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World Pulse and Heather Tucker Collide

Helping people and making a difference has been a personal goal and vision of mine ever since I convinced my friend Brian in the 3rd grade to paint rocks and sell them to raise money for charity. I’m not sure where my desire to serve originally came from. Perhaps from having a sister with a disability, perhaps from the personal struggles my family experienced or maybe it was just something that was always within me.

Fast forward ten years, just after being a Rotary Youth Ambassador to Estonia, and you would have found me in a number of primary schools in South-East London. My role was to work with children with special educational needs, behavioural challenges and problems at home. I loved my work and the children and families that I was able to help. In my spare time I volunteered with two domestic violence refuges, a charity that supported families in need and was a school governor. In 2003 I was asked to set-up a service for children and young people who had been victims and/or witnesses of crime in South London for Victim Support. Again this was another job that I loved and I continued with it until 2007 when I moved once again, this time to the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands life was different. Due to the language barrier I was unable to continue in my line of work. I now work as a freelance writer and photographer. While I enjoy my work, the aspect of helping and making a difference was missing. After a bit of time, I began to find opportunities to fill that desire. First, I began sponsoring a child at Akany Avoko in Madagascar. Next, I volunteered to be a high school career mentor for disadvantaged youth and most recently I became an Ambassador for Aid the Nations, including becoming a pen pal to four orphans in Uganda. But I was still looking for a way to utilize my writing to help people and contribute to making the world a better place.

That’s when I found World Pulse. When I saw the website, the Voices of Our Future programme and all the great work being done by the women here, I knew I had found the perfect place for continuing the journey of my personal vision to help people and make a difference.


Breese's picture

Your commitment to serving

Your commitment to serving others is so admirable! Thanks for your dedication, Heather!

Heather Tucker's picture

Thank you so much Breese.

Thank you so much Breese.
Twitter: @traineecloggie

Adepeju's picture

Thumbs up to you and your

Thumbs up to you and your selfless commitment to mankind. Keep up the good work.

Heather Tucker's picture

Thank you Adepeju!

Thank you Adepeju!
Twitter: @traineecloggie

Stella Paul's picture

Admire that

Dear Heather

Every woman can do something to help another woman do her bit. Telling one woman's story will lead to another woman come forward and share her story. Best wishes for being a link in the chain of story tellers!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Heather Tucker's picture

Thank You

Hi Stella Paul,

Thank you, you have given me extra motivation to be one of those links.

Twitter: @traineecloggie

usha kc's picture

hi Heather, glad to have you

hi Heather, glad to have you in this platfrom, I admire your work dear. keep it up.

Heather Tucker's picture

Thanks Usha

Thank you very much Usha. That has put a smile on my face. :)
Twitter: @traineecloggie

katyrdz's picture

Hi Heather! It's me again. I

Hi Heather! It's me again. I really love reading your stories, you have a very nice and creative way of putting things, it's easy and entertaining to read. I will add you as a friend :)

Heather Tucker's picture

Welcome back! Thank you so

Welcome back! Thank you so much for the positive feedback and for the friend add. Totally impressed with all the languages you know!
Twitter: @traineecloggie

katyrdz's picture

Hahaha, that's what happens

Hahaha, that's what happens when you are a nomad, living from one place to another! :P

jbaljko's picture

Finding your way through the ex-pat life

I can totally relate to both your ex-pat tales and the desire to beat down language barriers so you can get back to the work you're meant to do. Am going through similar things as an American living in Barcelona.
While World Pulse definitely is a place to stay connected, I'm glad to read that you're again diving into the local community and looking for ways to be in service there. I hope you find a way to link your writing and helping others. Let me know how you do... that's something I'm aspiring towards as well.

BTW, I took a peak at your website (been dragging my feet on updating my terribly static pages and am looking at how other writers are packaging info). Enjoyed reading about your experiences in Amsterdam. I'm going to find/follow along on Twitter.

"The secret of happiness is freedom,
and the secret of freedom, courage."
-Thucydides, ancient Greek historian & author

Heather Tucker's picture

Hi Jenn, How are you finding

Hi Jenn,

How are you finding Barcelona? It is great to find another expat and you aren't that far away either. Have you learned a lot of Spanish? We'll have to keep in touch and share ideas, tips and survival support. ;)

Thanks for visiting the website. I have followed you back on Twitter. Good luck with the website revamp!

Twitter: @traineecloggie

Fay's picture


I wanted to offer my personal congratulations to you for being so philanthropically inspired and motivated, even from such an early age. The number of things you have done is impressive and shows a real dedication to helping individuals in need. It seems like your vision encompasses more than just women, but anyone who is a victim of disability or violence. I am sure that after a few years, you will conquer the language barrier - language cannot stop a strong heart.


Heather Tucker's picture

Thanks for the vote of

Thanks for the vote of confidence Fay and the lovely feedback. Your last sentence is very motivating for me.
Twitter: @traineecloggie

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