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“Close your eyes and imagine three situations. That of a manager in a software company assigning work to his subordinate, a doctor instructing a nurse and an editor talking to a reporter”. That was the instruction from a facilitator at a workshop. Later she asked if any of us had imagined a woman in the role of the boss (ie) the manager, doctor or editor. None of us had, though half the participants were women that included four women doctors and a woman editor! The gender stereotype is so ingrained in us that even empowered women are unable to think in different terms.
And so I realize that the change has to start from within. The only way I know of, to bring about that change, is to write. A few hundred people might read my outpourings in a Tamil print magazine, a few thousands in an English one. Of the thousands, when a handful of readers write to say how my article has helped or brought about a positive change, the article has served its purpose. Then I come to know of Web 2.0 and what do I learn? When I put my write-up online, I need not worry that the editor will go snip, snip, snip with my article, editing important portions, citing various reasons. And I need not be confined to my state or my country, but can connect beyond borders and boundaries. That is an exhilarating feeling.
I have been concerned about women in distress; about the youth of the city slums and the rural youth who lack exposure, education and confidence. (I strongly feel about empowering all those who need to be empowered, and not just a specific target group). I have been wondering how I could reach out to them and empower them. I have also been concerned about various issues such as female foeticide in my native state, women farmers struggling to combat climate change-related issues in the state of Uttar Pradesh, women who are ostracised during menstruation, maternal deaths during childbirth, bonded labour, manual scavenging and many more. Just when I was toying with the idea of using the online platform to address these issues, I learn here that I can and I should, courtesy Web 2.0.
I have to be candid that I am bogged by questions such as: How to reach those who cannot access the internet and are too poor to buy mobile phones, How do I build the network beyond my circle of friends, How do I protect my community site from unwanted contents being posted by users, etc. But knowing that I have a tool that I can use has given me the confidence that a small step that I take will soon gather momentum towards achieving my vision.


marieb76's picture

well done!

Change totally starts from within! Thank you for allowing us the chance to experience your journey through your writing. We as woman need to be able to see ourselves in the positions of power before we can expect others to do so. Nicely done!

Bryne Atkinson

Jency's picture

Thank you

True. Till I attended that workshop I had not realised that my mindset too was not fully changed. Then I took a conscious decision and in the English lessons that I was writing for school children I ensured that the mother was shown in a role different from that of a kitchen-bound woman. A small thrill :-)


DinaYazdani's picture

Beyond borders, beyond boundaries

Your writing is very inspiring, and shows how important that web 2.0 has to empowering women--Nonetheless, your role in making this change happen. I agree that the internet, and media has allowed us to go "beyond border, beyond boundaries" as you said!

Thanks much!

Twitter- MojoThinkTank

Jency's picture


Thanks Dina. True that internet has an unimaginable reach. I am not tech-savvy, but still I find the reach mind-boggling. I am slowly adapting myself to the new technologies :-)


aimeeknight's picture

Hi Jency, I enjoyed reading

Hi Jency,
I enjoyed reading your post, you began with a powerful exercise. It really made me think!
It is wonderful that World Pulse is a place, where you can share your thoughts freely. It’s great that you’re enthusiastic and are thinking of ways to use Web 2.0 to bring about change. Great work.

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

Jency's picture

Good exercise

Thanks Aimee. After that exercise, I keep thinking of ways in which to break the gender stereotype. Though I am an outgoing, gregarious person, I have always lacked the initiative to do something on a public platform, except writing. I would offer help and support to individuals, but not do something that would effect change at a larger level. Reading so many stories on Pulsewire, I am slowly overcoming my inhibitions.


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