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World pulse: Symbol of Unity

A small village very far from the capital city, where girl’s education is not acceptable there I born before more than three decades. My journey starts from here.
Allowing girl to go to school only meant to make girl free so that she can run with boy before marriage and that mark on parent’s prestige. Daughters were only taken as domestic helper, almost all my friends were spending their time in household works. Daughters were taken as “paraya dhan” (other’s possession: because she goes to husband’s house after marriage). Providing education to daughters meant pouring water over sand.
In such society my parent allowed me for going school so neighbors always pointed their finger towards us. More over Single girls from the village walking three hours every day was scarier for me. As my parent flowed their sweat like as river for providing us education. They ignored the society’s blame. I always am grateful to them.
The discrimination between son and daughter has pinched me so badly since childhood. My eyes have experienced a lot, my heart has cried so poorly, feelings have been touched so deeply. All those experiences have brought a cyclone inside me; have made my voice bold to speak against. Such intolerant nature towards any discrimination has caused me to lose my job many times. I could not compromise between my voice and career so I always go through my voice. I believe that the true voice gives the person self-respects and inner satisfaction.
My neighbor had got another chance for back biting that’s regarding my marriage. Girl’s marriage at late twenty was not normal (but scenario has been changed now) .After graduating got marriage and following year having a daughter. Having baby and living in single family is very hard to manage time for both carrier and caring child. So I could not join any job. Spending time only inside house made me so tedious and my voice got lost inside me. My four years job period in remote villages had taught me a lot. I further experienced many discrimination and violence against women. More over I knew that how culture and religion determine the society’s values and person’s behavior conduct. My voice wanted to burst out from me and fortunately I found world pulse a desiring platform. Being in touch among world pulse sisters has removed my isolation. It has made me feel like I am not alone having same voice of pain, having same voice of revolt, having same voice of change. And this is an amazing experience I ever get from other social networks.
Applying for VOF is stimulating incident for me as it provides a complete opportunity. To have improved writing skill and making own voice global is another exciting for me.
World pulse has made scattered voice united. The unity of the voices gives strength and strength generates pressure. Finally, our united voices would make the world balanced and equal in all aspects.



Monica Clarke's picture

The journey is a long one

Dearest Usha

What a touching story, what a beautiful way you have of telling your inner self. Thank you. I could actually feel the words choking my throat as I read your words. Everyday that our isolation is interrupted by a need from someone else is a day to rejoice in. My need had touched your isolation and your need has entered my isolation, so both of us have something great to celebrate today! Love you. Monica

Monica Clarke, Writer & Storyteller, bringing human rights alive.
I wish you 'Nangamso', that is: May you continue to do the good work which you do so well.
(A blessing from my ancestors, the Khoikhoi, the first people of South Africa).

usha kc's picture

Dear Monica thank you so much

Dear Monica thank you so much for such a nice feeling. yess, we are now for each other to remove our isolation.
love from me too.

Stella Paul's picture

I am happy

Sister Usha
There are 3 specific facts that make me happy
1) you didn't get lost like thousands of other women. you found your voice and your identity

2) you managed to reach here and found us all where you can not be lonely any more

3) you have a daughter and she has a role model in you.

May god bless you. And may you be an inspiration for thousands!


Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

usha kc's picture

Stella ,, my dear sis,,

Stella ,, my dear sis,, thank you so much .you are one of my inspration dear. love you.

zoneziwoh's picture

Dear Sister, this is awesome

Usha dear, you are a role model. I read through your story with lots of touching feelings. The part that most stood out to me was your bravery to challenge all the thoughts of women's education. That was an excellent move at that age. I am so proud of you. and I feel privilege to have meet you here on PW.

Stay Blessed



Facebook:Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh

Twitter | Instagram: @ZoFem

usha kc's picture

Hi Ziwoh ,, thanks for

Hi Ziwoh ,, thanks for reading and praising me dear.
a big hug from here.

katyrdz's picture

Sons and daughters

Hello Usha! I totally feel what you are saying, I also went through some kind of discrimination when I was a child. For example my brothers didn't have to make any househould work but only me! They could play on the streets or do other stuff that I wasn't allowed, but that only made me stronger, and finally I think I made my parents change their point of view about girls and the role of women in society. Now I know they think different!

usha kc's picture

Dear Katy,,, I know how we

Dear Katy,,, I know how we girl are going through this society's bias rules.
In my case , my parent did not bias me for education, love,foods,,,, but i have some experience of beeing biased in outer activities like play in street,going to market,visiting relatives /friend's home and so on.
They scolded me if i got to home late, loudly laughing was not allowed,,,,, but at that time that's very minor bias.
Anyway,, thank you for giving time to read and making comments.

Nezed's picture

Usha! I can relate with your

Usha! I can relate with your story and this is well written... Very well written! Daalu...

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!

usha kc's picture

Hi Nezed,, so much thanx dear

Hi Nezed,, so much thanx dear for praising my writting it really encourages me to write.

gingerhooper's picture

Thank you for sharing

Nameste. Thank you for sharing this journey Usha. Indeed, you are not alone! I am also grateful your parents prioritised education for you, that they worked so hard to make that possible. If we work together we will one day have a world where all daughters can go to school.


usha kc's picture

Dear Laura, Namaste thank you

Dear Laura, Namaste
thank you so much making comments on my article. for sure w e should work together for change.

