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From Journalist to Editor, from Print to Digital, from Ukraine to the USA...

I always dreamt to be a journalist. My first article was published in the newspaper when I was 13. Since then I was published once in a while and became a full-time working journalist in 2001. I tried to work on the radio, but then realized that print media was my real passion and decided to stick to it.

I worked in regional and national newspapers. I really loved what I did. My favorite part of my job was that I was really changing life of other people. The biggest reward was when issues raised in my articles were solved after they were published in the newspaper. I also liked to write about fun stuff as since these articles brought smiles on people’s faces.
Eventually I became a publishing editor in the daily newspaper of my hometown. Editing the daily newspaper was very challenging and sometimes tough, but also very interesting and exciting.

After some time being an editor I realized I wanted something more than that. I wanted to further my education and started to think about graduate programs. I realized that my country does not have media management degrees and I applied to Fulbright program to study media management in the USA. Thus in 2009 I became a graduate student in Professional Media and Media Management Program in Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, USA.

During two years of studies my thoughts about media changed a bit. I realized I like new media more and started to move in that direction. I took several classes in new media and multimedia and studied HTML/CSS. My master’s final project is the website I created out of scratch I wanted to make my website a tutorial for journalists who want to switch to new media from the traditional one.

I have got my MS degree in May, 2011. Now I am back in Ukraine – looking for a full-time job and freelancing at the same time. I can see that Ukraine is behind the USA when it comes to media questions. While print media is moving online in America, Ukrainian newspapers are still not sure they need to put their assets into digital media. Another issue is that Ukrainian media managers do not know exactly how to create multimedia content and how to use social media that much. That is why Ukrainian media is still half way to online development. From my side I try to educate media people I know in Ukraine why they need new media and how they can use it for their benefit. I am sure they will understand everything eventually.

I was very happy that I found such a source as World Pulse since this is the community for such women as me. I think we all think the same and we all can collaborate. It is really great there are women from all over the world here. Taking one step at a time we can change things. So let’s do that!


zoneziwoh's picture


I love it. I have gone through your website. It is rich, with thought-provoking article. I very much enjoy the force from new media and how it is affecting the globe ) UK riots, black berry and German baning fb like).

Dear sister, your journey is amazing. I am proud to know you here and thks to this exercise, I am able to connect with you on PW.
Yes! one step at a time, we can change the world.

Thank you for sharing your story

Stay Blessed



Facebook:Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh

Twitter | Instagram: @ZoFem

olesya80's picture

Thank you

Thanks for such nice words :) It's really great to hear the words of appreciation!!! Thanks so much!

Stella Paul's picture

Happy You are Back

As an individual, I am always inspired by people who return to their community, to share their advanced knowledge and skills. I see that as the real sign of leadership. A few years ago I met a man in Nepal who went to the US and after getting his PG degree, got a lucrative job and yet decided to return to his village which was poor, underdeveloped. When I saw him, I said 'yes, there is someone I can learn from!'. I mean, everyone wants a better life, but how many have the courage to share the fruits of that betterment with those can't afford it?

So,my kudos to you. As for struggle, as freelance journalist, I am there with you in spirit. I too am without a regular job right now, but believe me, it never stays forever. You too will find work soon and then tell a million stories. My best wishes for you!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

olesya80's picture

Thanks a lot, Stella! I am

Thanks a lot, Stella! I am looking for more than journalism now. I do some translation stuff, PR, e-commerce projects and websites. New media that is :)))

fem4femmes's picture

Free for all...

Thank you so much! Not only for the richness your voice adds to the story of women, but for making information and education that will improve women's lives, easily accessable through your web-site!!

Thanks and much joy to you today!!


"I am the flicker, flame, butterfly ablaze who wants to fly in search of mythical rainbows beyond the rain." ~ Ana Castillo



Olesya, Your title really sums up your journey well. By following your passion it sounds like you now have invaluable knowledge and skill to help move print media online in the Ukraine. Where do you see yourself as that happens more and more?

As you "try to educate media people" you will certainly be creating opportunities for more women's voices to be heard. That is exciting!

What courage it must have taken to move to another country, go to school and then return home. Go girl!



Jessica Carmen's picture


Dear Olesya,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. Your journey must have taken much courage! It is great that you are able to return Ukraine and use your education for good. You are right, collaboration and taking one step at a time can do great things!

Take care,


jap21's picture

Hi Olesya

When I saw that you are Ukrainian, I became very excited to know more of such a distant country and the struggles of a woman: YOU.

I am glad that you were able to achieve so much.

I see the flower, now I want to see the roots of the rose. I know you are a daring, exciting owner of a beautiful soul. Show me the roots, honey! They are still, a bit hidden from me.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

olesya80's picture

Hi Jackie! I am not exactly

Hi Jackie!
I am not exactly sure what you mean by roots. Do you want me to talk more about the glass ceiling and other obstacles I see here?
I guess I am just trying to concentrate more on flowers (positive things) and to forget about how hard it was to get them sometimes :)

jap21's picture

Hi honey

I will explain some more. I think you are a diamond. But diamonds need polishing to shine. How was your polishing stage? What happened? What made you so beautiful?

I know that it is hard to talk about oneself. But we want to meet you in all your splendor, and know how you got there.

Like in a famous movie I will ask you: Show me the money! Show me the money! hehe. Did I make you smile? I wanted to do that. I wanted to connect with your soul, your spirit, and bring out the feelings that are inside of you.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

olesya80's picture

I will try to touch on these

I will try to touch on these things in my fourth piece, Jackie! :) If not - then maybe in a private conversation :)

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