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Do Not Fight Against Old Things, Fight for the New Ones

I was born in Yugoslavia, in a mixed marriage. In an "ideal" country, I can say now. TITO was a long living president. My family had an ideal life, as many others used to have. We could afford whatever we wanted. We traveled in summer and had winter holidays, we could buy cars and house easily, by working only eight hours a day.
TITO died in the year 1980 and then everything started to change and became different. The war in the former Yugoslavia started. All the members of my mother's family lived in Croatia and the members of my father's family lived in Serbia. We were somewhere in the middle. I married and gave birth to a baby-boy. Suddenly, when he was two, they started bombing Serbia. The bombs were falling around my house for many days. I was scared for the baby's life. Why was this all happening? I did not want that. What was going on with my grandparents in Croatia and all the family there? Were we all destined to survive? My brother received a letter. He was recruited for war. I was terrified. He went against his will. The superiors in the Military stated that only 10% of them will return home. I did not know where he was for more than fourteen days. Was he alive, or arrested? When he came back, he did not resemble my brother any more. That was a person with fear in his eyes. I prayed God to help us and make all this to stop! This was not a solution for anyone.
The sanctions were brought. That was a terrible period for ordinary people. If you intended to travel abroad you had to wait in front of the embassies for more than 12 hours. Each time you went, you had to bring one more document. A young girl who wanted to graduated in Barcelona made a dress out of the documentation needed to apply for the Spanish visa. Still she could not pass.
I recognize the "WORLD PULSE" as a gate for a journey without visas. I want to push the boundaries and fight against prejudice. This web site encourages me to write, connect and show the beauties of my country. It can become a legacy for the future of my children and the people around me who hope for a better tomorrow. Information and education is the clue.
"From all the power of friction, the one that makes the progress of people slow down is the ignorance, the source Buda considers the greatest malice in the World". (Words of Nikola Tesla).


usha kc's picture

Dear Dubravka,, i can feel

Dear Dubravka,, i can feel your words. you are finally here and this forum diffinately gives us alots of good opportunities.

Duda's picture

Dear Usha,

Thank you for your words.
I agree with you that this forum gives us a lot of opportunities. One of them is to hear and to be heard.

katyrdz's picture

keep on!

I admire your courage, Dubravka, please keep on going and telling the world your story and the stories of those around you. We need to share what's going on around the world in order to find peaceful solutions.

Duda's picture

Dear Katyrdz,

Thank you for your encouraging words. They mean a lot to me.
Best wishes

Nezed's picture

Initially as i started to

Initially as i started to read your article, i felt, 'what will a rich girl be complaining about?' Mid way, i recognized your story. Keep writing and Daalu! (Well done)

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!

Duda's picture

Dear Nezed,

Thank you for your encouragement. This the reason why I applied myself for VOF.
There is a brighter future for all of us.

MaDube's picture

Dubravka, I admire your

Dubravka, I admire your courage and stand. Yes, keep hoping because our words may not bring change today but they certainly will in the future.

Duda's picture

Dear MaDube,

I believe in your words. My words already brought change to me. I am the member of the beautiful site.
Thank you.

AchiengNas's picture

Dear Dubravka, When I begun

Dear Dubravka,
When I begun reading your article, I felt I sat down next to you and was listening to you. You are a good story teller with such a core experience, I admire you. Please keep sharing...



I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.

Duda's picture

Dear Beatrice,

I am very grateful for your words. I did not hear such words for along time.
Thank you.

sunbo55's picture

Women Freedom

I agree with you World Pulse is the place.

YAOtieno's picture

Good writing

Hi Dubravka,

I agree with everyone here. you are a very good writer. Please keep sharing on World Pulse where the only visa you need is internet connectivity and the will to share

A candle looses nothing my lighting another

Duda's picture

Dear YAOtieno,

Thank you,
after all this beautiful words, I have more courage to write and share.

Stella Paul's picture

Keep hope

Keep your hopes and your faith up,Dubravka. There will be an end to this tunnel and then there will be light.