MaDube's picture

Usha dear

The views in your country about the role of girls used to be the same in my country too. It has changed significantly because there were women who stood against this discrimination and challenged the idea. I am happy that you have managed to overcome it but I am more excited because you have taken the decision to help others out there who could be experiencing the same thing. That is a brave and wise decision for which I am proud of you.

usha kc's picture

Thank you Madube sister,

Thank you Madube sister,
Thank you for comments dear. It surely makes my willingness stronger.

Carlotta's picture

i am proud of you Usha and

i am proud of you Usha and grateful to your parents for not believing that educating you would be pouring water on sand. We are witnesses that they poured water on very rich , fertile soil. We would not be having you with us today if your parents had blindly followed society. i really salute them because i know it was not an easy thing for them to do.

usha kc's picture

Carlotta,,, thank you so much

Carlotta,,, thank you so much dear for admiring comment! thank you ,thank you.

amiesissoho's picture

You're a fighter


Parents like yours saw a future beyond their generation and you shared the vision to make it real.

Congratulations for finding the space to burst out.


usha kc's picture

Hi Amie,, yess having them

Hi Amie,, yess having them as my parents is really my good fortune.thank you sis for reading and commenting.

Celine's picture

Dearest Usha, Your story

Dearest Usha,

Your story touched my heart. You put it rightly that joining World pulse removed isolation and promote unity. You can imagine how we share freely as if we knew ourselves from Adam.

Good writing sister!


usha kc's picture

Hi Celine,, Thank you so much

Hi Celine,, Thank you so much dear for such a good comment.
much love

Greengirl's picture

Dear Usha

You represent the voices of many women out there who are yet to be heard. Your story represents the story of so many women who like your self will wade through the tides of discrimination with determination and courage. Your story is a story of hope that some day, all women will be free!
Thank you for sharing your inspiring story.


usha kc's picture

Hi Olanke,, so much thanx

Hi Olanke,, so much thanx dear for giving your time to read and making comment.

fem4femmes's picture

Such gratitude!!

... for your enlightened parents, dear Usha! I am so thankful for their love, that your voice may be heard in all its splendor today!! Thank you for sharing your story, and I look forward to hearing more of it!

Much strength and happiness to you and your blessed family today!!


"I am the flicker, flame, butterfly ablaze who wants to fly in search of mythical rainbows beyond the rain." ~ Ana Castillo

usha kc's picture

Dear Marissa, thanx a lot for

Dear Marissa, thanx a lot for nice comments sis.

Gertrude Bvindi's picture

Well Done

Hi your story i inspiring. Sometimes when we have certain opportunities available to us, it only makes things easier for us to power on. I am grateful your parents helped make this easier. I am moved by the way you wrote this, and thank you for enlightening me. Keep up the fire, you have come so far, and you are a truly powerful woman!

Gertrude Bvindi

usha kc's picture

Gertrude,, thank you so much

Gertrude,, thank you so much ,, me inspired by your comments dear,, keep inspiring.

Okeny-Lucia's picture

Usha my friend

Thank you dear,I am really happy for this for you.Working with people who dont believe in you can be hard.
However I must say you have done amazingly well with your language command.The sentences are flowing with your hearts desire to tell the story.
This great work and inspiring.Patience pays at last.
Good day dear friend.

Lucia Buyanza
Reproductive Health

usha kc's picture

Hello Lucia,, it'smy pleasure

Hello Lucia,, it'smy pleasure to have your comments dear.
good de fren,,

ruthibelle's picture

Ditto Stella

What more can I say? Stella is absolutely correct and Usha, you are absolutely inspiring :)


usha kc's picture

Thank you so much Ruth for

Thank you so much Ruth for giving your valuable time to read and making comment.

Queenette's picture

Dear Usha, What an inspiring

Dear Usha,

What an inspiring piece, there are several communities where women's rights are being violated, but people are often too afraid to speak. I can relate with your story because i grew up in such a community but i know that together we can make a change. Ride on sister this is just the beginning of greater things to come...

Lagos, Nigeria

usha kc's picture

Hello Queenette,, thanx for

Hello Queenette,, thanx for the comments dear. yes, together we can make change.

jbaljko's picture

Beautiful story

Hi Usha,

Your voice rings loud and clear in this piece. The image of pouring water on sand is powerful. The other side of that coin is from wet sand you can build magical sand castles. Lucky for all of us, your parents helped you shape the strong castle of your heart, where your courage lives. Thank you for taking a stand for all women. I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing.

- Jenn

"The secret of happiness is freedom,
and the secret of freedom, courage."
-Thucydides, ancient Greek historian & author

usha kc's picture

Hi Jenn,, thank you so much

Hi Jenn,, thank you so much for giving your valuable timeto read my article and making comment. Feeling pleased to have your words.

a big hug

tuulafai's picture

Let your voice out loud!

Usha, I would welcome the chance to hear more about your experience during that four years. We women will help lift each other out of this discrimination.

"My four years job period in remote villages had taught me a lot. I further experienced many discrimination and violence against women."

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