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I become a gorgeous bride because of VOF !

I was introduced to these excellent opportunities called Voice Of Our Future program by teacher, Daw Ni Ni Aye one month ago. As soon as I heard about VOF , I did interest in this program because this is very good program. It will give me much knowledge and can communicate with the women in the world . When I heard about that good news, I eagerly wanted to join this program .I believe that this program is one of the gate way to approach my vision because I will meet different positive women and they have different kinds of experience so that we can share our voices freely. I have expected to meet like this community for women before because just the women can feel other women feeling that the men can't sometimes.Moreover I want to stand by the poor but the only one is not enough. This idea urges me to attempt the VOF program.
The first registration was failed because I didn't understand the instruction clearly. The next day, I attempted once more, unluckily I defeated again. Persistence is one vital role to reach the successful road .In the end; may be at the fifth time, I was warmly accepted by VOF program which gives empowerment to the hidden abilities among the women. After overcoming my difficult entrance with the help of Seniors of VOF,I became one of the spirit of VOF.
Even in application program, I have to meet some women such Lakitalki , the same career like me, and Stella Paul who has interesting idea. I also can hear and share the hidden happening in every space. Moreover I appreciate the VOF applicants who listen to the voices and encourage each other. This is the community I wanted before.
MY vision is to set up the International School and to aid the poor because the education can change a person's life. I will get income from my school and that income will flow to the poor who are weak in both mental and spiritual to rise up their lives again. Even in the begin of the program; I have got some opportunities such as's Guide to Grants. I could connect the elderly shelter which I am supporting monthly between fund raising organization and the shelter. Pulse wire Community- University Connection offers me to join them to solve problems now my community is facing.
VOF program is cultivating the women spirits to be stronger by training them to overcome many difficult time such as uneasy registering ,confused assignments and making the applicants to build up pessimistic mind in their hearts is amazing . My narrow eyes see more light and I can urge other blind ones to open up their mind by VOF.The women in this program are positive and enthusiastic ones. Those colors make me impress, stain me and my community to be more beautiful. I can’t deny that this journey really fit into my personal vision.
I become a gorgeous bride because of VOF!



Zin Zar's picture

Requesting for comments!

Hello all of my friends!
Thank you so much for reading my journal and then
I am looking forward to hearing your comments. Please post to me freely if you don't mind!

Best wishes!
Zin Zar

Jency's picture


I appreciate your determination and perseverance. Education can bring about a positive change and I am happy you are working towards it. Just as your teacher is encouraging you to try new avenues, you will also be a change-maker soon. Wishes.

Zin Zar's picture

Really thank you!

I really thank you ,Jency, for reading my article.Your encouragement makes me enjoy and inspire me to keep on forwards with a lot of strength.
If you don't mind ,please visit to my journal and post me your comment freely.

Best wishes!
Zin Zar

zoneziwoh's picture


you ae a wonderful woman. i am glad that you found PW to be a safe space you had always wanted. I really enjoy the way you presented the VOF training exercise. and jus like Jency said, i admire your perserverance and determination.

thanks for sharing your story with us

Stay Blessed



facebook: Zoneziwoh

twitter: @ZoFem

Zin Zar's picture

Thanks for appreciation !

Thank you ao much for appreciation! I have read your opinion concern with assignment .I post you some of my opinion about it. If we have a different way of thinking ,please understand me.Whatever it is we are under the same shelter so we are friends forever.
I see what you mean .Each week live lessons might be a little strange and confused for the new applicants but these assignments are testing not only our persistence but how to the solve the problems too , I think .You know, I have got many difficulties time since I have attempted this program but I didn't give up easily and I asked some friends in Pulse wire and they suggest me how to approach the problems and I followed as they said and I could overtake the problems .By doing like this helps me to be more familiar with the world Pulse Team and realize the connecting system more .When we were young , we had to homework and if we postponed the due ,the assignment became more and more .At that time we couldn't afford to finish them in time so that submitting all assignments in one due is , I think ,making us tired.Sorry friend , I just expressed my opinions .
Best Wishes!
Zin Zar

zoneziwoh's picture

I am very glad to know you Zin Zar

Wao--you can even see from our names, we are sisters - names with 2 Zs. I remembered in schools, my teachers would always find difficulties pronouncing my names, and often the will refer to me --the lady with 2 Zs.

any way, dear sister, I am not at all upset with you speaking what you feel, your honest opinion. I encourage you 100% to speak out - in fact, if i have to compare you and myself, when first i joined PW, i think you are far better than me. I understand you perfectly, I was also very confused with the setting, but thanks to our other sisters, i found my way to where i am now. If you dont mind, take some time to read through my VOF assignment @ so, i just want to tell you that what you are experiencing is normal, and that is one of the core objective to why PW exist. It was created to give grassroot women the space to acquire the necessary tool (ICT) so that they can speak eloquently via web 2.0.
once more, i encourage you to keep on and never feel shy to ask for clarity from any member in this space. here, we are all sisters and we share a common interest of sisterhood.

Stay Blessed



facebook: Zoneziwoh

twitter: @ZoFem

Stella Paul's picture

Late, but here I am

My dear sister

I don't know how, but missed your article. Anyway, here I am now :) First of all, you are gorgeous whether you will be in VOF final 30 team or nor. I have told myself that already. Its a contest and w may win it or we may lose it. But the truth is, by connecting with each other, my telling our stories, sharing our problems and helping each other to find solutions, we are already winners.

So,wishing you best of luck.But remember, we will be friends and sisters before and after VOF and keep sharing.

Much love!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

fem4femmes's picture

Beautiful imagery!

Zin Zar-

What a beautiful image! You are right, finding the World Pulse community entails the same excitement and hopefulness that is felt when embarking on a new relationship, a new life!! I am so glad that you are here and that we have the opportunity to realize that hopeful anticipation as change makers together!

Much determination and joy today!


"I am the flicker, flame, butterfly ablaze who wants to fly in search of mythical rainbows beyond the rain." ~ Ana Castillo

Hannah B's picture

thank you!

thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us!

It sounds like you have wonderful ideas for supporting education for women and for helping more people in your community.

I wish you luck in all that you do!!


Kaleidoscope Girl's picture

Proud of your persistance!

The thing that strikes me most about your entry is not only your persistence but the genuine goodness that echoes from within your voice!

I wish you every bit of support and success in your journey!

Best Wishes,
Kaleidoscope Girl.

"Write your life so others may be ILLUMINATED."

amymorros's picture

Positive Vision

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I enjoyed reading about your efforts to join World Pulse and am glad you did not give up.


Zin Zar's picture

Of course!

Of course , I have to keep on trying and I will not give up as you said .
Thanks a million for reading my journal .Let's keep on sharing our experience , right?

Best wishes!
Zin Zar

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