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WorldPulse: The Future Starts Here!

Sometime in year 2000, 189 countries of the world came together and amongst other goals set a target to reduce maternal mortality by 75% by the year 2015.

Today, eleven years after, Nigeria is clearly off target!

According to the Maternal Health Task Force, every year in Nigeria, an estimated 36,666 women die at childbirth. Behind this statistic are women whose hopes have been dashed forever, families whose structures have been destroyed and children who will never know motherly love and care. Sadly, a sizeable percentage, if not all, of these deaths are avoidable!

The question is; what are we doing wrong and what can we do right?

Peering at my computer and going through my Twitter timeline one hot afternoon in August, a tweet caught my attention. It was a call for applicants for the 2011 VOF training by Worldpulse. At first I ignored it, but curiosity got the better of me. I visited the webpage and found out it was hinged on the Interaction of people with common goals, exchange of ideas, sharing of experience, asking questions, getting answers and adopting working strategies to improve the lot of women the world over.

Having determined to look at the issue of maternal death from an uncommon perspective, an uncommon interactive media platform which favours learning as well as teaching, a productive opportunity to rub minds beyond my regular facebook and twitter was needed. Worldpulse was looking like what I had always wanted!

In advocating for women’s right and fighting against maternal mortality in Nigeria, questions such as how countries with low maternal deaths achieve and sustain it, how accountability of health officers are ensured in other countries, how my lone voice can be amplified to break the culture of silence that follows medical death due to medical negligence, how to encourage victim’s relatives to speak out, how to let them know that though speaking out will not bring back the dead, it can save a life etc have remained pertinent on my mind. With my discovery of Worldpulse, it brought the answers closer home.

Diversity of ideas is key to progress, a re-echo of my voice is key to reach. Worldpulse offers me both so passing by the VOF opportunity was not an option!

For me, the era of needless death, forgetting equipment in patients, cutting off fallopian tubes and arteries in the process of a simple C-Section as well as all other careless errors which increases maternal mortality must come to an end!

This opportunity rekindles my hope and assures me that although we have less than five years to go in achieving the MDGs and so much is undone, substantial progress can still be made.

Now I know there is an invincible force in the unity of our voices, stronger than the might of any army and louder than the rumbling thunder.

With Worldpulse, the future starts here!!!



dbunton's picture

Thanks for sharing


Thank goodness for technology, and you checking and responding to the Twitter post about VOF. How grateful are readers who learn from you sharing your personal stories and experiences. Thank you for the work you do to combat maternal mortality, and calling for accountability of health officials to save the precious lives of women, and children. Thanks for deciding to join World Pulse, and being a "voice amplified to break the culture of silence".

Darren Bunton

Adepeju's picture

I'm touched by your words

Thank you so much dbunton, your words have encouraged me. Personally (experience wise), I do not have a story but I believe that the stories of all the victims of maternal death is my story. I chose to take action for them all...

Stella Paul's picture

Its the same

Dear Adepeju

You say personally you don't have a story. But to tell another's story (and you are telling the stories of thousands) - that's just equally great. But for you, these stories would stay untold forever.So, take a bow and keep talking!


Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Adepeju's picture

So true Stella :-) Thank you.

So true Stella :-) Thank you. Just read your post. Unlike you, I dont have a story (experience wise) on the cause I pursue. No one lives to tell the story of maternal death... But im taking your advice to take a bow and keep talking!

zoneziwoh's picture


Your story is charmingly beautiful. I love the way you introduced your journey into PW. keep up the good work dear sister. I can imagine the challenges involve. Maternal death is sometime govt ignore and it is a big security challenge in our continent(s). Thanks for sharing your experience.

Stay Blessed



facebook: Zoneziwoh

twitter: @ZoFem

Adepeju's picture

Thank you

Thank you zoneziwoh.

Honestly, its be soooooooooo challenging but its an effort worth my time and the lives involved.. Working on a project now to try and educate young women of childbearing age on maternal mortality in a local government in Nigeria. support has been awesome!

enamara's picture


Hey, very lovely article, what is your twitter handle, I wanna follow you, mine is enamara.
I love reading your posts, totally amazing.

Adepeju's picture

Howdy!Just seeing your post


Just seeing your post now. I'm soooo searching for you right now on twitter! mine is "pjlalah" wink wink... btwn i need your idea on something...

usha kc's picture

Hello Adepeju,, lets start

Hello Adepeju,, lets start the journey together from here. keep going ahead sister.

Adepeju's picture

Thank you Usha kc...Your

Thank you Usha kc...Your replies are usually soothing :-)

MaDube's picture

Dear Ade

Your story is that you have made chances of a mother losing life in childbirth or a child failing to see the light of day slimmer. It is your struggle for women to receive maternal healthcare and so never think that because you have not died in childbirth (God forbid) or lost a child giving birth that makes your story less important. The fact that you are paving the way for these things not to happen to you and other women out there makes you a heroine.

Adepeju's picture

Yes MaDube, I quite agree

Yes MaDube, I quite agree with you....Thank you
Missed you a bit :-) I'm running to read your post now...

