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How Web 2.0 Empowers Us Through Personal Interactions To Induce Positve Changes

The most exciting facet of new media is the ability to take your story, experiences, and visions and share them in a way that is totally personal in your own words. This allows for a more in depth, closer to the source approach than traditional journalism. New media also allows for that personal connection between readers, friends, and followers by allowing dialogue through comments and interaction between readers. This unique dialogue made possible through the Web 2.0 platform is so powerful because open communication and interactive dialogue invites awareness. Awareness is the first step to any positive change. We must first become aware, informed, and then empowered to make a difference by sharing our stories and taking proactive steps to manifest our visions of peace, health, safety, and equal opportunities for the betterment of all.
I believe Web 2.0 will bring even more awareness and change to many issues around the globe in the next few years and beyond. Beyond Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube, we now have social activist groups like that can actually raise awareness and give the public a chance to voice their opinions and sign petitions that have the potential to make positive changes in our world. This past June, I followed and signed a petition asking Secretary Hilary Clinton to make a public statement in support of the Saudi women requesting their “right to drive.” The Saudi women got what they asked for, and Secretary Clinton publically supported the women, reinforcing the fact that social change comes from within a society, not from without.
I hope to use the tools available to me through Web 2.0 to inspire all people in the United States, and around the world, to stand up for their civil rights. I want to encourage these young minds to study the stories of those who passed before them. I want to empower youth to know their rights, claim their rights, and realize that freedom is not free, it is priceless. Our rights that have been fought for so many years are continuously in danger of being taken away or sold out. They cannot be taken for granted; they must be understood and respected if they are to be upheld.
I can attest to this because in the year 2010 I was wrongfully terminated from my employment through violation of my civil rights by means of blatant gender discrimination. It is a humiliating, hurtful, devastating experience to go through. It was also a blessing in disguise. Now, through my story, I can be of service. I can use my words to inspire another, who will inspire another, who will be of service to another. Isn’t that what we all really came here to do anyway? I had to learn some tough lessons through painful avenues. Despite the pain and confusion, I am finding strength, support, knowledge, wisdom, and peace in the process.

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G.E. Cooper


Maria_T's picture

Great piece! You make some

Great piece! You make some great points and show your passion for social justice. However, I think if you focused on one of your experiences, such as the incident about your wrongful termination, and elaborated on how it inspired you and your further plans, your piece could be more powerful. Good luck!

G.E. Cooper's picture


Thank you for reading and comments. I appreciate your advice! It is hard to compound thoughts and feelings into 500 words or less! So I chose to elaborate in week 2 assignment.

Zane Abweh's picture


I loved it. Your spirit was basically jumping out of the screen. Very well written too. I thought you covered everything, on a social level, then international with the Saudi Arabia women, and finally on a personal one. You totally drew me in with your writing. Amazing! Keep up the good work.

Rebecca Lerner's picture

Good Work!

Dear G.E.,

Your passion for women's rights shines through very brightly -- jumps out of the screen, as Zane said above -- as does your enthusiasm for the platform the internet offers us a means to share our personal stories with one another. I like that you offered the example of the effectiveness of the worldwide right-to-drive petition for Saudi women as a way to show how the internet can help us bring change.

I agree, also, with Maria_T, in that I would have liked you to go more in depth about how your personal experience with gender discrimination, which you wrote about in another entry, relates to Web 2.0 tools, or how it inspired you in some way to take some concrete action that Web 2.0 tools might help you achieve.

Keep up the good work!


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G.E. Cooper's picture

thanks Rebecca

Appreciated! I will take all advice and critiques in the most positive light! This has already proved to be a very healing experience for me. If nothing else, it will prepare me for 2012 VOF contest! I was a late entry this year, just finding out about it 2 days before the deadline. I have really had to pull my thoughts together quickly and just let them flow with out much planning or forethought. The delicate nature of the subject ,which is still going through the proper channels, makes it more sensitive about what I can write or not write at this point. I wish I were more prepared on how exactly I hope to use web 2.0 to share my story, but it will come in time as the story unfolds in it's own right.
Thanks again for support and encouragement to be of service.

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