by it.

JudyR's picture

Very inspiring!

Very well done - I'm glad the opportunity to participate in Voices was the kick in the pants you needed to stop procrastinating.
It doesn't matter where the women are located - climate change is effecting both rural and urban.
Keep holding the intention that you're going to win - there is so much power in holding your intentions.

Best to you

Judy R
Portland, Or USA

Titilope's picture

Thank You

Dear Judy,
Thank you for your encouraging words. I need all the inspiration to keep my hope of getting one of the spaces alive. Whatever the outcome, i will continue to keep hope alive.

lindzanne's picture

This is fascinating! You

This is fascinating! You certainly have all you need to write about! I really appreciate how you have such a clear picture of just what you would do with this training--I think it has been a bit hard for me to completely formulate that, I know it will be invaluable but I have so many things I want to do it is very hard to be so clear about it!
Very good work, I think you are much better at this writing business than you think you are!!

Lindsay Anne

Titilope's picture

Just Focus

Dear Lindzanne,
We all have so many things we want to do to make a difference for women because there are so many challenges confronting women. But expereince thought me to always concentrate on what gives me the best outcomes. Try and focus on what you have done that has made a difference in your work , then clear pictures of what you want to do will begin to appear. I am glad that you think that i am better in "this writing business". I hope it gets better as we progress, i really appreciate your comments. Thank you.

Nesima's picture

I admire your drive and

I admire your drive and confidence in achieving your goal to raise awareness of climate change's effect on urban women. It's important to add necessary skills to your repertoire to make you a stronger, more effective activist and social media and journalistic skills would be very useful for you. Good luck!

Titilope's picture

I really need the skills.

I really need the skills. they are important skills that will enable me make the difference and create the needed change
I thank you for your kind words.

Emily Garcia's picture

Thank you!

Dear Titilope,

Thank you for your post! It's exciting to read how motivating VOF has been for you and I wish you all the best in this journey. You have an important cause to work for and the passion to make your project happen! Keep writing, my friend! I think you already have a flare for social media and will season it well with woman spice! =)



Emily Garcia
World Pulse Online Community Lead

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