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The Media in our personal evolution

I remember before the web 2.0 started, people just connected with their immediate circle of friends and acquaintances. It was difficult to maintain in contact with people that your barely knew or with all friends that moved to other country, for some reasons the regular mail took so long that eventually discouraged people to keep in touch.

Now it is different, because through web 2.0 we are able to connect with people that we barely know or even to make friends that we had ever seen. We have also access to information that wasn’t available before. But what web 2.0 has really given us is the opportunity to maintain in contact with people through years. We as human beings are in a continuous evolution, we are learning everyday and now we are sharing what we have learned. Through the social media, we are teaching others, encouraging them to evolve as well. Eventually the importance of the web 2.0 is not just because of the easiness of being connected but also for the possibility of being challenged with others evolution, being curious of their achievements, knowledge’s and experiences until we are finally immersed in our own search, in our own evolution, reaching and challenging others. Is the possibility to jump within the web 2.0, from social media and social networking to citizens’ journalism, what better describes the evolution of the human beings as analytical and participative beings. As a component of a society. These tools are only facilitating the changes that we are looking for in our societies. They are just tools. And at the same time, social progress wouldn’t be possible without the possibility of exposure that these tools have give us. Our search as women wouldn’t have resonance. This is a space where we, the women of the world, can share our experiences and knowledge, but where we can also denounce what is oppressing us in our societies. We can also talk about the challenges that we encounter and about the issues that affect our societies and our communities. Through web 2.0 we inform the word and we find resonance in our stories. This platform, give us the possibility to speak openly, talk about our views and ideas without being judged by our societies, without being questioned or rejected by our families. I even see this platform as a healthy solution to liberate our thoughts and feelings, writing is therapeutic, but when you can share your thoughts and find acceptance, it becomes renovator and motivational.

For me, these tools are being part of my personal search and my personal evolution. I have always been in contact with these tools but I have never take the risk of exploring what I have to say until I felt motivated and challenged by others evolution and learning experiences.


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web 2.0 tools

Hi danielatort

Thanks for your article. Yes, web 2.0 is all what you have detailed and very much part of each of our personal evolution. What would have made this article a little better would have been some depth in terms of specific examples on how this has affected you personally, how you have been able to leverage it or how you have seen some one benefit from it. Other than that, this is good writing. Keep at it!

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Hi Danielatort,I’m happy to

Hi Danielatort,

I’m happy to be one of your listeners for this assignment. You did a great job of exploring the potential of Web 2.0.
I especially enjoyed this line, “This platform, give us the possibility to speak openly, talk about our views and ideas without being judged by our societies, without being questioned or rejected by our families.”

I would like to encourage you to let your unique voice shine through in your future assignments. Tell us more about how you feel. How is this personal to you? I look forward to hearing more from you. If you have any questions feel free to inbox me.

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

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Hi danielatort!

I really enjoyed reading your posting. You have a lot of positive ideas and deep thoughts and I enjoyed thinking about what you have written. I think you have a lot to offer society and the world with you ideas. Please keep writing!!


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Learning from you

Thank you all for your comments and feedback! I am learning from this experience and this is the first time I actually write something online... or even finish an article in English (before this I use to write but not really finish my articles,lol), so I am pretty excited. I know the following results will be better!


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