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Finding Home

“Every day is a journey and the journey itself is home” (Matsuo Basho)

My voyage up until now has been a steady one, I have been blessed with a family and friendships that have shaped me and expanded my opportunities. I still cherish memories of days by the beach as child skipping stones, time at university sharing first kisses and first love and days in my twenties learning what it meant to meet others in the world and form friendships that go beyond language. My most treasured gift has been my faith. My belief in Christ is central to me and defines who I want to become as well. In the UK this puts me in a minority as I dwell in what is now a secular and often spiritually apathetic country. I am a wife, a friend, a teacher, a student, a commuter and a sofa-sitter. I am most exceptionally just ME!

I hesitated before applying for the Voices of Our Future course as I believe that one of the key things this course does is enable women who don’t have the same platform I have had to be able to speak and be heard. As I then looked further into myself I also came to the conclusion that although I am fortunate enough to have had a comfortable and uncomplicated upbringing that does not make my story any less interesting. I am zealous in my reasoning that one of the key ways we will see change in the world is when sisters and brothers in privileged countries like the UK stand up and demand justice for our family around the world. It is just as important that we explore and challenge the paths people choose to tread in countries like my own because we have such an influence on the lives of others.

I believe that one of the ways our world will change and our shared journey will become one marked with joy is when we work together in an open, honest and vulnerable way. In raw vulnerability comes beautiful storytelling and in beautiful storytelling comes inspiration and change. I am, and want to get better at, being a digital global storyteller. I love people. These two things mesh my ambitions and hopes well with the philosophy of Voices of Our Future and of World Pulse. My biggest aspiration is to see a world where media professionals and journalists seek to present others with dignity. I grinned ear to ear when I read that this would be the first year digital storytelling would be included on the course, as if I were to define myself by any phrase it would not be photographer or writer – it would be visual storyteller.

I like to think I have only taken baby steps in my life so far but the best thing about the journey is not where we head or where we have been; it is that we have the potential to find our home there.


dbunton's picture

Ginger, Congratulations on


Congratulations on your personal journey, and quest to serve as a voice for other women around the world.

Yes, "Voices of Our Future" does "enable women who don’t have the same platform", to speak out, and share stories of victory. I too have personally been able to reach deep inside myself from hearing others' testimonials.

As you progress in the course, myself and other readers, will definitely share your feelings of zeal, and storytelling.

Thanks for sharing, and good luck!

Darren Bunton

gingerhooper's picture

thanks for your encouragement

Hi Darren,
Many thanks for this comment and for the encouragement. This is a wonderful opportunity for women,and men that support the, to find their voice. I look forward to seeing how the course unfolds.
Many thanks,
Laura (Gingerhooper)

MaDube's picture

I do not think the platforms

I do not think the platforms on which we share our voices can ever be too many. If that were the case then Mr Obama would ask for limited coverage of his speeches. He does not because he know the more media houses the wider the coverage. Your voice is unique and should be heard in every forum in which you present it, world-pulse included so good choice you made to apply anyway.


usha kc's picture

Dear Laura Namste, you

Dear Laura Namste, you took good decision to apply for VOF as you already have platform. having feeling of helping others around the world really shows your kindness.
The world need your voice to be changed.
keep it on.

zoneziwoh's picture

visual story teller

I think I will pick on that in some years. I love storytelling. I truly do.
Dear hooper, i am glad that you never abstained from the VOF. your story is an equally important like those from the remotes. We are have our own experiences, though some might slightly be similar but these experiences where witnessed by us and only us can share it. Therefore, I am saying that your story is as interesting as mine and the other sisters.

I am glad you realized that one alternative means to impact change is by uniting together to pressure for those changes. jus like our sister Usha say - the world needs your voice. and i am glad you know that too. Thanks for this wonderful insight on ' finding Home'

Stay Blessed



Facebook:Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh

Twitter | Instagram: @ZoFem

gingerhooper's picture

thanks everyone

Zoneziwoh and Usha I couldn't agree more. What each person brings is unique. What I would say though is that if, like myself, we have been born into an easier life that gives even more of a responsibility to others. We can only bless out of blessings. The more we are blessed the stronger our opportunities to reach others. It is of course only by uniting we will change the world for the better. I am glad I joined VOF too!!


Stella Paul's picture

Everyone counts!

If every woman matters,every voice counts,how can your voice fall by wayside?Imagine if each drop starts saying,'I am not important', there won't be an ocean to begin with! Specially in our world, every drop is precious because it symbolizes empowerment, love and determination.

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

gingerhooper's picture

MaDube and Stella Paul. I

MaDube and Stella Paul.
I think the way the training opportunity is outlined makes it more geared up to those who are from minorities in our world (rightfully so as they are under-represented in the media) which is what made me consider whether to apply at first. However I know I am in a great position as an educator across UK schools and as a global photographer to make an impact. I love the idea of drops in an ocean adding to a whole! When I say the journey is home part of that is about who you meet and connect with on the way.
Blessings to you all x

Maggs's picture

I like the principle of

I like the principle of presenting others with dignity. Often as journalist and other professionals living in a world full of negative projections of society in the media, we lose sight of the central part of every story - the human being.

The beauty of this forum is that we can tell that stop differently and with a view of a solution. That is where it becomes important for women from all walks of life to come together and share.


Sahro's picture

Amazing story

Amazing story gingerhooper!

Thank you for your story and warm salaams from Somalia.


Founder of the We Are The Generation Of Possibilities Movement #WeAreTheGenerationOfPossibilities #Somalia
WorldPulse Community Advisory Board Member
Goodwill Ambassador Globcal at:

Stephanie Roth Gurung's picture

Great insight

Hi Laura,

Thanks for providing such and introspective look at your journey here. I am glad to have a UK dweller in the fold, as it is true that women from all places can have a chance to connect and advocate for each other via VOF.


Staci38's picture

Visuals are so important

I love the idea of having a visual storyteller on board for VOF. In my few weeks of working at a non-profit that puts a premium on the power of images, I believe that journalism is only strengthened by visuals. Thanks for deciding to apply your skill set to World Pulse!

gingerhooper's picture

Blessed by your comments

Thanks my fellow writers and listeners! I am truely blessed and encouraged by your comments - I think the visual image and the written word now go hand in hand so I am excited by the potential to join the two. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


Anne D.'s picture

Presenting others with dignity

There are so many ways to tell a story, and visual journalism is a great way to engage the senses. I really connected with what you said about envisioning a world where the media presents others dignity.

gingerhooper's picture

High Hopes

@Anne, thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

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