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Duda's picture

Dear Stella,

Your words encouraged me. Thank you.

Akech's picture

Hello Dubravka I am impressed

Hello Dubravka
I am impressed by your article as well as your experience. Good work and keep up with the good job.

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Duda's picture

Dear Akech,

Your positive attitude to someone unknown impressed me. Encouragement was unknown word for me for a very long time. Thank you.

Greengirl's picture

Dear Dubravka

When others tell their stories, we hear our stories in theirs.Your story is inspiring and it reminded me about the book "Goodbye is not Forever". A true story about a woman who's family experienced it all in the war days in Germany. I'll look up her name and relay it to you.
I'll sure love to follow your stories on World Pulse. Keep writing!!!!!


Duda's picture

Dear Olanike,

I will be grateful if you could send me the name of the writer of the book. This positive words mean a lot to me. Thank you.
Best wishes.

Greengirl's picture

It's Okay

I am away from home at the moment. I'll search through my books as soon as I get back home. I will definitely be in touch. Keep Speaking up!

Nusrat Ara's picture

Have faith and keep walking

Have faith and keep walking Dubravka.



Duda's picture

Dear Nusrat Ara,

Thank you on your positive words. They mean a lot to me.
Best wishes

pinkypradhan's picture

Good one.I look forward to

Good one.I look forward to reading more from your end.



Duda's picture

Dear Pinky,

Thank you, it is nice to hear that you like my assignment.
Best wishes

AmyC's picture

A 'journey without visas'

...what a great line! That is certainly what I feel being on world pulse and web 2.0 is like: instant stories, connections, news travelling across the wire.


Duda's picture

Dear AmyC,

Thank you. It is nice to see that we all belive in World Pulse.
Best wishes,

Pushpa Achanta's picture


Dear Dubravka,

Your story is touching. Continue writing.


Duda's picture

Dear Pushpa Achanta,

Thank you very much. It is nice to see that you like my story.

Best wishes,

earthwindfire's picture

Do Not Fight...

Thank you, Dubravka Mesaros, for this piece in which you share your personal story of a country run asunder and your family's suffering as a result. I do hope your brother has become stronger and healthier over time. I so enjoy your perception of World Pulse as a 'gate for a journey without visas.' I am heartened by your stating that the right to travel abroad, after having been made so challenging during the sanction years, was somewhat softened by cyber-traveling and the ability to connect with others in foreign nations via the Web. Your desire to fight against prejudice is admirable and mirrors so many other women's goals that I want to believe that far more than a dent will be made in the arena of discrimination. And, yes, ignorance is a major source of many inequalities and hardships, violence and wars, repression and persecution. Here's to enlightenment and to power to those who will use it wisely and humanely.

Duda's picture

Dear Martina Bedar,

Thank you for your words. This means alot to me.
Best wishes,

WILDKat's picture


Your statement that you were born into a mixed marriage makes me wonder:
what you would do to remix your country, culture, community, with compassion?

Naturally grateful,
Kat Haber

"Know thyself." ~ Plato

Duda's picture

Dear Kat, I live in the

Dear Kat,

I live in the northern part of Serbia, the Vojvodina region. In this Region more than 20 different nations live since 19th century. They live in peace. Since I was born, for me and my friends the only way to differentiate people was their personality. I think the beauty of the World lies in its differences. The richness is in these differences.
What I would do to remix my country, community, culture?
I will try to teach them and show on Vojvodina’s example that mutual life is possible.

Best wishes,

WILDKat's picture

Serbian collaborative differences

You are a voice for appreciating differences as well as honoring and exploring the validity of collaborating as a means to peace and prosperity. Can you paint a word portrait of these colorful differences? Can you also write an elegant haiku of collaboration? How does your voice strengthen as your tolerance rises?

Naturally grateful,
Kat Haber

"Know thyself." ~ Plato

noreens's picture

I recognize the "WORLD PULSE"

I recognize the "WORLD PULSE" as a gate for a journey without visas.

i love that line!!


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