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Born Again

every human being have a sense to live a good life in this world.Even I also born this world to live a sensitive life.

When I was in childhood my parents taught me how walk with the help of the chair, how to write the letters and spell those. They always saw me as sunshine of future.

The days passed when I came to teen little by little I started to observe how the people are doing in this world,and grow with many ambitions of my life.

We were wealthy when I was small, when the dark times came my parent lost all the properties and were abundant. two years passed after all these things happens, when I enter into my age of sixteen I was very good in writing participate in all competitions in school also more eager to see the adventure of the world.

That was a vacation after I finished my exams in my sixteen I under went to many pressures. Because my father was facing many problems with dues of his business. One day suddenly my behavior changed as a mentally disorder person.In a short while I lost my memory suddenly. I forget every thing. My parents took me to the the hospital,the doctor diagnosed and said "Oh! I'm sorry for this girl she comes to depressive psycho, some times she may not recover from this."

I forget even the alphabetic which I have learned in my childhood, I couldn't remember who are around me. Some days after the treatment the doctor again met my parents and ask them to separate me into a room and sadly said, "I'm very sorry to say that she again went to a step more from severe to moderate which cannot recovered." My parents was beg the doctor to recover at least my memory. He widely opened the hands widely and said,"NO"

My parents thought my life was end and there is no way to survive. During those days one of my mom's friend visited to us in hospital and asked my parents to visit her home. She was a good Christian. when we went there she wished to pray for me. When my parents agree with that she placed her hands on my head and started to pray for me.

Suddenly, I felt something happened in my body I suddenly wondered where I am. Then I realized that I have came out from some kind of darkness. Jesus Christ gave me salvation. My family and me accepted him as our Saviour after the miracle at the same place.

My friends comfort my parents when I was in hospital, "Don't worry uncle and aunt she will come again and will write again, she will shine again."

As that I'm born again now. God gave me his life and his memory to me.I'm alive in him.

World pulse gave me a chance to shine again and raise up again. Thank you World pulse.


Monica Clarke's picture


Keep strong in faith, Thuwaraha. You are a new person, and your light will shine stronger for others who need to follow in your path. You are young and the world needs your light, so never let it go out! Love and hugs from Monica

Monica Clarke, Writer & Storyteller, bringing human rights alive.
I wish you 'Nangamso', that is: May you continue to do the good work which you do so well.
(A blessing from my ancestors, the Khoikhoi, the first people of South Africa).

Thuwaraha's picture

Thank you

Thank you for your hug and love Monica.


usha kc's picture

dearThuwaraha, great

great congrats for you. god always bless you sis.

Thuwaraha's picture


Blessings to you too Usha


Leina's picture

Hello Thuwaraha,

Hello Thuwaraha,
Thank God for his miracle in your life and for sure your new birth proofs God has a special plan for you.

Thuwaraha's picture

Thank you

Thank you Shekina


Nezed's picture

Very touching story.. Keep

Very touching story.. Keep shinning and writing. Kudos!

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!

Thuwaraha's picture

Dear Nezed

I will.... and I'm learning now to write the journals.... I love yours very much....


MaDube's picture

He is an awesome God

I am touched by your story. Magnifying the Lord and telling the world the good things He has done for you here on Worldpulse is an amazing act of faith. We are happy to have you here in perfect health and you have been given the voice so keep the stories coming.

Thuwaraha's picture

Yes he is

Dear MaDube! yeah.. he is really an awesome God.


treasureland's picture

I'm Amazed at God's Miracle!!!

Thuwaraha, I'm amazed by your testimony and salvation, they are permanent. Keep shinning, God never fails.

Ifesinachi Sam-Emuwa

Thuwaraha's picture

Praise to him

Dear Treasureland, I'm Praising to God for this.


Stella Paul's picture

Miracles happen, and for a cause

You are lucky to receive a miracle and I am sure there was a reason why you got it: God wanted you to be someone who can reach out to others. Best wishes!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Thuwaraha's picture

Thank you

Thank you Stella


ruthibelle's picture

YOurs is as amazing story

YOur life is filled with purpose. Be blessed and never, ever give up!


Thuwaraha's picture

Thank you

Thank you Ruthibelle


CaitlinLO_Brien's picture

Keep working on your writing

Keep working on your writing and enjoying your new life!

char_lm146's picture


Hello Thuwarita.

I am pleased that you have found a new lease of life, and may you hold onto this desire to live a good life.


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