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Embracing Technology for Women Empowerment

Web 2.0 is the platform that drives the new information age. It has shrunken the size of the globe to the distance from one’s communication device. With the recent advances in ICT, applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. have made it possible for people to become journalists, editors, and publishers by generating, editing and publishing their own stories online on issues affecting their daily lives. It also serves as a platform to educate women on issues that impact their lives, while offering avenues to improve their wellbeing. It has also afforded the opportunity to report real issues and life experiences of people whose voices or plights may otherwise have been overlooked by the traditional

For the global women’s empowerment movement, Web 2.0 offers a platform for easy access to information. Problems facing women in a particular community are looked at by women from different communities, who bring different perspectives to them, brainstorm on, and proffer solutions that best address the issues. Because it offers the opportunity of social networking, women from different parts of the globe can easily connect to others who share similar interest or are facing similar situations in their
localities. It also increases the awareness of women to what is happening both in their communities and in the world.

Considering the part of the world we are from, and the attitude of our government towards freedom of information, social media has become a means for accessing and sharing information quickly. This has not only made it easier for us to be informed on issues affecting our lives, it has made it possible for us to make inputs, share ideas and organize sensitizations of those responsible for implementing government policies and those to be most affected by these policies.

It also affords us the opportunity to bring to light practices and customs detrimental to women and maternal health while striving to educate others on how best to overcome gender related discriminations and stereotypical labeling.


udoka29's picture

Nice Piece

Your last paragraph is so true! Especially in the north where I live. The rate of VVF is so shocking that one would wonder whether they did it on purpose.

Kadidia's picture

Embracing Technology for Women Empowerment


Technology is the new power of the 21st century. It is a new venue for women to speak up, at least for those of us who have access to this new media.

As you wrote "For the global women’s empowerment movement, Web 2.0 offers a platform for easy access to information". You might want to explore different ways of using this new possibility to speak up and let the world know what needs to be improved in your environment.

Governments especially African governments won't have a choice but to start doing the right thing concerning gender issues and maybe in this century we will see some improvements in women's status.

I believe that you have an idea about what can be done with web 2.0 and I will be very much interested in reading about it.

Kadidia Doumbia

elizabech's picture

Your piece

I think you have a great piece here. I would love to hear more about what specific issues you think women can share and solve through web 2.0.

Emily Garcia's picture


Hi Adeshola,

Thanks for your post! I think you've made a lot of great points here about the role Web 2.0 can play in the women's empowerment movement. As Kadidia and Elizabech mentioned before me, it would be great to hear about what specific issues are important to you and to women in your community and how they can be addressed using this new media technology.

Great work, though, and I look forward to reading more from you!

Best wishes,


Emily Garcia
World Pulse Online Community Lead

Adeshola Komolafe's picture

Rape in Nigeria!

Thank you all for your mail! I really app recite them.

My whole week has been messed up!

A female student was gang raped by five boys in Abia State University (ABSU). This incident happened Tuesday August 16th , 2011. These boys raped this girl, recorded it, passed it round their friends, who then passed it round ABSU campus.

And do you know what her offense was, why this girl was raped? She supposedly insulted one of the boys...that was all.

In the rape video, which lasts for over an hour, the girl cried her eyes out and tried to fight them off in the first few minutes, after a while they subdued her; by slapping her, rough handling her, threatening to kill her and having rough sex with her. After a while she gave in and instead of fighting, she started pleading, and after her pleas fell on deaf ears, she begged them to kill her that she couldn’t take the pain anymore. These boys laughed at her, made fun of her and told her that if she didn't co-operate, they would keep her in the room and continue raping her for two days.

Please continue to read this horrid story ...

Then she starts mentioning names, saying ‘What did I ever do to you’, (they spoke in English and Igbo language) she mentioned at least two names.

And in between, you will hear her scream out in pain as one guy stands up and another penetrates her...and all the while, these boys are laughing.

In the video, you can clearly see the girl’s face; the boys faces you really can’t see clearly... but they talk a lot and one of them said he’s a 4th year law student, another one said he’s an IT student...names were mentioned...these boys can be fished out.

This girl is someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s friend, and God’s creation. You cannot do this to another human being and get away with it.

This is the power of the new media technology!
No one would have known about the gang rape if the video had not been uploaded and circulated. YouTube and Metacafe immediately blocked the video. However, another video platform allowed it to run, and within a short while, the site had a hit of over 1, 300, 000 viewers. So many young Nigerians are coming together online to say no to rape. We are serious on getting to the root of this matter. With out Web 2.0, this would not have been possible. We are organising a 'Walk Against Rape'. All this is done online using, mainly through twitter.

Emily Garcia's picture

This is

This is horrifying...tragic..and a very poignant example of what women are up against in Nigeria--brutal violence against women. And why??? WHY?! I find it very difficult to understand...and yet this is a reality throughout the world! Why?

I've been doing my own research into blog posts by women, and gender violence is a common theme. It's important that these stories are being heard through new media...they reveal a shocking reality that needs to be changed!

Thank you for sharing.

Emily Garcia
World Pulse Online Community Lead

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