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My journey and my vision

Meeting World Pulse along my life journey was something unexpected and surprising.
I was already interested in social issues and I have been working with two organizations devoted to environment conservation, children rescue and education, immigrants social inclusion. Since the beginning, I noticed that the common denominator to all successful stories and projects were women. The engine of change and development. I started focusing on this aspect in my everyday work.
I came to know about this amazing on line community a few weeks ago and by chance, thanks to a post on facebook. A simple click and it was love at first sight!
“Here you are, at last!” I said to myself as I went through the posts and beautiful writings of many women who were there before me. I read about the opportunity to apply for Voices for Our Future and my first reaction was “Oh yes, I want to do it!” but later on came the doubts: would I be good enough? Did I have something to write about? What did I have to offer, was my experience as a woman worth being reported?
Still, I felt I had to try. So here I am, writing, reading, posting, learning and growing. Yes, growing. In a sole month, I have known new realities, stories of strength and courage, cultures which are so different and distant from mine but, at the same time, so close in feelings and spirit…
Being in this community led me to look at myself, my culture and my ways of being a woman from a different perspective.
I share and endorse the vision of World Pulse, and I know being here will inspire me to try and create a change in my country. I am now more aware of the fact that, despite seeming to have achieved gender equality, here in Italy, many women are more likely to be left alone as they face their duties: being a worker, a mother, a wife and a housewife at the same time. Work conditions being equal, women are paid less than men and face more difficulties in finding a job, due to the “danger” that they might become pregnant. I would like to create something new for them, give them a space where they can share their fears, hopes, needs.
On the other hand, there are women who use their bodies and beauty to achieve success. They humiliate all those women from the past who fought for their rights as well as all the women who struggle everyday to demonstrate and keep their dignity. These women fuel a vicious circle made of stereotypes and male chauvinism. All this must come to an end.
I feel my journey here in World Pulse will enable me to start a change and hopefully help women to re-discover the blessing and beauty of being a woman.


Stella Paul's picture

your story

Dear friend

Can't believe you ever doubted you had a story.You do and you are a fantastic story teller. A lot of the issues that you mentioned (bias in wages being one) are close to my heart. You have got my ears!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

zoneziwoh's picture

Stella Paul, once more you said it again

Stella, You are an amazing lady. I see you are always 10 giant steps ahead of me in commenting and your comments always pushes the conversation further. just like now. True - our dear sister is an amazing story teller.

what i know and it is not just what i know, it is part of my believe that every one on this planet has something to say - and as they say that no two individuals have thesame finger print. it therefore means that we are all unique in our own waya and manner.

Stay Blessed



Facebook:Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh

Twitter | Instagram: @ZoFem

choirgirl's picture


Dear Stella,

thank you so much for your support, I appreciate that! ;)

Stay blessed


Monica Clarke's picture

You are a real woman

You are a real woman - and beautiful one, too - and I admire you!

Love from Monica

Monica Clarke, Writer & Storyteller, bringing human rights alive.
I wish you 'Nangamso', that is: May you continue to do the good work which you do so well.
(A blessing from my ancestors, the Khoikhoi, the first people of South Africa).

choirgirl's picture

Dear Monica


although we have just known each other through our letters, I want you to know you are a special someone to me.

Thank you


usha kc's picture

Choirgirl sis,, good one. As

Choirgirl sis,, good one. As Ziwoh mentioned everyone is unique and possess unique story to tell.
i look forward to hear more from you.

katyrdz's picture

Same here

Hey there! I just wanted you to know that I felt the same way you did when I decided to enter Voices of our Future,in fact you will see me talking about this in my assignment. I also didn't know if my stories were interesting enough because you can say that I have been a very lucky girl, with a lot of education and opportunities, but I have learned in my journey that women like us have a huuuge responsibility with our other sisters who haven't been as lucky as us. We have to keep talking and working for them and for our future daughters! Buona fortuna e ci leggiamo!

Cali gal Michelle's picture


I totally agree.... I have to resist the temptation to say I don't have a good enough (or horrific enough) story to be noticed to create change. But we all need to take advantage of our advantages to make the quiet voices even louder.

I invite you to read my previous posts in my journal for further info about my story...

Peace to all-


Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


choirgirl's picture


Wow Katy,

it feels much better to know I was not the one feeling like that!! I agree with you, it is our responsibility to put our luck to use for other women, so

let's keep going!!


MaDube's picture

We are good enough

We must never never think we are not good enough because that is what keeps us from trying and achieving things we are meant to achieve. We mus change from the 'we cant' to 'yes we can' attitude. And Maria, even if you and I are not selected as the finalists, the experience that has led us this far has made us far much richer than we would have been had we not tried. I am proud that you let the 'I cant' feeling go and stayed on. Sometimes the beauty of the race is not in winning the medal, it is in completing the race. Proud that you are on the race and know that you will complete it!

choirgirl's picture


I wanna thank you for all your kind words of support. MaDube, you are right, we are richer now than we were before!!


fem4femmes's picture

At last!!

Yes!! At last, the chance to hear your voice and the voices of so many amazing women! Thank you for sharing your story and especially for highlighting the tragedy of women's and girl's sexualization in all cultures! This objectification of women and girls, their dehumanizing, is at the root of our experienced violence against women... How can men value us when we are little more than a commodity used to buy and sell products, or that can be bought and sold ourselves?

Thank you and much happiness to you today, dear Maria!!


"I am the flicker, flame, butterfly ablaze who wants to fly in search of mythical rainbows beyond the rain." ~ Ana Castillo

choirgirl's picture

Thank you!

Thank you Marissa and thank you all girls for all your support and encouragenment. Honestly, I never would expect such enthusiasm, it truly boosted my self confidence, I'm for real!
Really don't know what to say, thank you!!!!


ruthibelle's picture

The Burden of Responsibility

I understand the burden of responsibility that you feel ... It's a need to do something more than merely watch as other people's lives are torn apart. You are already making a difference, because this has certainly inspired me.


Diana's picture

Thank you!

Never underestimate the story you have to tell. It might not be tragic or sad but nevertheless it's YOUR voice and it can change so many people's minds. Just like you said...the stories we all share are so different and distant from our own but, nevertheless so close in feelings and spirit!
Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next post!


Jessica Carmen's picture

Love at first sight

Just like you, I felt "love at first sight" when I stumbled upon World Pulse. Speaking, sharing, inspiring stories that touch all of us. You are absolutely good enough and have something worth sharing. Please keep up the good work!

Potter's picture

Never Doubt the Beauty of Your Voice

I appreciated reading your story of your journey to becoming a Voices of Our Future applicant. I was interested to read your statement that the common denominator to "all succesdful stories and projects is women. Do you have something to write about? Do you have something to offer? YES! Yes, you do. Never doubt it! You say, "here I am writing, reading, posting, learning and growing. Yes, growing." Your aspiration to give women in Italy a space to share their fears, hopes and needs is inspiring. I want to read more!

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