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week 1 assignment

The internet also referred to as 1.0 has existed for over a decade now. The Web 2.0 is the second stage of the internet and therefore it is an enhancement of the internet. Web 2.0 is a collection of websites to form one complete platform that allows interactivity and social networking through blogs, wikis, you tube and others.
Web 2.0 is an exciting tool. It can reach many people within a fraction of a second as it is instantaneous. That means within a short period of time many people can be connected and they are able to exchange ideas across the world. Unlike the traditional media which was one way web 2.0 allows for two way communication as one becomes an active participant rather than just receivers .Another exciting feature of this tool is that it has a personal touch and allows for people to express their views freely. Added to this is that web 2.0 is not under any Government control like the traditional median and it is self regulating and therefore no victimization and intimidation. In other words the user owns the technology. In a world full of escalating inflation web 2.0 is a cost effective tool within the reach of all social classes in the society.
Web 2.0 if well utilized brings various solutions to the global women’s empowerment movement. Women are not offered adequate room through the Traditional media. They have no say in what content to be aired or written and placement of issues affecting women is usually biased and in most cases do not appear at all. This is because women are not well represented in managerial positions in those media houses where by you will find men making the highest number as gate keepers. In the rural areas the tendency is for the man to control even the small transistor radio and he switches it on and off at will. Web 2.0 therefore provides the women with a forum to be educated, to be generators of content and news that concern them. Web 2.0 can help women create the voice of a woman “blog”. Web 2.0 also removes the notion where women are delegated as second class citizens. They are citizens with equal rights who can make decisions and actively participate in the democratic movement and be heard across continents. It is an opening to mobilize women.
As an individual web 2.0 and its associated tools can help to create networks, collaborations and partnerships It helps to connect with people who like me, have same interests and undergoing same experiences. It becomes a source of strength to know that women all over the world have same tribulations. It is an opportunity for me to enroll for online courses and gain knowledge which may not have been possible due to family responsibilities. It can also empower me economically as I can engage in businesses and consultancies .It is definitely a cheaper mode of communication for me.

Mary Wambaria


rozjean's picture

A Source of Strength

Dear Mary,
You have articulated well the distinction between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 and how Web 2.0 can be a powerful tool, especially in places where the traditional media is either regulated by or watched closely by repressive governments. As you have pointed out, women's issues are either under reported, biased, or not reported at all. We are so lucky that Web 2.0 and World Pulse gives women the forum to speak, becoming "a source of strength to know that women all over the world have the same tribulations." I loved the image of men controlling the transistor radio by switching it on and off. I could really relate, as my husband does a similar thing with the control to our television set. It is these personal details that make stories so interesting to me.
Warm wishes,

JudyR's picture

Very clear

Hello Mary,

Since I live in the United States - I have full access to the Web. And yet, your article helped me understand more clearly the differences between Web 1.0 and 2.0. I like that you pointed out that Web 2.0 must be used wisely. There have been many instances where people "believe" something just because it has been on Wikipedia or other sites like that.
My husband also sometimes takes control of the remote control for the television, so your image of switching the transistor on and off was very real.

Your new friend, Judy R
Portland, Oregon USA

wachuka's picture

Judy, like your response.Web

Judy, I like your response.Web 2.0 gives us women the power to create,manage and know when to access content.If web 2.0 can help in video streaming the better for us women


wachuka's picture

source of strength

Dear Rozjean,
I am inspired by your response and that you could relate to the article I wrote on web 2.0.It has come at the right time to empower our fellow women.However we should try and use the language that the majority of our fellow women understand.I don't know whether this is possible.You know majority of the women especially in our developing world can hardly speak and write in English.This is food for thought.

atwahirwa's picture

Voice of a woman “blog”

Wachuka, I fully support your point that one can use Web 2.0 in making money, while engaging in businesses and consultancies.. The idea behind is about women empowerment while improving knowledge (information) sharing - social dialogue..Web 2.0 is much more about blogging ... While the usual Web 1.0 (World Wide Web) refers to as only viewing contents, the Web 2.0 provide some extra interactive tools allowing users can chat, blog and exchange real-time message in transit protection


Hiba's picture

Interesting read Mary! Your

Interesting read Mary! Your "comparing and contrasting" of web 1.0 and web 2.0 is indeed attention-grabbing.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing more from you.


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