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Web 2.0: Reloading Women's voices

As a citizen reporter and young community leader, the Web 2.0 tools (new media, social media, social networking) empower me by giving voice to my plans and ideas both in conception and in execution; assisting me with strengthening my voice to reach a wider audience and in meeting people with whom I share thoughts, experiences and hopes. These tools offer me the platform to share news -with or without images and videos- as it breaks, building a reciprocal interaction with a global online community from whom I can expect instant feedback and insights to similar or divergent experiences.
I now have a better understanding of what I can do with these tools despite already being familiar with most of the Web 2.0 tools by name. Most exciting is the fact that I can write, edit, self-publish and share my work bypassing all the usual barriers that include ‘biased/influenced editing’ and censorship. Meeting all the voices on PulseWire and members of similar online communities also increases my enthusiasm to organise programmes and discuss issues as they affect women in my community.
By introducing me to the basics of virtual expression and interaction, Web 2.0 creates an unparalleled accessibility to facts and information that can change or improve my society where women despite being breadwinners in most of their homes are still advised to be totally submissive to their husbands and/or every male relative.
I have no doubt in the effectiveness of these tools in propagating change as Web 2.0’s internet solutions have been used successfully to create awareness on diverse development issues, create borderless connections between women across the world and give voice to progressive movements all in the name of positive global change. In other words, Web 2.0 has and continues to transform the way women and women-related issues are reported worldwide, especially in places where such issues hardly make the news.


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"Web 2.0 creates an

"Web 2.0 creates an unparalleled accessibility to facts and information that can change or improve my society where women despite being breadwinners in most of their homes are still advised to be totally submissive to their husbands and/or every male relative." This was a very painful reminder of how a lot of African women toil as breadwinners only to have that money controlled or abused by the husbands. It happens a lot more than people think.

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@Carlotta, I agree with you.

@Carlotta, I agree with you. Domestic violence comes readily to mind.

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Women don't have it easy!

Thanks for dropping by Carlotta and Adepeju.
It's one of the things that strikes me most in the way people, men especially and even some women relate to women as having a secondary role in running their homes when in reality the women support their men and still single-handedly run their homes.
Let's give women that voice they need.


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Reloading women's voices

I like your title reloading women's voices! Wonderful. Women's voices have been silenced, now is the time to reload.

Follow me on twitter:@livelyloyce

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Yes, we can!

Thanks, Joyce.
Together we can reload these voices!!!

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I love how you speak to giving voice to progressive movements in the name of positive global change. That is a very concise and articulate way to describe the potential of web 2.0 dialog. I'd like to hear more as the dialog progresses of what ideas you develop to address wonen's issues in your community. Thenk you for regognizing that women are often the primary breadwinners in their homes but are still expected to be submissive. Dialog like World Pulse does have the potential to assert women's voices in leadership.

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Hi Derinho, Welcome to World

Hi Derinho,
Welcome to World Pulse. I agree that meeting all of the voices on PulseWire, from around the world, is exciting! You are already a citizen reporter and community leader, that’s wonderful. I can’t wait to see how you will continue to make use of Web 2.0.

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

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Thanks Potter!!!

Dear Potter,
Thanks for the complements!
It is quite sad what some women have to face in the homes they actually run. For example some can't even get their male children to respect them or behave responsibly towards other women, because in that society any man, regardless his age, is superior to women.

There is no end to the dialogue and stories we have to tell and how they are told. For me, however, my job in media and performance arts is my drawing board from which most of my ideas for change are born.
It's a combination of reality and the imagination. Sometimes however, the authentic situations are so vivid even beyond any broadest imagination.

Hope to hear more from you as well,
Kind regards!!

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Thanks Aimee!

Dear Aimee,
Thanks for the complements and the warm welcome. I bet we're all ready to go with Web 2.0! I feel my voice is amplified already! I believe we are all driven by that need to see change, which is what has brought us all into the wonderful community of PulseWire.


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