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Free to speak and be heard

It is exciting to know that as a woman, I can finally be heard without any consultations and just be free to speak without censorship. I can tell you that woman begging in the streets on Moi avenue at night with a toddler on her lap or that child forced to be out of school in order to beg and know that I will illicit some conversation that ripples all over the world and eventually move somebody or me to start a project to rehabilitate such women and provide them with income generating activities, knowing that there is a large network of friends from all over the world willing to help; that is more than exciting it is revolutionary.

Web2.0, will offer us, women what Rosa Parks gave to the African-American Civil rights movement, a chance to take notice, or what Wangari Maathai gave to Kenya, freedom park (Uhuru park) and what women like Oprah, Hilary Clinton, Graca Machel and many others continue to give to the millions of women, hope and a belief that we can make a difference and they matter.

This forum will allow me to take readers on a journey of my world and tell stories from my eyes and what solutions we can create as women lifting other women. It will give me the boldness to implement projects to lift the lowly and participate in similar projects that highlight the disadvantaged in the community.

My vision is to develop projects that rehabilitate women and children. I believe that no child should be without love, a proper home and education. In the streets of Nairobi, it is a common thing to see children with their mothers begging for alms, some of this children at of school going age but poverty, abandonment by their fathers and in some cases greed turns them into beggars. There are many disadvantages for them, physical and sexual abuse is one of them.

My project would be to empower this women, through education, developing work skills and trying to find them jobs through bureaus, either as cleaners or domestic workers. sometime you may set them up in small businesses.

One way is to also use the networks I create through world pulse, to have people sponsor families through committing a pledge of a hundred dollars a month, which translates to 7-9 thousand shillings, this can be enough to feed a family, pay rent for a single room house and maybe save enough to start a small business and the children can have the opportunity to go to school.


Stella Paul's picture

Faith and Hope

Dear Friend

I love the hope and the faith in your voice and these are two qualities that will also make each of your stories very valuable to every reader. I already am one of them.

Keep that faith and the hope up!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

wairimu's picture

Thank you

Dear Stella Paul,

Thank you for your kind words. I believe we are the change we want to see.

Holding on to the faith and hope.

My three worlds

faridaY's picture

speaking up

You are right Wairimu..we are being given incredible opportunities not just to speak up but to use our voices for positive change.

YAOtieno's picture

I like this

Hi Wairimu,

I like your story and that it gives both sides of the coins - speaking and most importantly being heard!

I like that people here take the time to read or listen to others voices.

Keep writing, we are listening!



A candle looses nothing my lighting another

wairimu's picture

Dear Farida and YAotieno, You

Dear Farida and YAotieno,
You are both right this is a great opportunity to speak and be heard, and to know that there are people out there listening who care.

My three worlds,

cassie_levy's picture

Great work! I love your story

Great work! I love your story in the opening paragraph. The only area I would like to see more of is in your vision. What solutions do you have in mind? What are those projects? Give specific examples about what you would like to see. Develop this area further.

meg.peterson's picture

I love your enthusiasm!

Great essay, I appreciate the imagery in the first paragraph and your enthusiasm for change to be made by giving people opportunities they may not have had, now that they can express themselves through Web 2.0/ social media. I second, cassie_levy in her desire to know more specifics about your vision. What specific projects would you like to implement in your community and how will these projects help women empower themselves? Great work, looking forward to hearing more about your ideas.


wairimu's picture

My vision

Dear Cassie and Meg,
Thank you for the comments I have taken your input in and tried to develop my vision as suggested, kindly have a look at y submission again.
Thanks for the challenge

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