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A tale of how I discovered the true meaning of the word “sisterhood”.

I'm not a woman with limited economic resources, nor am I a member of a minority or a rural inhabitant. I live in Mexico which is a country of the so-called "third world", but I'm a pretty lucky woman belonging to a middle class family living in the city, and therefore with a very broad access to education and technology. It’s important for me to tell you this because I couldn’t tell a story about my personal journey without mentioning how significant it was for me to learn that it’s not necessary to go through a traumatic experience, discrimination or lack of opportunities situation to become a women’s and girls’ human rights defender, but quite the opposite.

I realized that if I wanted the women and girls around me to experience the same opportunities I had and which had allowed me to get to where I am now, then it was my job to do something about it! Especially If I could use my professional education and the networks I had in school, at work, at home to achieve that. Not much later I learned that this was part of what some feminists call sisterhood, which translates into women perceiving themselves as equals, so that we can ally, support, share, and above all, work together to change our different realities!

Once I became aware of this, I immediately signed up to volunteer at the State Institute for Women where I had the opportunity to participate in various programs of social and community development, which later on led me to study a Masters Degree in Public and Social Policy. There I met another fellow feminist who was starting her own NGO, and it was not long before we started making projects together.

The next natural step was to get our message and our actions to a wider public. So I gave myself to the task of registering our foundation in the various social networks, which immediately gave us a broader audience and the ability to create our own information. This rapid growth led me to be more and more involved with new technologies and a few months later I organized a series of small workshops in order to teach my co-workers how to use twitter, Facebook, RSS, among other programs. We also created a website and so we grew our social base by large numbers.

I was doing a good job! But it was time for me to move to the next level, and that was when I found the program Voices of Our Future, where I wouldn’t only learn how to better communicate our message, but would also have a wider network of women around the world which in turn would tell me their own vision and ideas on how to solve the various issues women are facing from very different perspectives. We could give support to each other and share solutions, knowledge and experience, that is, we would put in practice that beautiful word I learned, called sisterhood.


Nezed's picture

Are you still drinking that

Are you still drinking that cup of coffee/Tea? Lol.. Nice one Kat... Rally nice... Daalu!

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!

katyrdz's picture

Haha that photo was taken

Haha that photo was taken last year! Thanks for your beautiful comments. Best wishes!

goodness! This is a beautiful story. I love it! i can read and re-read your story on and on without feeling exhausted.
You are an amazing writer and a prolific one for that matter.
I love the way you introduced your understanding of sisterhood. I rest my comment with your last sentence; "We could give support to each other and share solutions, knowledge and experience, that is, we would put in practice that beautiful word I learned, called sisterhood."

Thank you

Stay Blessed



Facebook:Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh

Twitter | Instagram: @ZoFem

katyrdz's picture

Thanks zoneziwoh! I can

Thanks zoneziwoh! I can really say that when I learned what sisterhood was about my whole life changed, I'm not kidding. I love the whole meaning of it and I think we should all put it into practice :)

zoneziwoh's picture


Absolutely, that is the fundamental principle on which feminist concept / ideologies is exists - Sisterhood! If truly there can be a universal sisterhood-I bet you women's activism worldwide will definitely realized meaningful changes rapidly.
PW nonetheless is a perfect platform to engineer (building) a universal sisterhood in the blogosphere.

Stay Blessed



Facebook:Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh

Twitter | Instagram: @ZoFem

usha kc's picture

katy beautyfully expressed

katy beautyfully expressed feeling,, I loved it dear.

katyrdz's picture

Thanks for your kind words!

Thanks for your kind words! Best wishes :)

MaDube's picture

I love your first statement

I love your first statement because it speaks to a discussion I had with some of my colleagues yesterday. You are right that you do not need to have suffered discrimination or be underprivileged to feel the need to speak about such things. In fact I respect even more people like you because you understand the issues without experiencing them. You see the wrong that needs a remedy not because you have been a victim but because you know it is wrong. Nuff (enough) respect!!!

katyrdz's picture

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your kind words MaDube! I do want to keep working on making other women and men around me conscious about women's and girls' human rights issues. I believe sometimes people don't act not because they don't care but because they don't know such things are happening. Lots of love!

Stella Paul's picture

A choice

We all make choices. Some have few options and must choose the one that life throws at them: to resist. And then some have options and yet choose to become a resistant. You did that. Kudos!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

katyrdz's picture

Stella,thank you! I love your

Stella,thank you! I love your quote, I think I might use it some other time with the women around me! :)

gingerhooper's picture

As a fellow woman who has not

As a fellow woman who has not suffered hardships and challenges in the way some of our sisters have I must say I cannot agree more with this! I thinking wanting to come alongside others is something we do because that is how things SHOULD be. Our circumstances, if they are easier ones, should mean we do more and not less for others. Keep on with this journey of yours because you will encourage so many through your work.

katyrdz's picture

You are absolutely right, we

You are absolutely right, we have an ever bigger responsability than the rest of people, I hope I can contribute to make things how they should be, just like you said. Thanks for your kind words. Lots of love!

Ify Onyegbule's picture

True talk!


I quite agree with you, its not really necessary to go through a traumatic experience or face other harsh conditions women go through before you can stand up and align with whats right as it concerns women. Im so interested in how things go with women there in Mexico so im gonna be on your page. thanks for sharing your story.

katyrdz's picture

Thanks Ify! I will keep you

Thanks Ify! I will keep you posted with whats going on with women here in Mexico. We have a lot of experiences to share with other fellow feminists. Take care!

Diane Dillon's picture

BC version

Hello from Bc we have large groups at UVIC here and they have a lot of groups you might like and would hear your story. I graduated from Uinversity last year and I have the groups email send me an email if you like and I will send you the womens groups here

katyrdz's picture

Thanks for the tip, Diane. I

Thanks for the tip, Diane. I will check that out !

Nusrat Ara's picture

I loved your post. It was

I loved your post. It was refreshing to read your perspective. Keep writing and sharing. You have been doing amazing work.



Potter's picture

The Journey to Sisterhood

I really enjoyed reading of your journey into the true meaning of sisterhood. Your solidarity with other women has led you to committed activism. I'd love to read more of your activities, the needs you've identified and the strategies you are developing to address those needs. Your spirited, energetic voices shines through!

katyrdz's picture

Thanks Potter! I hope I can

Thanks Potter! I hope I can be able to continue writing in this wonderful platform that is World Pulse. Kisses!

earthwindfire's picture

A tale...

Thank you, Katyrdz, for this submission, one with a different slant from others i've read. That you have been living a life of opportunity, free of the constraints wrought by poverty, illiteracy, disease, and inequality, and have chosen to delve into the lives of the needy, is very inspiring and admirable. Heading a foundation to help others speaks to your altruism and conscience as an inhabitant of our planet, the very kind of concsciousness that will help implement changes of attitude and policies that are desparately lacking across the globe. And that you don't rest and sit back on your laurels after one level of achievements, but look towards what's next, reinforces the strength of your character and commitment. Yes, 'sisterhood' is a beautiful word and being your sister via the Web or in person most likely will continue to shift ugly to beautiful, impossible to probable, deflated in spirit to hopeful and positive. Thank you.

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