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My Path of Surrendering to the Divine Cosmic Mother


In 1993 I left the corporate world and my position as VP of Administration and Chief Financial Officer of a New York Stock Exchange Company, to go on my own personal spiritual journey.

This journey led me to energy vortexes around the world to study with spiritual masters such as Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, and Swami Kaleshwar, author of the Divine Mystery Fort. These and other such spiritual teachers have been a major influence in my life, and have allowed me the opportunity to understand my personal interaction with the Divine Cosmic Mother.

In 1995 in Egypt, I had an extreme spiritual experience that took me out of my body to work with a higher force I call the Cosmic Mother of the Universe. This unique experience changed my life, and I was unable to return to my life as I had known it. From that moment on I totally surrendered to her, and the vision that she implanted in my mind of World Peace by Mother's Day, May 2013.

I was/am not a feminist, I had not intentionally decided to gather women, I just saw that the mother is coming to heal the planet, and the vision of women gathering in circles around the world is the way she plans to work with women globally to achieve and hold her power. She is gathering us and this is her divine creation.

In 1993, I started the Family of Light World Peace Ministries (FOL). Since then I have used this as a way to donate my business experience to nonprofits. Its multi-faceted approach has included video production, accounting, and all forms of “service” that I have offered to a multitude of nonprofits for FREE over the years.

Now today in 2011, I witness so many women automatically gathering in circles around the world. This Pulse Wire creation itself and the story of how it came about is one such example of how this women's movement is manifesting in the world.

I wrote a book, AVE MARIA, Angels Sing a Journey to Remembrance about my transition from the corporate world to the beginning of my spiritual journey. I wrote it, because I saw a number of women leaving the corporate world for a spiritual path, and I wanted to share my experience with them so they did not feel alone.

I have not written a book about my surrender to the Cosmic Mother, as it is still unfolding. What I do have to share with you, though, are many websites that have evolved throughout the process.

One such website is: . This is an online prayer ministry, which has received over 10,000 prayers to date. It is a great place to learn about all the different faces and facets of the Cosmic Mother.

Another site is my online radio show: and corresponding media at: website.

And if you would like to learn more about me or FOL, you can visit: or .




Nezed's picture

Hi Joy, i can feel your

Hi Joy, i can feel your experience.. You sound very liberated... Very few people ever attain this form of liberation. Just a quick question, is this Cosmic mother you refer to about 'The Virgin Mary" (Catholic) or is it Mother Earth in general?

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!

joyacomeaux's picture

Virgin Mary.... Cosmic Mother


Thanks so much for your question.

I feel that the Virgin Mary's energy is closer to the Cosmic Mother. Mother Earth for me is a definite energy that relates to Earth only. The Cosmic Mother is universal, and is a larger energy than Mother Earth. She is more focused on the universe rather than Earth. But, it was a call that was put out by Mother Earth that attracted her attention.

The Virgin Mother is such a beautiful and divine energy, I feel it is much higher than Mother Earth. Not that Mother Earth's energy is not wonderful, just that it is so focused on Earth, and that is why she is so worshiped. Whereas, the Cosmic Mother is not experienced on a daily basis.

Of course the Virgin Mary is so unique, her energy is so special and divine.

For me they are all facets of the diamond. The only difference is focus and vibration.

I hope this answers your question, and once again, thanks so much for asking.


lspano27's picture

Sounds like you have been on

Sounds like you have been on an amazing spiritual journey - that has lead to helping others. Fantastic...if only more were willing to take such journey's as yourself.

joyacomeaux's picture

Thanks so much!


Thanks so much for your comment and support.

We are all on a journey.... and it is wonderful to share our experiences so we can learn from each other.


Linda M. Ando's picture

Hi Joy! It is powerful to

Hi Joy!

It is powerful to hear about your journey of transformation and connection to the well being of Mother Earth and our humanity. I appreciate your commitment to help nonprofit organizations with your corporate skills while empowering women on their journey's. It would be beautiful to realize your vision of World Peace by Mother's Day, 2013.

Many blessings to you and the divine cosmic mother!

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

joyacomeaux's picture

Thanks so much!

Hi Linda,

Thanks so much for your comment and support.

Lets see how we can work together.


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