MaDube's picture

This past week I was crazy

This past week I was crazy busy so I only got to read the stories and publish mine today.

Adepeju's picture

Awww...Sorry dearie. You did

Awww...Sorry dearie. You did a good work on your post though. You said things i was able to identify with. Thumbs up!

MaDube's picture

Thanks :-). It's my story.

Thanks :-). It's my story. Some people say I am bitter, others say I am loudmouthed and someday the government will shut my mouth for me because I can not seem to shut it up myself but I have not stopped and wont stop.

Carlotta's picture

Great Job

You really are doing a great job, you never know how far your stories could go and what change might be brought about if they reach the right ears. Best wishes for Week 3.

Adepeju's picture

Thank you carlotta, so right!

Thank you carlotta, so right! you never know who's reading with Worldpulse.

fem4femmes's picture


I cannot say it enough. I am overwhelmed by the appeciation I experience each time I hear the strength of the women of the world!!

As a mother whose child nearly died in childbirth, I am indebted not only to my sister mid-wives, but to the easy access to conventional medicine when I needed it... Thank you for your invaluable efforts to make this available to all mothers!!


"I am the flicker, flame, butterfly ablaze who wants to fly in search of mythical rainbows beyond the rain." ~ Ana Castillo

Adepeju's picture

Hi Marrissa,

Thank you so much for your comment. It's really unbelieveable what women go through trying to give life. By raising our voice to demand accountability and responsibility of health officers, we demand justice not only for those who have lost their lives but protect those alive from future harm. Thank you again

VC's picture

Glad you were curious!

Dear Adepeju.

Just replied to your mail and rushed in to check your post. And I will say it again, I am so glad that "curiousity got the better" of you! The stories you have shared thus far have opened my eyes to a 'grim reality' and while your work isn't easy, I like your determination!

Strength to you!

Vaishalli Chandra

“I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind.”
~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Adepeju's picture

Thank you VC, now get to

Thank you VC, now get to work, I'm waiting to read from you :-)

Titilope's picture

An interesting piece. Ride on

An interesting piece. Ride on sister! For those of us yet to go through the pains of childbearing, we will learn a lot from your stories and get prepared. keep up the good work.

Adepeju's picture

Hello Titi, Thank you for

Hello Titi,

Thank you for your comment. My aim is to get women or their families to speak up and take action where they have been wronged by medical officers. By taking action, we save thousands of other women. People tend to be more careful when they know they are being watched and they realise that dire consequences follows irresponsible actions. Thank you again Titi.

Nezed's picture

Peju! Beautiful journey... Do

Peju! Beautiful journey... Do you know i have never thought of maternal mortality as related to human errors? Am happy you shared this and its so enlightening... Thumbs up Sis! Love you loads...

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!

Adepeju's picture

Hey sis

Do you also know that like you, most people have not thought about the link between medical negligence and maternal mortality. We focus on improved healthcare services, we urge the woman to vist the hospital for goal focused antenatal but the question is, have we ensured that we have put in place skilled medical professionals in these hospital? the definition of skill doesnt lie in the certificate received by the doctor or his training. Ask me how do I know? my friend died of medical negligence at child birth in one of the best teaching hospitals in Nigeria....many more are dying of medical negligence or failure to act on the part of health officers especially in the rural areas. Last week I assisted my late friends family to file a Five billion naira action against the hospital. You can't cut off a woman's artery, fallopian tube and and transfuse her with the wrong blood thereby snuffing out her life in the course of giving birth and quote "forgive and forget". Health officers must be accountable for every life. This is my story!!!

Nezed's picture

Dont scare me Peju! I intend

Dont scare me Peju! I intend to give birth soon.. Wow... Ekun se my dear.. Keep writing and telling it!

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!

Adepeju's picture

lol...We all intend to give

lol...We all intend to give birth soon thats why i'm passionate about make childbirth a safe process. No need to get scared dearie, lets just take action!

Nezed's picture

Of course! I join my voice to

Of course! I join my voice to yours. Well done! BTW, you stay in Lagos? There is an event 1st Oct, are you 'Wedding event compliant? Will love to have you see me rock the dance floor..Lol..

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!

Adepeju's picture

hahahaha!! Yes i do stay in

hahahaha!! Yes i do stay in Lagos...Looking forward to seeing you rock on the dance floor...Will confirm if i will be free on that day though. I'm supposed to give some secondary students in Sagamu local government some talk on maternal and infant welfare...Inbox me the details sha *waiting*

Adepeju's picture

lol...We all intend to give

lol...We all intend to give birth soon thats why i'm passionate about make childbirth a safe process. No need to get scared dearie, lets just take action!

World Pulse is better for your participation. And the world is a better place with you in it.
Nice to hear from someone who has a voice and isn't afraid to use it!
Keep up the great work, Adepeju!

Adepeju's picture

Thank You

Thank you so much bluepearl for your commendation. I really appreciate it.

ruthibelle's picture


The future starts here indeed :)


Adepeju's picture

Guess that means we are both

Guess that means we are both living the future now :-) Good to hear from you.

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